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Is Matt Reeves DC’s New Zack Snyder? WB Studios has invested heavily in Reeves’ Batman universe, expect him to be a future cornerstone of the DCEU


Since the news of Batgirl the cancellation was revealed, Warner Bros. and DC Films got a lot of hate. Their own fan base turned against them, and for good reason. And it didn’t stop there, as David Zaslav and his team scrapped projects left, right and center if they didn’t fit their ‘vision’. So it came as a pleasant surprise for fans when it was announced that Matt Reeves had signed an exclusive deal with Warner Bros.

Matt Reeves
Matt Reeves

The Batman The director recently signed a first-look deal with Warner Bros. which gives the studio the right to own all of Reeves’ future projects for a certain period of time. The exact terms of the deal have yet to be made public, but it gives hope to fans who wondered if films starring Robert Pattinson could be shelved in the future like others.

Matt Reeves – The Savior?

After the deal was completed, WB Films Group CEO Michael De Luca released a statement saying:

“We invest in whatever Matt feels drawn to, in the Batman universe and beyond. He has an open invitation to go wherever his interests take him”

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According to Warner Bros., Matt Reeves will get support from the studios to be a go-to filmmaker for them. Is this their way of saying Matt Reeves is the new Zack Snyder for DCEU?

Robert Pattinson in The Batman
Robert Pattinson in Matt Reeves’ The Batman

HBO Max recently canceled the upcoming Batman: Crusader Caped animated series, which was one of the projects Matt Reeves was working on with Bruce Timm and JJ Abrams. But there is still some hope regarding the project, as it could be given to another network to move forward. Unfortunately, there is no concrete indication of what will happen in the future.

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Matt Reeves and his production company 6e and Idaho are already developing quite a few projects under Warner Bros. for HBO Max. And with this new report, it looks like at least these won’t be getting the ax anytime soon. We’re still getting the Colin Farrell-directed Penguin series and (hopefully) the one from Arkham Asylum as well.

The Batman universe will expand

It was also reported that now that the deal has been signed, Matt Reeves will be focusing on the next episode of The Batman. This time, writer and filmmaker Mattson Tomlin will help with the project. Tomlin was also brought in for the first episode, but at the very end, and did not get writing credit for it. Looks like this time he will get his due and maybe more.

BatmanMatt Reeves
Batman director Matt Reeves

The idea is to expand the universe of The Batman, or at least that’s the current chatter. We all know The Batman is not part of the DCEU, at least not yet. But given that Reeves is leading a number of projects under Warner Bros., let’s not completely discount the possibility that, in the near future, these two universes could collide. After all, one of the main reasons Ezra Miller the flash isn’t removed, even after the many scandals the star has been through in recent months, it’s because the movie is supposed to introduce the multiverse to the DCEU.

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De Luca spoke in an interview with Deadline about the new deal between Warner Bros. and Matt Reeves, saying he and Pamela Abdi, who were recently hired to oversee the WB Films division, are grateful for the opportunity to expand that universe.

“Pam and I gratefully inherited the relationship with Matt from The Batman and the early planning stages of The Penguin series for HBO Max.”

“We were thrilled to complete his overall deal, as it is the cornerstone of what we want to do with the filmmakers who work at the studio. We want to create an atmosphere where all of these filmmakers can excel and do their job and stay with us once they’re in the Warners family. Keeping Matt and creating a home for him to do more projects in the Batman universe as well as originals was very important to us.

HBO Max Penguin
Reeves will continue to develop the HBO Max Penguin project

Reeves himself spoke about the new arrangement saying:

“Making this legendary studio my home is a dream. I’m so excited to work with Mike, Pam and Channing [Dungey, chairman of WB TV] and our teams to bring compelling stories that really excites me to the big and small screen.

DC fans are just happy to have good news, after all the hacking and slashing that’s been circulating for the past few weeks. And now that Reeves is fully involved, we can only hope that more good news will follow.

Currently, Warner Bros. and DC Films are gearing up for the release of black adamwhich will be released in theaters on October 21, 2022.

Eric Patrick
Eric Patrick
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