BiographyBrad Mondo – Real Name, Twin Brothers, Boyfriend, Net...

Brad Mondo – Real Name, Twin Brothers, Boyfriend, Net Worth


Who is Brad Mondo and what is his real name?

Brad Mondo, whose real name is Brad Gesimondo, was born in Franklin, Massachusetts USA, on October 28, 1994 – his zodiac sign is Scorpio and he has American nationality. He is a social media star, YouTuber and hairstylist, known for working with many celebrities, such as pop singer Vanessa Hudgens, model Heather Marks and actress Shay Mitchell.

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Childhood and education

Brad was raised in Franklin alongside his younger brother Eric, their father who was a hairstylist and owner of his own salon, and their mother who taught history at a local high school.

Brad became interested in modeling at a very young age, and because he’s always been pretty girly, he was bullied in elementary and high school. He found solace in listening to music, being a member of the school drama club, and practicing his hairdressing skills on wigs his father bought him. He enrolled in 2012 and decided not to pursue a college education but to work on his career.

Career as a social media star and hairstylist

Brad launched his Instagram account in 2013 and immediately started uploading photos of his works – there are currently over 1.5 million followers, while he has uploaded around 120 photos to the account.

Most of the pictures bring his face into focus, as Brad thinks he is very attractive and has beautiful eyes and hair. Brad also uses his Instagram account to promote his shampoo, XMondoHair.

He is also very active on YouTube, launching his channel on April 28, 2015, and there are currently over 6.1 million subscribers to the channel, while Brad has amassed over 850 million views of all his videos combined. . He uploads a variety of videos, including reviews of cheap drugstore shampoos, reactions to do-it-yourself hair dye, and gives tips and advice – two of his most popular videos are “THE HAIRDRESSER REACTS TO JOJO SIWA RUINING HER HAIR FOR 11 MINUTES STRAIGHT”, which has had over 20 million views since October 6, 2018 and “Hairdresser Reacts To Americas Next Top Model Makeovers S.24” which has also had around 20 million views. times since January 28, 2018.

Brad is also active on Facebook and has amassed nearly three million followers on the network, while he has also been active on Twitter since May 2017, on which there are currently around 160,000 followers. He’s been spending a lot of his free time lately on his TikTok account, where he mostly uploads funny hair-related videos – there are over 6.2 million followers, and he’s amassed over 167 million. of likes. TikTok is currently one of the most popular social networks on the internet, used to upload short videos that are mostly funny, but can also be scary, educational or motivational.

Brad also sells his wares on the internet, including shirts, hoodies, and other merchandise.

Love life and her boyfriend

Brad has known he’s gay since a young age, but kept it hidden all through elementary school, and soon after enrolling in high school, he started seeing a girl and started saying everyone that he was bisexual – only a few of his closest friends knew he was actually gay. After trying to flirt with the boy he liked and telling him he was actually gay, the boy told everyone at school about it, and it kind of destroyed Brad, although most of his friends have actually accepted him for who he is. Soon after, Brad came out to his parents who already knew he was gay and were totally okay with everything.

Brad Mondo

Brad hasn’t spoken of any boys or men he might have dated, but it’s believed he’s currently seeing a man, as several of his fans claim to have seen the two hang out and kiss in a gay club in Los Angeles, but As Brad has not commented on these rumours, he has been single since October 2020, has not married, and has no children.

Hobbies and other interests

Brad spends a lot of his free time in the gym, as he has several workouts every week and also follows a strict diet – he doesn’t eat anything that contains sugar (except fruits which contain natural sugar) , does not. t eat fast food and rarely drinks alcohol.

Brad is an animal lover, dogs being his favorites, and he has a pet dog which can sometimes be seen in photos he uploads to his Instagram account.

Brad also enjoys watching movies, and some of his favorite actors are Neil Patrick Harris, Luke Macfarlane and Mitchell Anderson – some of his favorite movies are ‘Brokeback Mountain’, ‘Call Me By Your Name’ and ‘Moonlight’ .

age and size

Brad is 25 years old. He has brown hair which he has dyed many colors, his eyes are also brown, and he is 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 m) tall while he weighs around 155 pounds (71 kg). As of October 2020, his net worth is estimated to be over $2 million.

Twin brothers – who is Eric Mondo?

Eric Mondo is not Brad’s twin brother as many believe – he was born on April 17, 1992 in the United States, his zodiac sign is Aries and he holds American citizenship. He is a model, an Instagram star and a YouTuber, who has collaborated with his brother on many occasions.

Eric grew up with an interest in hairdressing, just like his brother, and today is perhaps best known for his Instagram account where he has amassed over 100,000 followers and uploaded around 160 photos.

He doesn’t have his own YouTube channel, but he and Brad together run the “Brad & Eric” channel, which they launched on December 15, 2017, which has over 170,000 subscribers, while it has more than of 1.2 million views of their combined videos.

Eric is a huge animal lover and has a pet dog.

He is very athletic and prefers winter to summer as he is an avid skier.

Eric is also gay and is currently in a relationship with a mystery man.

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