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Myra Hindley Net Worth, What Happened To Her Partner Ian Brady?


Myra Hindley has been determined to have a net worth of around $1.5 million.

Myra Hindley, the horrific killer responsible for the gruesome murders of the Moors, was for a very long time considered the most gruesome person in all of Britain.

Nearly sixty years after the boy’s death, forensic teams revealed they had found no visible evidence of human remains. This revelation prompted police to broaden their hunt for Keith Bennett, the victim of the Moors murder case.

In the recently revived search for 12-year-old Keith, archaeologists have finished excavating the main location after investigating the supposed discovery of a human skull.

The search will now focus its efforts on the greater Saddleworth Moor area located in the Peak District. Soil samples were taken for analysis. In 1964, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were the ones who murdered Keith, although his body was never discovered.

Myra Hindley

Myra Hindley

Quick Facts About Myra Hindley

Full name Myra Hindley
Famous for Moors murders
Date of Birth July 23, 1942
Date of death November 15, 2002
Died at 60 years
Place of birth Manchester, England
Nationality British
Extent of crimes July 12, 1963 – October 6, 1965
date of apprehension October 11, 1965

Net worth of Myra Hindley

According to a number of internet publications, the estimated net worth of Myra Hindley is around $1.5 million.

Myra Hindley and her boyfriend Ian Brady took four children to travel in their automobile between the years of 1963 and 1965. The names of the children are Pauline Reade, Keith Bennett, John Kilbride and Lesley Ann Downey. Instead, the two took them to a remote location named Saddleworth Moor, which was around 15 miles outside of Manchester.

After they arrived Hindley pretended to have misplaced an expensive glove and asked his victim to help look for it saying she was desperate to find it. Everyone cooperated with Brady’s request and went in with him to search the reeds for the missing item.

After causing physical injuries to each child, Brady proceeded to slit their throats after ensuring they were no longer in danger from traffic. After some time, the couple buried the bodies in the moor. At this point, not all of the bodies of the slain victims have yet been found.

Hindley eventually made a full confession to the deaths, in which she highlighted her key role in the events. She said she was responsible for kidnapping the victims because young people of that era were more likely to trust a woman than a man, and that was why she targeted women.

Although both Brady and Hindley displayed a level of barbarism that the United Kingdom, reeling from the atrocities of World War II, was unable to comprehend, Hindley’s face came to symbolize the depth of evil that has permeated the killings. Brady’s face, on the other hand, has faded from public consciousness.

The image of a woman abducting and killing young children is incongruous with the traditional conception of the role of women. Hindley changed the way society viewed women, dispelling the common misconception that damaged men were the only ones capable of committing murder for nefarious reasons.

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How did Myra Hindley and Ian Brady meet?

In her book, “Myra Hindley: Inside the Mind of a Murderess”, published in 1988 by Jean Ritchie, Hindley is described as having been brought up in a strict and deprived family by her father, who beat her regularly and trained her to use violence to solve problems.

In 1961, when Hindley was only 18 and working as a typewriter, she first crossed paths with Ian Brady. Despite the fact that she knew Brady had a history of burglary on his record, she became fascinated with him.

The two went to see a movie about the Nuremberg Trials for their first date because Brady wanted to impress her. Brady thought the German soldiers were quite interesting. He often read biographies of criminals, and after they started dating, the two would take turns reading a book about atrocities committed against humanity during their lunch breaks.

Then, in an effort to come closer to the Aryan ideal, Myra Hindley altered her appearance by dyeing her hair blonde and sporting dark red lipstick. After that, the two discussed the possibility of committing crimes together and fantasized about robberies that would earn them huge sums of money.

They were exhibited by Hindley’s brother-in-law

Pauline Reade was the first person they murdered and she died in 1963. On July 12, Reade, who was 16 at the time, was on her way to dance when Hindley convinced her to get into his car and travel to the moor instead. His corpse wasn’t discovered for 20 years, but when he was, he was still wearing the blue coat and ballgown.

Over the next year, the lives of two more children, Keith Bennett and John Kilbride, were taken in the same way as Reade’s. In December 1964, the couple will perpetrate the most heinous crime of their lives.

