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Where Is Jamie Kah Today? Stakes Day 2022 Win Downplays His Suspension

It was disappointing news for Jamie Kah’s parents, John and Karen Kah, that their daughter Jamie had been suspended.

They were taken aback when they learned that due to her suspension, their daughter would not be able to participate in the Spring Horse Carnival in 2021.

Jockey Jamie Kah celebrates with her parents John and Karen Kah after winning Melbourne Racing in 2019. (Credit: gettyimages)

It was discovered that Kah, along with fellow jockeys Mark Zahra, Ben Melham, Ethan Brown and Celine Gaudray, attended a house party at a Morning Airbnb after Melbourne’s city curfew. As a result, they were all disqualified from riding and fined $5,000 by Victoria police.

Due to her ban, she was unable to participate in any of the Spring Races Carnival events, including the Melbourne Cup.

Since Kah had already established herself as a rising star in the discipline by winning 100 races at Victoria for the season, the infidelity was the subject of much media attention at the time.

On the other hand, her parents have been an inspiration to her during this difficult time. John and Karen are athletes; in the past John has competed professionally in track speed skating. Therefore, they are likely to be aware of how a player’s state of mind can be affected and how to deal with difficult players.

Jockey Jamie’s parents Karen and John, both professional athletes in the 90s, supported Jamie during her difficult time last year as she served a three-month suspension. (Source: racenet)

Kah was in such distress at the time that she couldn’t even bring herself to watch the race that stops a country. Instead, she chose to divert her attention from it by walking her dog on the beach. The 28-year-old called this time in her life “the darkest time of my life”.

After winning the Champions Stakes for Zaaki, Kah said she was incredibly grateful to her amazing parents, who stood by her through her worst times and didn’t let her give up. “The day just made it so much more special, I have my in-laws here.”

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