EntertainmentAs racist trolls blast black women at 2022 Emmys,...

As racist trolls blast black women at 2022 Emmys, Quinta Brunson silences them – dedicates part of Abbot Elementary’s budget to ‘teachers in need’


Abbott Elementary School‘s Quinta Brunson recently made headlines on Twitter for good and bad reasons. While she won an Emmy for Abbott Elementary School, the event that garnered the most attention was Jimmy Kimmel’s silly comedy act. When Brunson came on stage to give her acceptance speech, Kimmel’s stupid stunt wasted a lot of time on her. This drew strong reactions as fans left no chance to hit the talk show host. But amidst it all, Quinta Brunson continued to receive accolades for her contribution to the show.

Jimmy Kimmel apologized to Quinta Brunson after his act at the Emmys faced online backlash

Jimmy Kimmel’s stunt led people to start a big Twitter war against the host. Many racist remarks are also pushed into the act as it seemed very disrespectful.

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What happened at the 2022 Emmys?

During this year’s Emmys, when Quinta Brunson won the award for Outstanding Writing for the Series, Jimmy Kimmel acted like a drunk and kept lying on the stage. He was there even after Brunson began his acceptance speech. Fans didn’t take it in a comedic or good light at all and the harsh backlash was directed at Kimmel.

jimmy kimmel
It was Jimmy Kimmel’s act that sparked widespread backlash

It is undeniable that racism is a very sensitive subject these days. A minor part of the public is always ready to comment and judge based on skin tone. He is also making headlines after projects like power rings and The little Mermaid facing the hard mouth of the public. Jimmy Kimmel’s act was also caught in this notion only. His act was described as very disrespectful. Some comments even went so far as to say that Kimmel’s act showed how a white man can snatch basic rights from a black woman.

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Quinta Brunson comes back stronger

Quinta Brunson didn’t remain silent after the 2022 Emmys incident. Recently, when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she cut him off and accepted his entry. When asked by the host, she replied that everyone should understand that she only had 45 precious seconds to deliver her appreciation speech. She had to say the same because it was her first time but she was interrupted because of a stupid comedy.

Quinta Brunson Emmy Awards
Quinta Brunson won an Emmy for Abbot Elementary

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Jimmy Kimmel addressed the issue and told both the audience and Brunson that he was too happy for her and drunk. According to him, although the public thought he stole his moment, he still loves him very much.

“It was a silly comedy that we thought was funny – I lost, I drank too much and had to be dragged onto the stage. And then people got mad. They said I stole your moment, and maybe I did. I’m really sorry if I did that. I’m sorry that I did that, actually.

After Brunson accepted the apology, Kimmel even said he’s been a fan of the show since day one. Quinta Brunson continues to earn more accolades. Her show is not only a great portrayal of the struggles faced by public school teachers, but people love that part of the marketing budget is shared to provide supplies to teachers in need. This was confirmed by herself in an interview.

With the second season of the show currently airing, hopefully the mockumentary featuring an underfunded elementary school will see more success in the future.

Abbott Elementary School can be streamed on Hulu.

Source: Twitter

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