“It was great to have a good friend”: Werewolf by Night Star Gael Garcia Bernal reveals that Diego Luna, Andor’s leader, helped him get used to Disney’s renown

Looking at the success of Marvel Studio’s new entry night werewolf Amazed in recent days is simply incredible. With an almost perfect score on each revision table, it has become one of the most different and most entertaining shows to have honored Disney +. With all the attention that actors of such projects tend to attract, it is not surprising that they feel a little outdated.

Gael Garcia Bernal
Gaël García Bernal in night werewolf

Fortunately, there are always friends who help them in these situations. And quite surely, the star of Werewolf by Night, Gael Garcia Bernal, brought his friend to his rescue.

A friend in need

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Gael García Bernal, who performs Jack Russel in night werewolfsays that his childhood friend Diego Luna, who performs Cassian Andor of the Star Wars universe in Andor On Disney +, helped him cross the overwhelming Disney experience. Due to the preexisting relationship of the actors, it is clear that they can serve as a support system for each other in the midst of the extended renown of the franchise.

night werewolf
The success of night werewolf seems to have overwhelmed Bernal

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“We do something [Hulu’s La Máquina] Together at the moment, and therefore we are still in contact with each other. It was great. It was also a reference to help me. When we were at the D23 conference, it was he who explained to me what was going on because it was my first time. It was pretty crazy. But it was fascinating to be surrounded by all these other projects and people, and to make a press conference and a Press Junket, in a sense, with all these different films and television series was incredible. I want all the first ones to be like that where the films and the series are combined. So it’s great to have a good friend who also lives something similar.

Bernal said in an interview.

He praised Diego Luna when he told how he helped him through conventions and interviews and had simply informed him and guided with the basic know-how of what is Facing all the fame as a main cast in a successful Disney project.

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What is the continuation for Gael Garcia Bernal?

It is just for us to assume that this special autonomous Halloween is not the end for Garcia Bernal. night werewolf is one of the projects, if not the most appreciated, that Marvel Studios has carried out so far, and that is also the reason why fans are asking for more horror emissions from Disney +.

Wolf-Garou by Night's Man-All
The public also loved the Man-All of night werewolf

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We hope that we can see more on this frightening side of Marvel Studios, whether in the form of the Wolf-Garou, or by the other myriad of monsters who have been introduced with him.

night werewolfnow broadcast on Disney +.

Source: ScreenRant

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