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Who Is Jason Boon? D’Leanne Lewis Husband Children & Net Worth


On Friday September 30, one of the most ideal real estate brokers, D’Leanne Lewis, made his triumphant return to the third season of ‘Luxe Listings Sydney’. There are many people who want to know more about his career and personal life.

Now that she has three jobs, the mother feels a sense of accomplishment as she drops her daughters off at school before starting her working week. She says that although her job may seem monotonous to some, it is never the same from one day to the next. She feels that sticking to a strict and disciplined schedule will help her succeed in her professional life.

According to information provided on her website, D’Leanne Lewis has worked as an estate agent for 18 years and has been involved in the transaction of some of Sydney’s most prestigious properties.

Additionally, she has been one of the top performers in the Laing & Simmons network over the past quarter century.

On the Australian property show “Luxe Listings Sydney”, property professionals Moniak Tu, Gavin Rubinstein, Simon Cohen and D’Leanne Lewis, who are all well known in their fields, make appearances.

These dealers juggle an unpredictable family life and an incredibly hard work schedule in order to succeed in their businesses. The four elite property professionals have put their reputations on the line to showcase some of Sydney’s most opulent and exclusive homes. In the process, they achieve spectacular business.

D'Leanne Lewis

D’Leanne Lewis

Quick Facts About Jason Boon

Full name jason bonon
Age (2022) 40 to 50 (estimated)
Genre Man
occupation Real estate agent
Marital status Divorce
Spouse/Spouse D’Leanne Lewis (2007-2017)
Children Nava and Myka

Who is Jason Boon? D’Leanne Lewis’ husband

Ex-husband of ‘Luxe Listings Sydney’ star D’Leanne Lewis, estate agent Jason Boon is also a real estate professional in his own right. The first time the couple crossed paths was on the famous Bronte to Bondi walk, which starts and ends at Richardson and Wrench Elizabeth Bay.

Lweis’ first reaction to Boon’s proposal was to turn it down once she learned that they both worked in the same industry. After dating for two years before getting engaged, the couple finally got married.

After Jason proposed to the couple in McKenzies Beach, they decided to move in together and buy a house in the area. As previously mentioned, D’Leanne and Jason previously got engaged in 2007 and bought a house together in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The house had an ocean view and overlooked the home of Sarah and Lachlan Murdoch as well as the former mansion inhabited by Heath Ledger.

Despite being married, they went their own way in 2017 when Lewis was about six months pregnant with her second child. They have yet to provide a compelling justification for the breakdown of their marriage. According to D’Leanne’s posts on various social media platforms, she is currently raising her children on her own.

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Full name D’Leanne Lewis
Marital status Divorce
husband/partner Jason Boon (m. 2007) (died 2017)
husband’s occupation Real estate agent

Jason Boon and D’Leanne Lewis Kids

As a result of their relationship, D’Leanne Lewis and Jason Boon are the parents of two children named Nava and Myka.

Lewis recently became a mother to her third child, a daughter named Lyra Yvonne Lewis. On September 27, she shared on her Instagram account a photo of her “little wonder” Lyra, born that day. Lyra is the youngest of his children.

The famous real estate agent gave birth to her first child at the age of 42. Her third child was conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and a sperm donor; nevertheless, she maintained that despite the child not having a biological father, he would have a strong social support system.

During Women’s Health Uninterrupted, she said some people thought she was crazy to have another child when she was already in her 50s.

She broke the news to her two daughters in April 2022 by posting a video of her growing baby bulge alongside a message telling them they were having a new sibling, either a sibling.

Leanne Lewis Family

In Johannesburg, South Africa, D’Leanne Lewis was conceived by her father, Rodney Lewis, and mother, Yvonne Lewis. His parents still live there. In December 2020, her parents celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary with family and friends.

As she got older, her commitment to her family became more important to her, and she now has two daughters, the oldest of whom is five and the youngest two.

Rodney and his brother emigrated to Australia with the aim of finding employment, moving their families from South Africa to Australia, and giving their children opportunities that were unavailable to them when they were growing up.

