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Here’s Why Johnny Depp Didn’t Testify In The Trial Again!!

The case of Johnny and Amber had already been in the position to make a lot of headlines and controversy in the industry of Hollywood. This is a case of defamation. Johnny technically filed the keys against his ex-wife, Amber, on account of defamation charges. Amber alleged that Johnny had instilled violence in her. 

Amber Alleged That Johnny Had Instilled Violence In Her 

In such a situation, Johnny had to face a huge amount of professional loss.

That is why he ultimately took the court’s help to sue Amber for all the damages that he had to face due to her False allegation of domestic violence. 

Decision And The Events 

The case was decided in the favour of Johnny because all the evidence and the testimonies proved the same that he did not do anything wrong with his ex-wife, and the allegations were completely false. But the case has taken a new turn altogether because many things have been introduced since then. 

Only a few days back, members of Amber’s legal team were able to call the famous star of The Pirates of the Caribbean to the prosecution box to give his testimony against Johnny. But Johnny was in the position to give the longest testimony of 3 hours, and this testimony was enough to provide a basic idea to the court that he had not committed any domestic violence against Amber. But the testimony given by the star of The Pirates of the Caribbean seems to have complicated the issue now.

Further Incidents 

On 12th May 2022, several kinds of news Agencies were able to confirm that after the testimony of the prosecution, johnny had to appear under oath and get questioned by the prosecution’s legal team once again. 

But it is important to mention that anything can happen at any point in a legal battle. Amber’s legal team has now revealed that Johnny would not be called again to the prosecution stand to give any testimony because this would be the most futile exercise which would not be of any use. The testimony of the star belonging to the star of Pirates of the Caribbean had raised sufficient doubt in the Jury’s mind that something was wrong with the testimony given by Johnny. 


Course Of Action 

This has been able to complicate all the situations for the worse, and it has even weakened the case of Johnny, who was on the verge of winning the same. It is important to mention that their legal Advisor, Johnny, had advised him not to make any official and public statement until the matter was solved. This is one of the most important perspectives that they must remember every time. It is important to mention that unwanted media coverage would always complicate matters.


This has become one of Hollywood’s most famous high-profile cases, which is being battled in the court of law. It is expected that the case will culminate anytime soon so that all these controversies can be put to rest in the minimum amount of time. 

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