BiographyWhere is Snowbird Brown from "Alaskan Bush People" today?

Where is Snowbird Brown from “Alaskan Bush People” today?


Snowbird Brown is an American reality television star, whose ticket to fame was her inclusion as a regular cast member with her family on the Discovery Channel’s reality television series, “Alaskan Bush People.”

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Early life and family

Amora Jean Snowbird Brown was born on November 18, 1994 in Alaska, United States to parents Billy Bryan Brown and Amora Larene “Amy” Branson Brown. She has five older brothers namely Matthew William, Joshua Bambam, Solomon Isaiah Freedom, Gabriel Starbuck, Noah Darkcloud and a younger sister named Merry Christmas Katherine Raindrop. Their parents raised them in the Alaskan wilderness, as seen on the reality show “Alaskan Bush Family.”

Even at a young age, Snowbird proved to be fiercely independent much to the dismay of her older brothers who relished the idea of ​​having a little sister to raise or nudge. She loves the outdoors and was born a naturalist; she learned to hunt and fish and spent most of her time climbing mountains or hiking along rivers. Growing up, she collected many pets, including cats, dogs, frogs, and red-eared turtles. She and her siblings are unfamiliar with most modern technology, having spent most of their lives in their isolated community in the Alaskan bush. They are also not updated with pop culture.

Snowbird grew up not knowing her grandparents, as her paternal grandparents died quite early and her mother was estranged from her maternal grandparents for years; his maternal uncle claimed that his father’s controlling nature was to blame for the estrangement. The uncle said Billy made sure his mother was separated from her family.


There is no information on his educational background, as the family lived in the Alaskan wilderness for the past 30 years before the family reality show aired.

brown snow bird

She did not attend a traditional school or receive a formal education, but was homeschooled by her mother, as were her siblings.


Snowbird became a television personality when her family’s feats of surviving in the Alaskan wilderness were documented by the Discovery Channel in the form of the reality television show “Alaskan Bush People.” While the show is marketed as a docudrama/reality show of the Brown family living far from modern society, it is also a scripted series. Season 1 premiered in May 2014 with just five episodes but has now aired 85 episodes across 11 seasons, proving that the popularity of the show has grown over the years.

She gained a loyal following throughout the show, with her fans impressed that she could help provide food for the family through hunting and fishing. She has a wide gap on her upper front teeth and the public remains puzzled as to why her family isn’t taking her to the dentist and getting them fixed.

Private life

Information about the personal lives of most reality TV stars is hard to come by, as they portray some version of their real character on TV.

Discovery Channel hasn’t released an exact timeline of their show, and with many accusations that it’s fake, there’s a mystery surrounding the Brown family. The public has a hard time distinguishing between what is true and what is false.

Her mother was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and the family was forced to stay in Los Angeles for a while to be close to their mother who was being treated at the University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center. They eventually moved to the wilderness of Washington so the family could easily travel to Los Angeles when needed. Fortunately, her mother went into remission and was healthy again.

This sparked another rumor that Ami’s cancer and recovery were scripted, and so her doctors at UCLA Medical Center confirmed that her illness and recovery were real. During the family’s stay in Los Angeles, it was said that the youngest was the only one who adapted well to city life. Snowbird and her older brothers had a hard time acclimating to life among many people.

Snowbird is currently single and still lives with the family as they carry on the tradition of being a wolf pack even as they grow older. His brothers Gabe, Joshua and Noah have decided to stay close to home even though they now have families of their own, and they have all been featured on the show.

Interesting facts and rumors

  • In 2016, his family was charged with fraud and felony because they took advantage of the state’s permanent fund by falsifying records when they submitted application forms, claiming they met the Alaska residency requirements for receive more than $20,000 from the state. However, they were found not to qualify, requiring Alaska residents to live in the state year-round. Her father and older brother Joshua took responsibility for the family, pleaded guilty to all charges and were sentenced to 30 days in jail and fined thousands of dollars. They made a plea deal blaming poor record keeping because they mostly lived in isolation from the city.
  • Brown’s fraud and crime case confirmed viewers’ assumption that everything about the family’s reality show was scripted. Apparently, on affidavits of the plea deal in court, Snowbird’s father and brother said they had already left the state in 2009 and did not return until 2012. This would debunk their claim on the show that the family had lived in Alaska for the past 30 years before the show premiered in 2014.
  • Snowbird was once said to be pregnant when people noticed she was hiding what appeared to be a baby bump, but apparently she just gained weight and tried to hide her extra curves.


Snowbird is 1.65 m (5 ft 5 in) tall, weighs 55 kg (120 lb) and has a body suitable for outdoor activities. His most recognizable mark would be the gap between his upper front teeth. Snowbird is Caucasian and has blonde hair and brown eyes.

Net value

Sources put Snowbird’s net worth at $100,000, with an annual income of around $60,000 coming largely from the family’s reality TV show.

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