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‘We’re considering what to do next’: Harry Potter series could be in the works at HBO Max as David Zaslav apparently drops Fantastic Beasts movies


The Harry Potter series, created by JK Rowling and adapted into a critically acclaimed film franchise by Warner Bros., began its journey with Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone in 2001 and quickly spanned 7 sequels, ending with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 (2011). The titular character’s journey, however, doesn’t end there as the universe continues to inhabit wizards and muggles alike, and it looks like the peek into the past with the fantastic beasts franchise has been enough memories for now.

David Zaslav plans to expand the Harry Potter franchise
David Zaslav plans to continue the Harry Potter franchise

Warner Bros. Discovery is fully planning ahead, and HBO Max’s Chief Content Officer reveals how the team is looking at the strategic pursuit of the Harry Potter universe further into the future.

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Warner Bros. roll out the carpet for Harry Potter Franchise

It’s been over a decade since Wizards and Muggles of the first Warner Bros. Wizarding World last appeared on the big screens. Since 2011, there’s only the past to keep Potterheads company as fantastic beasts Immerse yourself in the era of epic romance and rivalry between Grindelwald and Dumbledore. Meanwhile, the April merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery that gave way to budget restraint and consequent soul-searching for Warner Bros. IPs. provided a blueprint for the future of the billion-dollar production house.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter – Warner Bros. plans to revive the magical OG world

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Without further ado, WBD is now launching a series of projects centered around their original properties like the Harry Potter franchise. After the 2021 reunion special, the waves of longing and longing that crashed into hearts around the world managed to work to some degree. Reports now indicate that the past (having been caught up now) must stay in the past and new projects that can give fans a glimpse of the future are being discussed within the walls of Warner Bros. HQ.

HBO Max Chief Content Officer Discusses WBD Future Plans

When it comes to the Harry Potter franchise, the beloved juggernaut that has provided home and escape for entire generations of young fans should be treated as a sacred entity. As such, crossing the boundaries of the original universe and entering the future with remnants that have been left behind is also a topic that can prove controversial if not well served. Sarah Aubrey understands this and in her position as Head of Content for HBO Max, she knows exactly how to streamline the Harry Potter franchise in a good way.

“There’s nothing quite like a ‘Harry Potter’ fan, in terms of an endless appetite for storytelling and new ways to interact with these characters. So whether it’s a reunion , live events or games, we’re working hard to create new content for those fans and thinking about what to do next. We don’t have any series in active development at this time. But we are really in this area, because fans are just crying out for more storytelling.

fantastic beasts
The fantastic beasts the trilogy fails to deliver at the box office

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While that might not say much about the state of the franchise’s development, Potterheads can now wake up from their indefinite hiatus to bow down to the rumor mill. Harry Potter series. If justice is served by the original creation, fans might even explore Hogwarts through the eyes of the legacy children and perhaps witness a few throwback cameos.

Source: Variety

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