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Lifetime’s Christmas On Mistletoe Lake Cast: Meet Corey Sevier, Genelle Williams and more


Genelle Williams and Corey Sevier will star in the romantic comedy Christmas On Mistletoe Lake, which will air on the Lifetime network in 2022.

Reilly Shore, played by Genelle Williams, is the main protagonist of this film. She usually chose an unplanned place to take an exciting excursion, and this time she ended up at Lake Mistletoe. She discovered upon arrival that she was unable to secure accommodation due to the annual Christmas Harbor Festival that took place in the town.

The boat Emma’s father owned was where Reily slept. Raymond Mitchell, the found character, is in the process of selling his boat and therefore cannot participate in the festival. Robin Dunne is credited with both writing the screenplay and directing the film.

The Christmas of a lifetime on Mistletoe Lake

The Christmas of a lifetime on Mistletoe Lake

Lifetime Christmas Cast Members on Mistletoe Lake

Corey Sevier and Genelle Williams are the two main cast members of Christmas On Mistletoe Lake. Hattie Kragten, Bardon Ludwig and Jane Moffat are the actors playing supporting roles.

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Corey Sevier

Corey Sevier

Corey Sevier

In the Christmas on the lake of Gui, Servier left an effect on the public. In the show, he plays the role of the main male protagonist. As Reily (Genelle Williams), who had no accommodation in the city, he offered her to stay in his boat instead of staying there.

He is currently helping prepare the film to go into production, which is called Dark Christmas. It has been said that he will play the role of Balthazar in the film. Christmas Plus One and Key to Love both featured the actor in lead roles.

Besides that, Servier used to appear in several Christmas movies. He starred as Darcy Hawkins in It Takes a Christmas Village, Matchmaker Christmas, Grounded for Christmas, Four Christmases and a Weeding, The Tree That Saved Christmas, A Star for Christmas and a number of other tree-themed films. holidays.

At the age of six months, he made his debut on the modeling scene as a baby. At the age of seven, he made his first appearance in a professional capacity, alongside Angelica Houston and Sam Neill in the ABC Family Pictures miniseries.

Genelle Williams

Genelle Williams

Genelle Williams

In the movie Christmas On Mistletoe Lake, the main role was played by Canadian actress Williams. She appeared as Reily, who was now in the Mistletoe Lake area but had nowhere to lay her head for the night. As a result, she enlisted Ray’s help and worked alongside him to refurbish the boat in preparation for the Christmas Harbor Festival held in the town.

She is a well-known actress whose roles in films such as Orphan, “It’s a Boy Girl Thing”, The Incredible Hulk and Spiral have earned her recognition. The actress has also worked in a number of other Christmas movies besides this one.

Additionally, Genelle made a guest appearance as Alison in the 2019 version of Magical Christmas Shoes, as Karen Yazzi in the 2018 version of Northern Lights of Christmas, and as Special Agent Robertson in the 2017 version of Christmas. Wrestling. Even in The Holiday Calendar, the actress can be seen in the role of Sarah.

She has recently been recognized for her roles in Delia’s Gone as the character Delia, Family Law as the character Lucy Svensson, The Perfect Pairing as the character Diane, Spiral as the character Lisa Banks, in Clarice as the character Jesse Powell, in Schitt’s Creek as the character Penelope, and in Utopia Falls as the character Anna 12.

Hattie Kragten

In the Lifetime film franchise’s Christmas On Mistletoe Lake episode, Kragten portrayed the character Emma. Emma, ​​who is 12, is the one who invited Reily to spend the night on the yacht her father owned. The actress’ performance in “Incorporated,” “Christmas at Grand Valley” and “Backstabbing for Beginners” earned her a lot of attention.

She had previously starred in a number of Christmas movies, such as Christmas in Agel Falls as Jenny Wilson, Magical Christmas Ornaments as Skylar, Christmas Wedding Planner as Kelsey, Santa’s Squad as Rose Church. , and The Snoopy Show as Sally.

The pre-production television short series SMASH! and Book Hungry Bears are Hattie’s current areas of interest in her career. In the television series “The Soluntioneers” she was cast as the character of Riley.

Brandon Ludwig

Doug was portrayed by Ludwig on the television special Christmas on Mistletoe Lake. In the upcoming Doug movie, which will be released in 2020, the actor will appear as Doug in six different episodes. A Candlelit Christmas, A Night of the Living Dead, A Snowy Christmas, and The Enchanted Christmas Cake are some of the recent films the actor has appeared in.

The Kitchener-born actor recently appeared as Brad and Landon in post-production films Making Scents of Love and The Dummer, respectively. In the 2007 film Programmable Dreams, Ludwig makes his first appearance in the world.

Jane Moffat

In the movie Christmas on Mistletoe Lake, Moffat gave a memorable performance as Emaline. The actress’ performance in Code 8: Part II, Mary Kills People and Mama is what brought her to the public’s attention. In 2022, the actress appeared in the films Essex County, Christmas Plus One, Christmas in Toyland and On a Quest.

In 2018, Moffat appeared in the TV movie Entertaining Christmas as Liz Livingstone. She played the role of Amanda Sage in the movie Christmas Incorporated, which was released in 2015. Additionally, the actress made her first appearance on the small screen in the TV movie titled Woman on Trial: The Lawrencia Bembenek Story.

The other cast members are:

Hilary Kerr and Maher El Hares serve as servers.

Farah Foster-Manning, Mabrouka Ghanmi, Carl Hines and Adnan Perwez star as Party Townsflok.

Sebastian Battro, Tom Berry, Louisa Cady, Lweis Chesler, Julie Di Cresce, Robin Dunne, Alan J. Mintz, David Perlmutter, Marek Posival and Robert Vaughn serve as executive producers. Banner Isaac is one of the people involved in the production of the film.

Stacey Hersh, Justin Yaroski, Sheldon Ludwig, Sarah Nicole Land, Dairen Gomez, Ashley Bull, Amanda Cassel, Carolyne Chartrand, and a number of others are among the crew members working on the films.

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Christmas outing date and time on Mistletoe Lake

Chesler/Perlmutter Productions has announced that the premiere date for their movie Christmas On Mistletoe Lake will be November 10, 2022 in the United States. It was first developed in Canada, which is its country of origin. The film premiered Thursday night at 8/7 a.m. and went live the following day.

Natale a Mistletoe Lake is another name for Christmas On Mistletoe Lake. Both names refer to the same event. The journey that Reily goes on to begin the novel is exciting. Interior designer Reily accepted Ray’s help in order to stay in the Mistletoe Lake community after unexpectedly ending up in Mistletoe Lake Village during the holiday season.

Emma, ​​Ray’s daughter, was upset after hearing the news of her father’s boat, so she approached Reily to help persuade her father to attend the festival. Emma dreams of spending her last Christmas at Lake Mistletoe surrounded by family and friends.

Christmas On Mistletoe Lake, a romantic 2022 TV movie starring Corey Sevier and Genelle Williams

Christmas On Mistletoe Lake, a romantic 2022 TV movie starring Corey Sevier and Genelle Williams

Some FAQs

Who is the cast of Christmas On Mistletoe Lake?

Corey Sevier, Genelle Williams, Hattie Kragten, Bardon Ludwig and Jane

Christmas On Mistletoe Lake features Moffat as a member of its cast.

When will Christmas On Mistletoe Lake be released?

The release date for Christmas On Mistletoe Lake is set for November 10, 2022.

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