CelebrityPayback's a President: As 'payback for Mar-a-Lago,' Trump alludes...

Payback’s a President: As ‘payback for Mar-a-Lago,’ Trump alludes to raids on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.


Payback is a President: As “payback for Mar-a-Lago,” Trump alludes to the raids on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Former President Donald Trump has said he intends to profit from the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid in Palm Beach, Florida. When the FBI executed a search warrant at the Mar-a-Lago club and Trump’s private residence in Palm Beach, Florida, it ventured into a new area. He published an opinion piece in which it was anticipated that Republicans might retaliate by employing the police to attack Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Trump shared, without comment, a view expressed by conservative and dedicated Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Strassel, whose work he has often praised in the past. The author claims there has been a “boomerang story of unleashed government powers,” noting that Republicans used the Independent Counsel Act passed after Watergate to bring charges against President Bill Clinton as a warning to the party currently in charge of all branches of government.

He would be far less held back as the 47th president than he was as the 45th, according to the opinion piece, which Trump reposted and hinted at the “reward” in the looming investigations if Republicans win the White House. Strassel argues that if Republicans take the lead on the Trump inquiry, which she calls political and goes against guidelines for ‘sensitive’ investigations near an election, it could backfire on Democrats . Additionally, she suggested the FBI raid would benefit Trump in light of recent polls that indicated a return of potential GOP challengers. She added that the new Republican attorney general could search the residences of Biden, Obama, Clinton and James Comey. The title of the article, “Mar-a-Lago ROI will be brutal,” was tweeted by Trump in an email from his Save America PAC.



On January 11, 2018, in Palm Beach, Florida, the Atlantic Ocean can be seen next to President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club, commonly referred to as his Winter White House. Florida has just been exempted from the Trump administration’s recently announced proposal to drill for oil in the ocean. Only Florida was exempted from the recently unveiled deregulation plan, which would have opened up all previously protected seas in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to offshore oil and gas production.

Even the most senior political figures are now cleared to be prosecuted thanks to Attorney General Merrick Garland’s raid, and according to Strassel, the new media norm is that the department cannot be questioned as it ensures that “nobody is above the law”. .” Let’s see how it goes when the homes of Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, [former FBI director] James Comey and [former CIA director] John Brennan are being raided by a future Republican Justice Department, she said.

The senses. Joe Biden (D-DE), Barack Obama (D-IL) and Hillary Clinton (D-NY) engage in conversation before the first presidential debate of 2008 on April 26, 2007 at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg, South Caroline. The discussion, which will feature eight Democratic presidential candidates, will take place 263 days before the start of the Iowa caucuses in January next year.

She also mentioned the Hunter Biden inquiry that Republicans have already pledged to launch if they win the White House. Reports about the president’s son have already been made public by Republicans in the Senate, but only with minority authority. The recovery period can start even earlier. With their Ukrainian impeachment circus, the Democrats have reached a new low, and a GOP-controlled House could very likely see a repeat in 2019. Be prepared for a few more select committees that could shut out the minority party, like the Democrats did so with the committee to review Garland’s political division or Hunter Biden’s finances on Jan. 6, according to Kimberly Strassel’s Wall Street Journal article. The raid on Mar-a-Lago to search for classified documents in Trump’s office yielded 15 boxes of materials, according to the leaked warrant.

On October 9, 2021 in Des Moines, Iowa, former President Donald Trump addresses supporters during a rally at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Trump’s event in Iowa is his first since the 2020 presidential election.
In the 250-year history of the United States, no former Commander-in-Chief has ever been prosecuted. But even if Trump is indicted, convicted and sentenced to prison, he could be eligible to run for president in 2024. Eugene Debs, a socialist who campaigned for the presidency in 1920, had previously been convicted of treason under the Espionage Act, and Lyndon LaRouche, who was convicted of mail fraud in 1988 and imprisoned, had already run for president in 1992. If Trump himself is the subject of investigation and is charged with a felony in a state, a Georgia Pardons and Parole Board would. be his last chance for pardon should he be found guilty. Even so, legal experts told The New York Times that despite being found guilty of a “violation of 2071,” Congress is unlikely to override the Constitution’s requirements for presidential eligibility. They cited Supreme Court decisions in support of their claim.

Although the FBI’s raid suggests its investigation has entered an aggressive phase, the probe could end without Trump being charged. The order also said the Justice Department was reviewing whether Trump violated three federal laws relating to the handling of national security information, including the Espionage Act.

Barbara McQuade, a former U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Florida, cautioned against assuming the Mar-a-Lago raid will result in an indictment and suggested the Justice Department may only want to recover the records that Trump had on his property in Florida. . “In a case involving sensitive documents, a high priority for the government is to protect the contents from disclosure, which can be difficult when trying a case in open court,” she said.

“It is possible that the warrant was only executed to recover the papers. Trump is the one who announced it to the public,” she added. Similarly, the FBI searched the home and office of Rudy Giuliani last year and took control of a dozen of his computer devices as part of a criminal investigation to determine if he had violated laws governing foreign lobbying. The federal government returned his devices to Giuliani earlier this month and said he was not likely to be charged with crimes related to his work in Ukraine.

Alina Habba, Trump’s defense attorney, recently hinted that he might agree to give up future political ambitions in exchange for not facing charges. Every time he fidgets, I’ve sat across from him and said, “Mr. President, if you want me to settle all your legal issues, you must declare that you’re not seeking re-election. “On ‘Real America’s Voice,’ Habba noted. There is historical precedent for the choice. On his last day in office in 2001, then-President Bill Clinton reached an agreement with the prosecutor Special Whitewater Special, Robert Ray, under which he would give up his right to practice law in his native Arkansas for a period of five years. In exchange, the Whitewater team decided not to press charges against him for having made false sworn statements about his contact with Monica Lewinsky, a former White House intern.

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