When Myra Hindley and Ian Brady saw 10-year-old Lesley Anne Downey walking alone at a fair, they tried to convince her to help them unload some items from their car. After that, she was taken to Hindley’s grandmother to stay.

They removed all of Downey’s clothes, placed a gag over her mouth, then tied her inside the house. They forced her to pose for photos while videotaping her screaming for help for a total of thirteen minutes. Then Ian Brady attacked Downey and repeatedly choked him.

Edward Evans, who was 17 at the time of his death, was the last person to be killed. He was beaten to death in the apartment Brady and Hindley shared. When Brady tried to enlist Hindley’s brother-in-law, David Smith, as an accomplice to the horrific acts, Smith turned himself in to the police, which ultimately led to the discovery of the group. Brady was eventually caught because of Smith’s confession.

Smith initially agreed to help in the process of disposing of the remains. When he returned home, he informed his wife and Hindley’s younger sister Maureen of what had happened and together they made the decision to contact the authorities.

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What happened to his partner Ian Brady?

On October 7, the two men were arrested by the police. They both first professed to be innocent of the crime. However, after receiving a tip from Smith, who was Hindley’s brother-in-law, authorities discovered luggage at a train station that contained images and an audio recording of abused Downey. The discovery of this baggage led to the arrest of Downey’s attackers.

During the search of Myra Hindley’s residence, investigators found a notebook with the name “John Kilbride” written on the pages.

Following the discovery of photographs of the couple at Saddleworth Moor, a search of the area was carried out. Myra Hindley and Ian Brady were both arrested and charged with three counts of murder after the bodies of Downey and Kilbride were discovered by police.

Hindley and Brady’s pursuit began in April this year. The violent couple were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison due to the fact that the death penalty had been abolished in Britain at that time.

Following his conviction, Brady was moved to HM Prison Durham, where he asked to be kept in solitary confinement. After being determined to be a psychopath and spending the previous nineteen years in standard correctional facilities, he was eventually sent to the high security Park Lane Hospital which was later renamed Ashworth Hospital and was located in Maghull, Merseyside. He made it clear that he had no intention of ever being released.

The inquest concluded that Brady’s death was due to natural causes and that his hunger strike was in no way a contributing factor. Brady died on May 15, 2017, at Ashworth Hospital from restrictive lung disease after receiving end-of-life treatment.

Although Brady had often refused food and water for more than 48 hours, the investigation revealed that his body mass index was not cause for concern. This was noted in Brady’s death report. As a direct result, a nasogastric tube was inserted into Brady’s stomach.

Where is Myra Hindley today?

On November 15, 2002, bronchial pneumonia was the cause of death for Hindley, a 60-year-old chain smoker. He died at West Suffolk Hospital. After developing a brain aneurysm in 1999, she was diagnosed with angina and admitted to hospital due to her condition.

Camera crews “lined up behind steel barriers” outside Cambridge cremation as a small group of eight to 10 people attended a brief service at Cambridge cremation. However, neither of Hindley’s parents were present.

Even more than thirty-five years after the murders, the sentiment had apparently remained so intense that twenty local funeral directors refused to oversee his cremation. His former lover Patricia Cairns laid her ashes four months later in Stalybridge National Park, less than 16 kilometers (about 10 miles) from Saddleworth Moor.

An article titled “Potential concerns this may cause tourists to avoid or vandalize the park” was published in the Manchester Evening News. The article discussed the potential concerns this may cause.

While behind bars, Myra Hindley resumed her previous religious practices by attending church, completed her studies at the Open University and severed all ties with Ian Brady.

It’s possible that Myra Hindley’s apparent eagerness to improve herself and her insistence on being brainwashed are signs that she is, at the very least, partially innocent. However, attempts at forgiveness are futile as the bodies of five children were stolen and burned while she was in control of the situation.

Myra Hindley died in 2002

Myra Hindley died in 2002

Some FAQs

What did Myra Hindley do to the kids?

Myra Hindley subjected five children to torment and ended their lives by killing them in the 1960s.

How did Myra and Ian meet?

While working at Millwards Merchandising as typists, Hindley and Brady first became familiar.

What Was Myra Hindley’s Net Worth?

A net worth of $1.5 million is said to have been held by Myra Hindley.

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