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Nikki Bickerstaff, J.B. Bickerstaff Wife And Kids Blair Blakely Blade


Coach JB Bickerstaff’s wife, Nikki Bickerstaff, is well known for being private when it comes to her personal life.

With almost two decades of experience in his job, his spouse is one of the renowned basketball coaches in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers are now managed by JB Bickerstaff. He previously served as the head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies before starting his current project.

Prior to taking on the head coaching role, however, he was primarily an assistant coach for a number of other NBA clubs. He was an assistant coach for the Charlotte Bobcats for three seasons between 2004 and 2007.

On November 18, 2015, Bickerstaff made his debut as head coach of the Houston Rockets against the Portland Trail Blazers after spending the next four seasons with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

He then joined the Grizzlies in June 2016 as the team’s associate head coach before being elevated to that role the following season. He has been with the Cavaliers since May 19, 2019 and on February 19, 2020 he officially took over as head coach.

JB found success teaching basketball while playing for Oregon State and the University of Minnesota.

Nikki and her children, who are JB’s closest friends, have been the subject of frequent media attention for quite some time.

Nikki Bickerstaff and her husband JB Bickerstaff

Nikki Bickerstaff and her husband JB Bickerstaff

Quick facts about Nikki Bickerstaff:

Last name Nikki Bickerstaff
Age in his forties
Place of birth Oregon
Joint JB Bickerstaff
Children 2
Twitter @MmeNikBick

Nikki Bickerstaff, wife of JB Bickerstaff, is widely known for supporting her husband

Nikki Bickerstaff is a proud wife because of her husband’s coaching career, and she’s better known for her marriage to him than her career accomplishments.

Although no longer connected to the corporate world, she is a competent and knowledgeable business and marketing specialist. Nikki devoted all of her time to her spouse and family after marrying JB in 2011.

After earning a marketing degree from the University of Arizona in 1999, Ms. NikBick began her career at Neiman Marcus as a purchasing assistant.

She worked for the company for a brief period before starting her own business, Urban Angels Boutique, which she ran from 2001 to 2005. Prior to her marriage in 2011, Nikki had a brief career in business development departments and marketing for many organizations.

Ms Bickerstaff quit her 9-5 job after getting married, but she continues to support her husband’s charitable efforts.

Nikki is always present when JB does impressive social work, showing that the couple have the same desire to accomplish more good.

The Bickerstaff pair gifted iPads and a full year of internet subscription to ten worthy Cleveland-area high school students in October 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Cleveland attests that JB and Nikki selected five seniors from John Adams College and Career Academy and five from East Tech High School for this purpose.

They chose to do so because they understood the value of internet education in the context of the global lockdown and because they were responsible parents to their children. This couple frequently attends social and charity events, showing another side of their opulent lifestyle.

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Nikki Bickerstaff and her husband JB have three children – Blair Blakely Blade from their marriage

Lucky NBA couple JB and Nikki Bickerstaff are content with their growing family of five, which includes their three children.

The Bickerstaff children have remained out of public and media view, as many details of their children’s births are kept under wraps.

All the while, they haven’t even joined their well-known father in public appearances. However, they frequently accompany their mother to NBA games.

It seems like JB and Nikki would rather give their young children a typical childhood than expose them to the massive sports media.

Similar to how continuous updating regarding their development is limited, neither of their parents post much about their days.

There isn’t much of an age difference between the three now that they all go to school.

The Bickerstaffs’ secret marriage produced a boy and two girls.

1. Blair Bickerstaff

Blair, a young woman, is the eldest child of the Bickerstaffs. As evidenced by Nikki’s Facebook page, she is kind to her siblings and looks forward to family vacations and festivals.

Blair is a young girl who smiles naturally, despite a user’s comment that she wasn’t in an August photo.

The eldest, Blair, is usually depicted smiling and having a wonderful time with her family in the majority of her old photographs.