After D’Leanne and her family immigrated to Australia in 1982, their first place of residence was a rented room in Hornsby. However, since Blacktown was the only neighborhood they could afford to live in, they eventually moved there.

There is at least one D’Leanne sister named Yvette Lewis-Oakes. Sydney Adventist College and Grantham Sports College awarded him a diploma upon completion of their respective programs. Her previous experience includes working as an executive assistant at CommBank, CBA’s wealth management subsidiary, and CommSec.

D’Leanne Lewis’ Parents Rodney Lewis (father) and Yvonne Lewis (mother)
Brothers and sisters Yvette Lewis Oakes
Place of birth Johannesburg, South Africa

D’Leanne Lewis: The net worth of Jason Boon’s wife

It has been stated that D’Leanne Lewis, who was previously married to Jason Boon, has a net worth of over $28 million. Her main sources of income are from reality television as well as several commercial ventures.

Since she is progressing in her field, it is reasonable to assume that her wealth will increase over the next few years. Lewis has built a strong reputation in the real estate industry and the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales has recognized him as New South Wales Residential Seller of the Year three times.

She was also honored by the Australian Real Estate Institute, which awarded her the title of Australian Residential Salesperson of the Year. In addition, she has won numerous awards.

D’Leanne also received a major award for outstanding work in auction marketing, which she won from the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales.

In addition to the awards she has received from the Real Estate Institute, D’Leanne has been recognized as the top earner of the national Laing+Simmons Group for the past 20 years.

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D’Leanne Lewis net worth $28 million (approx.)
Acknowledgement three awards from the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales for Residential Seller of the Year in New South Wales
Award crowned Australian Residential Seller of the Year, Excellence in Auction Marketing, which is a prestigious award

Wikipedia by Leanne Lewis

Leanne Lewis spent her early childhood in South Africa before moving to Australia with her family when she was just ten years old. Lewis was born in South Africa.

When she was older, she submitted her resume to Liangs+Simmons for a personal assistant position; however, she later resigned her position and was later approached again.

During her work in her first real estate company, she gained considerable experience in the field of real estate. She has worked hard over the years to advance her career to the point where she is now the manager of the Laing + Simmons Double Bay office and a licensed estate agent responsible for selling some of Sydney’s most desirable residences. .

In addition to her position as Director of Laing+Simmons National Corporation, she is also the owner of Laing+Simmons National Corporation and Laing+Simmons Double Bay and serves on the boards of both companies. The company was purchased by ‘Luxe Listings Sydney’ with partners Steven Zoellner, Danny Doff and Sally Hampshire around 15 years ago.

Since she started working within the Laing+Simmons network 25 years ago, she has consistently maintained a high level of performance there.

D’Leanne Lewis Instagram Bio

D’Leanne Lewis is active on social media, and her favorite platform is Instagram, which is designed for sharing photos. Her Instagram feed usually consists of photos and videos related to vacations and luxury lifestyles.

As of this writing, his verified Instagram account has around 2,000 posts and around 28,000 fans.

According to her Instagram account, Lewis is a mother of three young children. She not only works as a manager for Laing and Simmons National Corporation, but she also works as a manager at Laing and Simmons Double Bay. On top of that, she pointed to the fact that at the age of 19, she was the main national agent.

D'Leanne Lewis with her daughters Nava and Myka.

D’Leanne Lewis with her daughters Nava and Myka.

Some FAQs

Who is D’Leanne Lewis’ husband?

D’Leanne Lewis and her husband, Jason Boon, have been married for a long time. The first time the couple crossed paths was on the famous Bronte to Bondi walk, which starts and ends at Richardson and Wrench Elizabeth Bay.

What is D’Leanne Lewis net worth?

It has been stated that D’Leanne Lewis, who was previously married to Jason Boon, has a net worth of over $28 million.

Do D’Leanne Lewis and Jason Boon have children?

Nava and Myka are the two children that D’Leanne Lewis and Jason Boon had together following their marriage.

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