Sofia Gomez and Brooklynne Tiktok Drama Explained Along With Their Relationship Timeline and Recent Break Up

Sofia Gomez and Brooklynne Tiktok Drama Explained With Their Relationship Timeline and Recent Breakup

TikTok celebrity Sofia Gomez has brought sexual assault charges against her ex-girlfriend Brooklynne, which has caused a major outcry on social media.

Gomez has currently racked up 5.5 million followers on her TikTok account, while Brooklynne has reached 10.9 million. However, influencers want their fans to pick the right idols for themselves and instantly unfollow anyone who breaks their standards.

Sophie Gomez

Sophie Gomez

The controversy surrounding Sofia Gomez and Brooklynne TikTok: an explanation of the allegations

Sofia Gomez and Brooklynne had known each other for a long time. They got together with a large group of other friends, created videos and vlogs for YouTube, and served as an example of what a healthy friendship should look like.

After a while, rumors started circulating that the two were dating, despite the fact that it was never officially established. Everyone came to the conclusion that was the case once it was revealed that the two TikTok stars were lesbians. Their adoration of their public kept them on the lookout for official validation. A video that was uploaded by Sofia, however, caused a backlash before anything could happen.

She took to TikTok the day before to state that she spent a night with Brooklyn and during that time pushed Brooklyn into engaging in sexual activity when she was the only one who wanted to sleep. The attack was continuous throughout the night and brought everything they possessed to a screeching halt.

According to Sofia, the experience left her so emotionally drained that she had to muster the strength to say what she was saying in the video. Additionally, the influencer said they don’t want anyone else to suffer harm.

People are showing their support for her and expressing their hope that she will recover in the comments box. Even back when everyone looked up to Brooklynne, many netizens made it clear they didn’t like her and did from the start. Because Sofia gets all the attention, some people think it’s all suspicious.

Amidst it all, Brooklynne has yet to comment. Even though her TikTok comments box is full, people are looking for her to answer their questions. Her most recent internet activity was three days ago, and since then she has been extremely quiet.

Sofia and Brooklynne broke up?

It is true that Sofia and Brooklynne are no longer together. In her video, Sofia revealed this information to her audience. She claims she didn’t want to talk about it because of the way it ended because she didn’t want anyone else to get hurt.

Fans were already confused about their dating news before this, and have now added another layer of complexity to the situation. Despite this, it was made public that the girls are no longer dating and broke up following an allegation of sexual assault made by Sofia.

Twitter shared its thoughts in response to this. One sends a tweet: “In case any of you are already following her, please unfollow immediately. You can find out the reason by watching the most recent video that Sofia Gomez posted on TikTok.

Another person tweets something similar, saying, “so xobrooklynne (Brooklynne Webb) from TikTok has been accused of sexual assault by his ex-girlfriend Sofia Gomez.”

Amidst all that was going on, another web personality named Hailey Alyssa created a video in support of Sofia. She asks that everyone stop following Brooklynne and expresses her hope that Sofia is doing well. She goes on to say that she’s been in similar situations before and knows full well how it feels. Her direct messages (DMs) on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are constantly available to victims of sexual assault located all over the world.



Wiki and personal information of Sofia Gomez:

Sofia Gomez Wiki & Biography
Real name Sophie Gomez
Nickname Sofia
Occupation TikTok Star and Social Media Influencer
Known as Nice look and nice smile
Age 21 years old (2023)
Date of Birth June 30, 2002
Place of birth Florida, United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Genre Female
Height, weight and measurements
Height in centimeters 160cm
Height in meters 1.6m
Height in inches 5 feet 3 inches
Weight in kilograms 58 kilograms
Waist size 28 inches
Hip circumference 40 inches
Eye colour Brown
Hair color Blond
Type of body Curved
Family and loved ones
Dad Francisco Gomez
Affairs, boyfriends and marital status
Marital status In a relationship with
Monetary factor
Net value

$1.5 million (approx.)

Sofia Gomez Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is Sofia Gomez from or born?

Florida, United States of America.

Is Sofia married or in a relationship?

In a relationship with Juan Diego Vanegas.

How Much Is Sofia Net Worth?

$1.5 million (approximately).

How old is Sophia?

21 years old (2023).

How tall is Sophia?

5 feet 3 inches.

What are Sofia’s hobbies?

Out with friends.

Quick Facts About Brooklynne Webb

Canadian celebrity born in March

Also Known As: Brooklynne Webb

Age: 18, female 18

Country of birth: Canada

Height: 5’6″ (168cm), 5’6″ Women

Rise to Fame: Brooklynne Webb

TikTok is the platform that propelled Xobrooklynne to the forefront of internet popularity. She created point-of-view videos in which she frequently cosplayed a variety of fictional characters, including Disney’s Maleficent. Her videos quickly gained popularity on social media platforms and she quickly rose to fame on TikTok. Additionally, Xobrooklynne has gained respectable popularity on Instagram, where she has amassed over half a million followers.

In 2021, Xobrooklynne began uploading videos to the YouTube website. She creates content for her audience which includes vlogs, makeup tips, story videos, and cosplay videos. Xobrooklynne featured TikTok star contestant Noor Dabash on her channel.

In addition to that, she owns the website

Private life

Xobrooklynne entered the world on March 31, 2004, in the great nation of Canada. She is the sister of two brothers named Caleb and Hayden. On all of her social media platforms, Xobrooklynne has remained silent on the subject of her parents. Her zodiac sign is Aries.

Xobrooklynne loves anything related to the fashion industry, especially makeup and cosplay. She has a lot of videos in which we can see her dressed as a princess because it is one of her favorite costumes. Xobrooklynne is also an expert when it comes to makeup application and she has produced some great content on the subject. She’s also a talented comedian, and she likes to sprinkle humor into her videos as much as she can.

Xobrooklynne is a free-spirited, courageous, and open-minded person who frequently challenges conventional notions of beauty. She believes that everyone is beautiful in their own skin and that there is no standard for what constitutes beauty. She is completely at peace with her shortcomings and shortcomings.

She considers Noor Dabash her most trusted confidante. On Instagram you can often find them together. On top of that, Xobrooklynne has added content featuring Noor to her channel on several occasions.

Xobrooklynne prefers to keep her personal life private rather than discussing it on social media. She did not reveal the current status of her romantic relationships.

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