She captured many hearts the year before when she dressed up as a goth policewoman for Halloween.

2. Blakely Bickerstaff

Blakely is JB and Nikki’s extra daughter. She enjoys family outings to their hometown in Oregon, trips to the beach and eating ice cream. She shares this trait with her sister.

She enjoys spending time with her siblings and never refuses to participate in family portraits. Last year for Halloween, Blakely wore a cowgirl costume.

3. Bickerstaff Blade

Blade is the only child of his parents and their youngest child. He is also a devoted brother to his two sisters.

Being the youngest, he is also shorter than his older sisters.

In addition, he plays football and attends primary school. Photos of Blade playing soccer are usually posted by Nikki on her social media pages.

In the meantime, he enjoys watching the basketball games he attends with his sisters. Last Halloween, he wore a Tim Howard costume, a former football legend.

The Bickerstaff children were quite the stars of Halloween that year as the image spread widely.

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JB Bickerstaff and wife Nikki Bickerstaff don’t share much of an age gap

With details about their age difference, Nikki Bickerstaff and her spouse JB have frequently piqued the interest of their followers.

JB was born in Denver, Colorado on March 10, 1979, which makes him 43 years old in 2022. Ms. NikBick has not mentioned his date of birth in the meantime.

Nevertheless, it is well known that there is not much age gap between the two when they got married.

Nikki is renowned for keeping a youthful appearance in her 40s and dressing fashionably to reflect her zest for life. All the while, she keeps the footage out of public view.

She has social media accounts which are only used to share her works and links to JB’s achievements.

As a result, the NBA couple managed to lead a calm and peaceful life.

Nikki Bickerstaff

Nikki Bickerstaff

Nikki and JB have a happy married life and a beautiful family

In 2011, Nikki and JB Bickerstaff exchanged vows in a private ceremony, and they’ve since been blessed with a fruitful marriage.

Over the years, the couple’s love has only grown stronger with the birth of their three children, and their focus has shifted to raising them in a cherished family.

The Bickerstaffs’ married life is therefore more about building a family than pursuing their own hobbies.

As JB works long hours at the NBA facility to support his wife and children, Nikki makes sure everything is in order in the family.

Thereafter, the couple focused on charitable activities as they were aware of their role as parents and mature adults.

So, as an act of goodwill, they usually support other children in their community. The pair typically collaborate with the Cavaliers on other philanthropic endeavors outside of their iPad distribution news.

Nikki and JB are a model celebrity couple because they have so much to offer society, their children and their community.

Nikki Bickerstaff mainly shares her family photos on private Instagram

When it comes to posting details of their daily lives on Instagram, JB and his wife Nikki Bickerstaff are both known to be low-key individuals.

The NBA coach only posts updates on his team when they are both online on the photo and video sharing social network.

By contrast, his wife, Ms. Bickerstaff, has completely avoided attempts by the internet community to see her on more than 1.5,000 Instagram posts. She has a small following and prefers her chosen audience to like her posts above the NBA fandom as a whole.

The same goes for his Facebook page, which only shows his most recent posts. Ms. NikBick, on the other hand, is largely inactive on Twitter, paying attention only to Facebook and Instagram.

JB has amassed over 5,100 followers on Instagram, where he is verified and mostly posts about his experiences as an NBA coach.

He hasn’t written anything about his wife or children, probably because he prefers to hide them from his fans.

Nikki still frequently shared intimate photos of her children on her social media accounts.

Some FAQs

When did Nikki Bickerstaff marry trainer JB Bickerstaff?

In front of close friends and family, JB Bickerstaff and Nikki Bickerstaff exchanged vows in 2011.

How many children die Nikki Bickerstaff and JB Bickerstaff?

Blade, two daughters named Blair and Blakely, and a son named Bickerstaff make up the Bickerstaff family.

Is Nikki Bickerstaff active on Instagram?

Despite running a private account, Ms Bickerstaff can be found on Instagram as @nbickerstaff.

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