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Where Is Gregory Owens Now? Wife Rachel Owens Londonderry Attempted Murder

Rachel and Gregory Owens had been married for 36 years when the latter shot and tried to kill his wife.

A native of Londonderry, New Hampshire, Greogory broke into his wife’s friends home in Saco where she was staying on December 18, 2014. He was wearing a face mask when he shot his wife with landlord Steve Chabot, three times each.

Fortunately, both survived. Rachel was in serious condition when she was rushed to a nearby hospital. But she survived. According to his family, part of the bullet is still stuck in his brain.

It all started with the double life of Gregory Owens. With his 36-year-old wife by his side, he was having an affair with someone named Betsy. He had hidden his identity from his girlfriend and they had been dating for over 5 years.

But one day Betsy suspected that Gregory was lying to her and decided to end the relationship. He then murdered his wife in Maine. His wife was suffering from dementia praecox at the time.

Gregory Owens was sentenced for attempting to kill his wife (Source: Twitter )
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