ReviewsAeerum Wireless Earphones Reviews - A Earphone That Works...

Aeerum Wireless Earphones Reviews – A Earphone That Works With Both iOS And Android Devices!


Hello peeps! Here are the much-awaited Aeerum Wireless Earphones reviews.

Are you someone who gets annoyed as your earphones constantly fall off during your high-intensity workout? Or do your ears get hurt after prolonged usage of your regular headphones? Then this review might be of help to you.

Aeerum Wireless Earphones Reviews – Is This Earphone Suitable For Athletes And The Hearing Impaired!

For those who are wondering, my name is Aaron Harrison, a technophile, who is proficient in the use of the latest technologies. For the past 7 years, I have been reviewing tech products and my readers seem to love it so far. 

Since its release, I have been getting many requests from my followers, for honest scrutiny of the product. 

In this Aeerum Wireless Earphones review, I will be giving an idea about the product, run you through its features, its benefits, pricing, and much more. 

Aeerum Wireless Earphones reviews
Product nameAeerum Wireless Earphones
Product SpecificationWireless device that enables us to listen to music.
Aeerum Wireless Earphones benefits
  • Lightweight
  • Can be paired with almost all devices
  • High battery backup
  • Features
  • Light and comfortable
  • Bone conduction earphones
  • Easily paired to the cell phone
  • They allow safe sports practice
  • Device weight29 grams
    Charger TypeType C charging cable
    Price$83.75 per unit
    Warranty Period2 or 3 years depending on the needs.
    AvailabilityOfficial website
    Official websiteClick Here

    What Are Aeerum Wireless Earphones?

    Aeerum Wireless Earphones, as the name suggests is a wireless device that enables us to listen to music, radio, etc… using Bluetooth connectivity. 

    But all those Bluetooth headphones on the market do the same thing and what makes Aeerum Wireless Earphones gadget so different? 

    Before you close the tab, let me tell you what makes the product different from other wireless headphones. 

    Primarily, Aeerum Wireless Headphones, unlike other conventional headphones, do not need to be inserted into the ear, which can block the ear canal and cause damage to it. 

    Instead, Aeerum Wireless Earphones are worn in front of the ear, without blocking the ear canal. 

    The device makes use of bone conduction technology, making the users aware of their surroundings when they are on the earphones.  

    This lightweight device is compatible with android and iOS, unlike other devices that do not allow connectivity with both. Moreover, the device comes with a type C charging cable and a full 6 hours battery life. 

    Sounds captivating?

    If yes, I will move to the key features of the new Aeerum Wireless Earphones. 

    Aeerum Wireless Earphones

    Main Features of Aeerum Wireless Earphones

    👉 Latest bone conduction technology: This unique and contemporary technology enables hearing by wearing the earphones in front of the ear, without obstructing the auditory canal. This ensures the users are fully aware of the surroundings while ensuring the proper functioning of the eardrums. 

    👉 Excellent compatibility: The device can be paired with 99 percent of the devices. This means the earphones can be paired with both android and iOS. 

    👉 Lightweight: Aeerum Wireless Earphones device weighs 29 grams. Thanks to this lightweight technology, the device is comfortable for users to wear. 

    👉 USB type C connector: The device comes with a C type charging port, which makes charging faster and more efficient than conventional USB 2.0 and 3.0 charging ports. Moreover, this more refined structure ensures safety.  

    👉 Battery backup of 6 hours: Once fully charged, the device lasts for 6 hours. 

    Aeerum Wireless Earphones benefits

    How Do Aeerum Wireless Earphones Work?

    Hearing through bone conduction happens when the sound waves reach the inner ear by vibrating through the ear, rather than entering the outer ear. Usually, the outside sounds do not reach the inner year through bone conduction, rather we hear our own voice through bone conduction.

    This is why we can hear our own sounds more clearly than the sounds around us. We also do not find our recorded sound to be as pleasing as it really is. These are because of bone conduction. 

    The manufacturers of Aeerum Wireless Earphones device made use of this phenomenon to enable sharp and clear hearing for the users. The sound waves transmitted from your device get transmitted to your bones in the skull via Bluetooth and the sound vibrates through the bones and reaches the inner ears, especially the cochlea. As per research papers, this is the most effective way to have better sound quality.

    Moreover, here the auditory canal is not blocked. Therefore we will be perfectly aware of what is going around in the surroundings.

    Also as the eardrums are unblocked as in conventional devices, you will not experience pain in the ears after prolonged usage, and the eardrums remain healthy. The manufacturers made the product so compact and lightweight and designed to stay rested at the back of your head without any hassle. 

    Aeerum Wireless Earphones Benefits

    • Lightweight: weighing only around 29 grams, the earphones are comfortable to wear and carry along. 
    • Aeerum Wireless Earphones gadgets do not fall off during workouts.
    • Because it stays in front of the ear, the device will not harm your eardrums by blocking the ear canal.
    • As it uses bone conduction technology, the device can be useful for people with hearing issues and even for people using hearing aids.
    • Can be paired with almost all devices.
    • High battery backup. 
    Aeerum Wireless Earphones features

    Aeerum Wireless Earphones Pros And Cons

    Just like every other tech product, the Aeerum Wireless Earphones device has its own advantages and disadvantages. For the awareness of my readers, I will be pointing out the main Pros and cons of this Bluetooth-enabled device. 


