BiographyAll About Robert Downey Jr's Ex-Wife, Deborah Falconer

All About Robert Downey Jr’s Ex-Wife, Deborah Falconer


Deborah Lynn ‘Debbie’ Falconer is an American singer, songwriter, and actress, perhaps best known as the ex-wife of actor Robert Downey Jr. She began her rise to fame as a model, but n didn’t find real recognition until she married Downey in 1992. She starred in several movies before the wedding, and until recently hadn’t been singled out in the music industry. It wasn’t until she released her third album that Deborah gained popularity. Here are all the known and recorded details about Deborah Falconer.

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Early life and family

Deborah was born in Sacramento, California, USA on August 13, 1965, and will turn 55 later this year. Not much is known about his parents, other than their names are Hank Falconer and Laura Williams.

She has two younger brothers named Jeffery C. and Malcolm Paris Falconer, the youngest of whom was born a year before her eldest. From an early age, Deborah was interested in acting and singing, but achieved her first success as an Elite model.

Educational background

After graduating from high school, it is not known whether Deborah completed any higher education programs.

She completed her high school education between Clayton Valley High School and Fairfield High School.


Her modeling career began at a young age, but few traces of it remain. Prior to her rise as an actress in 1988, Deborah worked as a nightclub hostess.

After her role as Wendy in ‘The Wrong Guys’, Deborah had three more roles in 1991, including ‘The Doors’ in which she portrayed John Densmore’s girlfriend as herself, ‘Brotherhood of the Gun’ as Alison McBride and Rivkah in comedy. ‘Pyrats’.

In 1993, she had two more roles, as Chloe in ‘Mr. Bluesman’ and Barbara in ‘Short Cuts’, then in 1995 she starred in the television series ‘Howard Stern’ in two consecutive episodes, which aired September 6 and 7.

After her last mentioned role, she did not star in another film, but instead pursued a career as a singer/songwriter. His first album was titled ‘Detangle‘, but due to poor performance, it has since been dropped from the record producer’s roster.

Her second album, “Brave Like Me”, was released on July 22, 2003 and was more successful than her first attempt. His latest album, titled “Lift Your Gaze”, was released in 2018 on October 18.

Besides her albums, Deborah has also performed soundtracks for a few films, the first in 1997 the tracks ‘Show of Hands’ and ‘Keep On’ for the film ‘Sparkler’. In the 2000 film ‘Mercy’ she performed ‘My Friend’, ‘Come To California’ and ‘Move Me’, and three years later her song ‘Come To California’ was again featured in the film’ This Girl’s Life’.

Hobbies, favorite things and interesting facts

Deborah is known to love pets and has a cat, which she adores dearly. She is known for supporting charities that help animals, just like a regular philanthropist. She supports the Democratic parties, and has openly supported Barack Obama’s campaign during his elections.

Deborah has a prosthetic eye, but how she got the injury that led to her eye being removed isn’t widely known, it’s just one of the many secrets she keeps.


She got the most attention throughout her career when she married Robert Downey Jr. They started dating in April 1992, and their romance only lasted 42 days before they decided to say yes”. Their wedding took place in a private ceremony on May 29, 1992. On September 7 of the following year, the only child in their relationship was born – Indio Falconer Downey is also Robert’s oldest child and lives with his mother. A year later they starred together in the same movie “Short Cuts”.

Robert Downey Jr. and Deborah Falconer

The couple’s marriage lasted until 2001, when they separated. Initially, it was Deborah who decided it was time to end the relationship and filed for divorce,

stating that his reason was Robert’s continued drug addiction and constant visits to rehab centers. The divorce was finalized in 2004, after nine years of marriage and three years of separation. Despite the divorce, Deborah and Robert maintain a friendly relationship and did not end the marriage with bad blood between them. Robert has since married Susan Levine, but Deborah apparently did and is not known to have dated anyone since.

Physical characteristics

  • Date of birth: August 13, 1965
  • Astrological sign: Leo
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair color: Dark brown
  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches (1.75m)
  • Weight: 152 lbs (69 kg)
  • American nationality
  • Race: Caucasian

Net value

At Deborah Falconer’s wealth is primarily due to her modeling, acting, and singing career, presumably plus her divorce settlement, and is estimated to be worth $1.5 million.

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