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Early life, family, formation

American YouTuber and game streamer known as LuluLuvely online, was born Lindsey – last name unknown – on October 10, 1993 in Texas, USA, and grew up with a sister and brother. After graduating, she attended Abilene Christian University and earned a degree in marketing, which helped her promote her Twitch and YouTube accounts.

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Lulu stayed home for six months after graduating from college while looking for work, and in the meantime she played Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). She eventually started working for an insurance company as an underwriter; after work she streamed ESO – most of her viewers were other ESO players and part of the online community.

When she started streaming, Lulu didn’t have a webcam, so she streamed from her Xbox, eventually purchasing a webcam. Game Nation News interviewed Lulu, and she recalled, “When I first started streaming with a webcam, I was so embarrassed…I didn’t want to look at the camera and I was so worried about how I was sitting.”

She quit working as a subscriber once she started earning the same amount of money from streaming. She then moved to Los Angeles to work as a house manager for the eSports organization’s Fortnite team – she felt that even though her Twitch streaming career was growing, she was afraid to only stream at full time and wanted another job.

Lulu worked for the eSports organization for around seven months, later saying that even though it’s the same industry, eSports tournaments have their own world – “It was fun, and I felt like to work in a startup where everyone is very young; all the bosses are young. Lulu explained that no one has a set job; instead, everyone does their own job and anything that needs to be done outside of their main role.

An ESO streamer, Cypher PK was her first host, and she reached 200 viewers – at the time, that was a lot of viewers for her. In 2019, one of its biggest hosts was with 15,000 people by Dr. Lupo.

Shortly after Twitch launched the Twitch Affiliate Program, Lulu became one of the first members, and a year later she also became a Twitch Partner, having applied five times. Lulu said her application was difficult because Twitch changed the partner requirements several times. After completing a 24-hour stream, Lulu said, “It was awful… I drank so much caffeine and Red Bull… It wasn’t fun.

Lulu tried her best to broadcast six days a week, explaining “This whole industry is very difficult because people who work every day will be better rewarded than those who only broadcast five days a week.” So, to succeed as a streamer, you have to be willing to give a lot of your time.

She also said that she often suffered from burnout, so she always made sure to take one day off a week; although it still streams its off days, it does not stream its main game.

When Lulu was asked if she dreamed of being a pro gamer, she responded by saying that people say she’s good enough to be a pro gamer, but she thinks it’s kinda hard to be. both a content creator and a pro, although there are people who do, adding that many of them have stopped being pros because of the pressure – ‘The pro scene, I don’t think not that I would personally want to be a contracted pro.’

On November 22, 2019, Lulu signed a contract with NRG eSports to be a top player, alongside Justin Morales and Benjy Fish. She has over half a million subscribers on Twitch and her streams garner around 3,000 views each.

Lulu was asked how she builds friendships with other streamers – “It’s hard because it’s a fine line between leeching and wanting to make network connections.” She added that many people spoil the possibility of friendships between streamers because they use each other to gain more viewers and subscribers.

“It’s nerve-racking, especially going to bigger streamers because you don’t want to come across as a leech.” Because of this, Lulu tries to play around with smaller channels when she can and doesn’t stream with people just based on how many subscribers they have, as she remembers when she was still a little streamer trying to network. That’s not to say Lulu isn’t picky about who she streams with, choosing people based on their relevance to her audience and channel, and whether they can have a good, entertaining conversation. Lulu usually plays with someone once, only rarely bringing a streamer back to her channel a second time.

She sometimes earns a little extra money representing and endorsing brands online.

Problems with pirates in Apex Legends

Along with her NRG eSports teammates, Lulu was hacked and erased from Apex Legends by Gibraltar – the online name for a hacker.

Respawn banned him and his Bloodhound teammate KongoBoom, and Lulu reported the issue – including video evidence – to the Apex Legends security team. Although KongoBoom was also seen in the video, many believe that Lulu received special treatment as a popular streamer, as KongoBoom was also banned but was not involved in the hack. Lulu clarified the situation, saying that she had not directly contacted a member of the security team as many had assumed, but had in fact reported the issue on a public Discord channel, designed to report problematic behavior in the game.

Shortly after the ban, Bloodhound posted under u/KongoBoom on October 20, 2020 on the Apex Legend subreddit, claiming that Respawn wrongly banned him after he was randomly paired with a hacker, and pleaded that he was innocent. He said the hack was purely the work of Gibraltar and he was not involved or aware of it in any way.


On October 21, 2020, Apex Legends tweeted that Bloodhound had several other accounts that had been banned, had previously partied with Gibraltar, and used to evade bans (or attempts to) – Apex Legends concluded the tweet by saying they supported the ban.

Lulu then took to Twitter to share that since Bloodhound’s Reddit post she had received death threats, “Shame on those who sent me borderline death threats because of a Reddit post from the guy claiming that he was innocent. I hope you find peace in your life and stay off the internet.

Lulu decided to apologize to player Bloodhound, and he responded by deleting his original post on Reddit and berating users for sending death threats and hate to the popular streamer. He added that he never thought the situation would get so bad that someone’s life was in danger because of a game, “It’s just a game, and we get angry sometimes , but it’s still a game I don’t want my account to get.” no longer prohibited if it causes murder.

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For those who sent death threats to LuLu! You sick people need advice. I’m sorry LuLu. You don’t deserve this. I stand by you.’

Private life

As far as the public knows, Lulu currently lives in New York. In September 2020, she tweeted that she was not in a relationship.


She has blonde hair, brown eyes, is 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) tall and weighs approximately 55 kg (120 lb).

Net Worth and Salary

As of early 2021, Lulu’s net worth is estimated to be over $300,000.

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