    • You will be fully aware of the surroundings when you are wearing the device.
    • Will not fall off during running, walking, or any sort of high-intensity activity. 
    • Easy to use and carry along. 
    • You can select between the one-year and two years warranty. 
    • You can purchase waterproof bags, earplugs, headlight motion sensors, luminous arms straps, and USB plugs in one place.  
    • Will not damage your eardrums.


    • You will be fully aware of the surroundings when you are wearing the device.
    • Will not fall off during running, walking, or any sort of high-intensity activity. 
    • Easy to use and carry along. 
    • You can select between the one-year and two years warranty. 
    • You can purchase waterproof bags, earplugs, headlight motion sensors, luminous arms straps, and USB plugs in one place.  
    • Will not damage your eardrums.   

    Is Aeerum Wireless Earphones Legit Or Not?

    Based on my expertise and experience in reviewing tech products, I can say that Aeerum Wireless Earphones is a legit product that can deliver promising Aeerum Wireless Earphones benefits. By making use of the bone conduction pathway, the earphones enable high-quality hearing, even for people with hearing problems.

    This lightweight design makes it easy to wear and carry around. The majority of the Aeerum Wireless Earphones reviews revealed that they have experienced enhanced sound quality and were more convenient with Aeerum Wireless Earphones gadget than any other earphones. Furthermore, they have not experienced any pain in their ears after prolonged use of the device.  

    In the next section, you will see what the users had to say about Aeerum Wireless Earphones.

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    Aeerum Wireless Earphones Customer Reviews And Complaints

    The majority of the Aeerum Wireless Earphones reviews have been favorable ones. They experienced better sound quality than their old earphones. Even though they had concerns about the working of this innovative product, the first usage of the device proved Aeerum to be a legit device.

    The users were able to experience the high-quality audio for a prolonged period of time, without experiencing any pain as per Aeerum Wireless Earphones reviews. Moreover, what made this product so innovative is its ability to enable hearing for people with hearing issues and this device goes along with their hearing aids pretty well. Considering, the safety, effectiveness, and convenience of the product, the product has got positive Aeerum Wireless Earphones customer reviews so far.

    However, there are a handful of complaints from users regarding its usage. This is mainly due to the new sensation of hearing that people experience and people might find it uncomfortable at the beginning.

    If you are one of them, I would highly suggest you continue using the product for a longer time to get used to Aeerum Wireless Earphones. 

    Aeerum Wireless Earphones customer reviews

    Aeerum Wireless Earphones Pricing And Availability

    The Aeerum Wireless Earphones device is now available under 3 different price packages. 

    • One Aeerum Wireless Earphone: $83.75 per unit
    • Two Aeerum Wireless Earphones: $68.05 per unit
    • Three Aeerum Wireless Earphones: $59.34 per unit 

    All the orders are susceptible to free shipping.

    I would endorse you to buy the 2nd and 3rd packages as they offer good value for the money you pay. In addition, the website offers a warranty of 2 or 3 months for an additional cost of $10.42 and $6.25 respectively. 

    Note that the original Aeerum Wireless Earphones device is available solely on their official website and is not available on any other 3rd party websites. These other websites might be selling duplicate products with the same tagline. 

    Moreover, the official website is giving the customers a 50 percent discount for the people who act fast and order the earphones via the official website.

    Final Verdict On Aeerum Wireless Earphones Reviews

    The Aeerum Wireless Earphones gadget is an innovative device that makes use of bone conduction to enable effective hearing. It is a lightweight device that can be worn in front of the ear without blocking the auditory canal. This makes the device safe for prolonged usage. The way it is designed is to make people aware of their surroundings. This can avoid a lot of dangerous incidents. 

    Moreover, the device has a long battery life and the website provides a warranty of 2 and 3 years as per the choice of the customers. 

    Furthermore, looking at the customer reviews and testimonials, it was easy for me to wrap up my Aeerum Wireless Earphones review. The majority of the Aeerum Wireless Earphones reviews were completely satisfied with the device and have even recommended the device to others. So I can say that there is nothing wrong with purchasing Aeerum Wireless Earphones gadget.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do the earphones work, if they cannot be inserted inside the ears? 

    This innovative product works by bone conduction. The sound waves reach the inner ear through the bones of the skull and do not involve the auditory canal.  

    1. As an iPhone user, will the device be of any use to me?

    Yes, the device is compatible with 99 percent of the devices, which includes the majority of iOS and Android devices. Therefore, if you are an iPhone user, you can purchase the gadget without any concern.

    1. How many color variants are available on the device? 

    There is a total of 3 color variants to choose from. Black, blue and red is the 3 color variants. 

    1. How does the warranty work? 

    Aeerum Wireless Earphones gadget comes with a warranty period of 2 or 3 years depending on the needs of the customer. You can choose the warranty by paying an extra amount before order checkout. The costs of a two and three-year warranty are $10.42 and $6.25 respectively. 

    1. Where can I buy the Aeerum Wireless Earphones from?

    The authentic Aeerum Wireless Earphones are only available on their official website.


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    Independent global public health practitioner and advocate for NCDs. Also worked as Assistant Professor of Community Medicine.


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