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CONFUSED? How To Watch The 500 Episodes Long ‘Naruto Shippuden’? Take A Look At These Fillers That You Can Skip And Save A Lot Of Time

An anime series that completes 500 episodes. Can you believe it? There ought to be fillers that stretch the plot. Right? Fillers can be a necessary evil.

It is possible that the series can get ahead of the original manga source (comic), hence the fillers. Fillers stretch the story and minimise the possibility of the full story getting revealed. 

Naruto Shippuden is something more than an anime, it’s a masterpiece. Masashi Kishimoto, the architect of the manga, has spent a lot of sleepless hours on the legendary plot.

How To Watch The 500 Episodes Long ‘Naruto Shippuden’? Take A Look At These Fillers That You Can Skip And Save A Lot Of Time

Low cost and effective making in less time can be a reason for the fillers because this can make the anime get ahead of its comic. This compels the producers to leave no choice but to add fillers. 

There are masters like us who could help you solve this dilemma. The anime comes with numerous filler episodes that you can actually skip. Many of them emphasize legendary battles and some have lesser information to provide and many add some extra background to the main plot. Let’s take a look at the prime episodes that you should not miss along with the fillers. 

Episodes That You Are Not Supposed To Miss

These are the episodes that make us understand Naruto’s journey towards fulfilling his destiny with his associates from other villages and his real teammates Sakura and Sasuke together fighting for a common purpose.

The plot unveils the evolution of the reckless troublemaker who was a weak student shinobi in the original ‘Naruto’ into the world’s most powerful shinobi.

1-27, 29-56, 72-90, 113-143, 152-169, 172-175, 197-222, 243-256, 261-270, 272-278, 282-283, and 296-302. Also, 321-346, 362-375, 378-388, 391-393, 414-415, 417-421, 424-426, 451-463, 469-479, and 484-500. 

In these episodes, epic battles and evolutionary transformations of Naruto are shown, which is the essence of the plot. The hated troublemaker becomes the one who saves the world in the end. Make sure you don’t miss these episodes.  

Episodes You Should Skip

There are episodes that add nothing to the storyline and are usually irrelevant. Some are standalone, and some are flashbacks of young Naruto.

These fillers can really test your patience because it drags you from your good state of mind. You can get confused about whether to continue watching or not. They are: 28, 170-171, 223-242, 257-260, 271, 279-281, 376-377, 394-413, 416, 422-423, 427-450, and 480-483. 

Fillers With Little Importance

These are episodes that can give you some more information and enhance your understanding of the plot and its background. 

  • 57-71 – These episodes introduce some new abilities of the characters and I am telling you ninja stories with monks fighting is always a treat to watch. These episodes also give a glimpse of how a tailed beast can reside inside a warrior and benefit the warrior. 
  • 91-111 – The majority are fillers but some are interesting as it shows some new Jutsu. It shows the fallen Orochimaru kingdom who possessed many powerful shinobis and large Jutsus. 
  • 144-151 – These episodes add pretty much less to the storyline but it is quite interesting. The episodes reveal a forbidden Jutsu sealed inside a girl which is capable of destroying villages and in many instances comparing the Jutsu with an atomic bomb. 
  • 388-390 – You must watch these fillers as they are amazing 3 episodes of the anime. 388 shows Gaara rallying tailed beasts to help Naruto and Gaara himself working with his former tailed beast called Shukaku. The other two episodes lead us through the flashback of Hinata, her younger sister, and their family dilemma. 
  • 464-468 – These are episodes from the original manga but don’t have anything to do with Naruto’s journey. These episodes are definitely worth watching. 
  • 469 – Kakashi reveals his face. This episode can give you some comfort. 

Also, there are fillers you can skip, except some – 284-295, 303-320, 347-361. Episodes 347 and 348 tell us more about the evil Akatsuki’s formation. Akatsuki was originally a peace seeking group of shinobis led by Yahiko, Konan And Nagato but turned evil for many reasons. And if you love Kakashi watch 349-361.  

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