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5 Periods Predator Could Go Next


With the recent release and resounding success of Preyit’s brought to the fore the discussion with Predator fans about exactly where we want the next episode to go, and what timeframe we’d like to see it set in. The new movie showed the character can work in an unusual, technologically sparse era, so here are five periods where Predator could go next…

5. Feudal Japan

Samurai vs Predator – for an entire movie, please.

As with any era-hopping medium, feudal Japan and its samurai inhabitants are always at the top of the list – see Assassin’s Creed fans in this regard. The idea of ​​a single or even multiple Predators hunting a group of samurai protecting a city, or even better, a group of honorless Ronin protecting a city in their last good deed, sounds like a Predator movie that can be written .

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4. World War II

WWII would be a brutal backdrop for the next Predator movie

The most modern take on this list of time periods where Predator could go next, it would be interesting to see exactly how the group dynamics between German and Allied forces would work when faced with a more dangerous, chaotic, alien enemy entering the mix. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that. Muddy battlefields and trenches would also allow the franchise its now regular muddy scene of one character or another.

3. Vikings

A viking band

Two words. Viking Berserker. Watching a huge, muscular man covered in Viking war paint, screaming bloody murder as he tries to go hand in hand with a Predator would be a cinematic spectacle, albeit short. Add a viking gang charging towards a predator or two for a showdown and you’ve got an amazing fight scene.

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2. Wild West

far west

I’m sure it’s a surprising entry on the list of five time periods where Predator could go next, to me the Wild West seems like a no-brainer. A developing city ruled by lawless individuals, criminals, rapists and murderers in their own right, pitted against the ultimate hunter with his set of rules, ready to kill those in his way…yes, please please.

1. Ancient Rome

five periods where Predator could go next
Ancient Rome

While the content might be close to the Viking’s suggestion, add some massive battle scenes between the Romans and an opposing army, where the Predator was picking off its targets from a band of scattered soldiers. Or maybe the Romans find him and somehow trap him, taking him for a gladiator fight before he escapes and seeks bloody revenge on his captors. There are a lot of ideas that ancient Rome could give to the Predator franchise.

There are my five entries on the list of five time periods where Predator could go next. What would you suggest? And do you think we’ll get another period piece, making it almost an anthology series, or will we get a sequel to Prey as the end credits suggest?

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