What happened to ESPN NFL reporter Josina Anderson?

Josina Anderson is an American journalist, sports commentator and former athlete, born August 15, 1978 in Washington DC, United States. She is known for her work on famous networks such as Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) and FOX 31.

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Early life

Josina is the only daughter of Lloyd and Yasmin Anderson’s marriage. Josina also has a brother – age and name unknown – who works as a film producer. Josina attended Montgomery Blair High School located in Maryland, and while there she worked as an announcer for the Maryland Blazers recruiting school.

Apart from her interest in sports, Josina was an avid ballet dancer, which led her to participate in several national competitions during her youth.

After her bachelor’s degree, Josina Anderson left her hometown to attend the University of North Carolina. There she studied exercise and sports science and excelled in track and field competitions, winning various medals throughout her college career. She graduated in 1997.


Internships & First steps

Right after graduation, Josina Anderson returned to Washington DC and began her professional internships on the WTEM radio station. While there, she worked part-time for “The Tony Kornheiser,” working the rest of the time for WPGC-FM on “The Donnie Simpson Morning Show.”

After gaining good experience in the work field, Josina Anderson finally got her first full-time job at a local chain in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Although she was hired quickly and things seemed to be going well for her there, she began looking for other job opportunities later that year.

FOX 31 and ESPN

In 2001, Josina left her job in Oregon to return to Washington, although she had no job offers there. For about three years, Josina lived in her parents’ house while working part-time as a track coach, and the rest of the time as a freelance sportscaster for local and college teams.

Although in 2003 she failed her audition for FOX 31, in 2005 she tried again with more successful results. She was hired by the network as a professional sportscaster, covering several major stories over the years she spent working there. Josina specialized in National Football League (NFL) news, which eventually led her to become a reporter for Showtime’s Inside the NFL.

In 2009, she won an Emmy for her coverage of the touching story of John and Terina Dutton’s journey to adopt their son from Africa.

Looking for an upgrade in her professional career, in 2011 Josina left FOX 31 and moved to Chicago, where she began working for ESPN. During her time with this sports network, Josina gained tremendous recognition for her professionalism and eventually landed a spot as an insider on the “NFL Insiders” show, becoming the first female reporter to do so.

Not giving up on her radio career, Josina became the host of various radio shows during her time at ESPN, which led to her being rewarded by the National Association of Black Journalists with a tribute to the excellence in the Radio – Feature category.

NFL scandal

In 2014, Josina Anderson’s career was put on the line following her comments regarding the shower routine of Michael Sam, then a member of the St. Louis Rams team and the NFL’s first openly gay player.

During Anderson’s live report, she informed the audience that Sam had to wait until all of his teammates had showered to do it himself. The implications of her comments were heavily criticized by the media, as well as by LGBTQ activists and even St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher, who condemned Josina’s report: “I think it’s contrary to ethics, I think it’s very, very unprofessional.” Not just the piece itself, the content, the way she did it”.

Josina Anderson

Jeff also said Josina was “out of place” for trying to make a story about Michael Sam’s teammates’ alleged unease about his sexual orientation, also accusing him of “cheating” on several St. Louis Rams with questions about Sam: “I’m disappointed for Mike. I’m disappointed for the players she put in that position, and especially I’m disappointed in her because she felt what she was doing was right.”

Following the huge backlash against her, Josina Anderson apologized via ESPN’s website, and acknowledged his words were insensitive, also adding a short note to Michael Sam: “I really understand and respect your journey so far on many different levels”.

In her statement, she also stressed that she did not intend her words to affect people the way they did, as she deeply values ​​serious and objective investigations while doing her job.

Despite the uproar that caused her report, Josina Anderson continued to work for ESPN for several years. Josina’s comment about Michael Sam’s showering habits in 2014 was mocked by “The Daily Show” in Comedy Central.

What happened to ESPN NFL reporter Josina Anderson?

In early 2020, the New York Post reported that Josina’s contract with ESPN would end this summer, signifying the possible end of her relationship with the network. Although at first this report appeared to be based purely on speculation, in July of the same year it was announced that Josina was officially leaving the sports network for unspecified reasons.

In a interview in october, Josina revealed that despite being grateful for the opportunities ESPN had given her, she was on her way to closing a chapter in her professional life: “We have both moved on. They wanted to go in the direction they wanted to take. It was better for me to blossom in a new direction.

She also said her search for a new career path was driven by her need to pay more attention to social issues: “I tried to emphasize behind the scenes that as a person of color in the industry, as a woman in the industry, I needed to be brought in. I have a strong voice.

What is she doing now?

Since leaving ESPN she has worked as a free media officer, recently launching her own radio show ‘Undefined With Josina Anderson’: “The purpose of (this) for me and for everyone else is to remind us that we are not who we work because,” she said in an interview with The big track: ‘we can give ourselves the green light from someone cashing a check to write a check.’

“Undefined” is also Josina’s effort to go far beyond her career as a sports journalist to simply focus on guests from all industries, which has led her to interview singers, models and others. types of celebrities in addition to sports people. When asked if she had considered returning to work at a major entertainment network, she said she was open to offers as long as she could host her own show.

Private life

Josina Anderson doesn’t reveal many details about her personal life, so it’s unknown whether or not she has a current love partner, but Josina is unmarried and has no children.

Net value

As of the end of 2020, Josina Anderson had an estimated net worth of over $2 million as a result of her successful career as a television and radio sports commentator and reporter. She also billed her clients $100 a week during the time she worked as an athletic trainer.

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Physical appearance

Josina Anderson is an African American woman with beautiful features and athletic build. Her weight is unknown, but she is 1.73m (5ft 8in) tall. Josina has already dyed her hair red.

Interesting facts

Josina Anderson is good friends with former ESPN reporter Jemele Hill. Josina expressed her support for him regarding President Donald Trump, who accused Hill of “tanking” ESPN’s ratings: “Stop attacking our colleague Jemele Hill, any other reporter or media entity.” We are doing our job”.

When it comes to business, Oprah Winfrey, Naomi Campbell and Martha Stewart are people she deeply admires: “Anyone who writes a check and owns their own business is truly a role model.”

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