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Who is Nettles and what is his relationship with Daemon Targaryen?


House of the Dragon Season 2 is highly anticipated by fans. And already various theories are circulating about the new characters that could be introduced. One theory states that the Dragon Seeds are coming, and the most interesting of these is Nettles and the nature of his relationship with Daemon Targaryen. So let’s dive deep into it.

Who is Nettle?


The Targaryens believed that only they possessed the blood magic that could tame a dragon. And so, during the war between blacks and greens, Rhaenyra Targaryen’s team had dragons under their control, but lacked Dragonriders. So they invited the bastard children of Targaryen to try their hand at taming a dragon because they had Targaryen blood running through them.

In the books, Prince Jaecerys Velaryon promised riches and lands to those who could bond with a dragon. Several people therefore came to try their luck, whether or not they were dragon seeds or not. And interestingly, it’s never confirmed in the books whether everyone who passed was of Targ blood or not. Now 4 notable characters have been able to bond with dragons.

Demon before Vermithor

Hugh Hammer tamed Vermithor, Addam of Hull rode Seasmoke, Ulf the White bonded with Silver Wing, and Nettles took on the wild dragon Sheepstealer. The latter did this by feeding the dragon sheep and allowing the beast to get used to her. During the battle, Nettles fought for Rhaenyra and stood alongside Daemon on the battlefield.

In the books, it is mentioned that the Rogue Prince came to like Nettles and gave him many gifts. But whether he loved her as a bedfellow or as a daughter is debatable.

Nettles: Daemon Targaryen’s daughter or lover

Demon and Rhaenyra Targaryen

In the books, the war stories of different Maesters offer conflicting information about the nature of their relationship. In Fire and Blood, it’s Maester Norren, who mentions that Daemon:

“Loved on the brunette girl like a man might adore his daughter”

In The Princess and the Queen (2013), it is suggested that Nettles and Daemon are lovers. It is said:

“From King’s Landing came a raven bearing the Queen’s message to Manfryd Mooton, Lord of Maidenpool. He was to deliver to her the head of the bastard Nettles who was said to become Prince Daemon’s lover.

Greens vs Blacks

The World of Ice and Fire (2014) mentions that although Nettles fought for black people, her loyalties were unclear. And when she and Daemon became entangled in a romantic relationship, it created a fatal rift between the queen and her husband.

Even HBO’s Histories and Lore for Game of Thrones (2016) mentions that they were lovers. Pedro Pascal’s Oberyn even says:

“With her dragon, Nettles had taken to riding Daemon.”

What is the truth about the nature of their relationship?

Demon Targaryen

Other than Maester Norren, no other sources confirm claims that Nettles and Daemon share a father-daughter bond. Also, Maester Norren didn’t know Daemon personally. So to him, Daemon’s affection and constant companionship with a younger girl might have seemed fatherly.

As such, given the other sources, it’s clear that Nettles and Daemon shared a romantic relationship. In novels, even Rhaenyra was enraged and ordered Daemon to bring Nettles’ head to him. But Daemon refused and let Nettles escape.

Now the question is, how will the show portray it? After all, we’ll probably get the Dragon Seeds next season. What do you think? Will the writers choose to move forward with the father-daughter theory or the lovers theory for Daemon Targaryen and Nettles?

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