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Love Is Blind Reunion: Cole And Zanab Cuties Story Reddit Reaction -Why Did They Break Up?


Love Is Blind Reunion uploaded clips of Cole Barnett commenting on Zanab Jaffrey’s cooking, and Reddit users responded to the controversy by posting their thoughts.

Jaffrey claimed Cole Barnett made comments about his diet, but the estate agent refuted his claims. Despite this, the Love Is Blind reunion showed clips from the competition in which one of the contestants told Zanab to stop eating the huge meal once it was ready.

They started dating during the third season of Love Is Blind, but they broke up after being together for a few episodes during the eleventh season. On October 19, 2022, the premiere of the third season of Love Is Blind took place, and it featured men and women from the city of Dallas, Texas.

Zanab Jaffrey opened up about a previous comment Cole Barnett made about his diet during the Love Is Blind reunion

Zanab Jaffrey opened up about a previous comment Cole Barnett made about his diet during the Love Is Blind reunion

Love Is Blind Reunion: Cole and Zanab Cuties Reaction on Reddit

The Love Is Blind reunion showed old clips of Cole saying things like “reserve your appetite, we have a big supper later at Jaffrey”, and other similar phrases. During production, he made a remark about his eating habits. As a direct consequence of this, she lives only on bananas and peanut butter.

The Cutie Story dropped the spoiler that, in their opinion, Cole did not act maliciously during this particular scene. He gave an absurd vibe and advised her not to eat until dinner. The scene gave her no sense of control or shame about her body, and she misinterpreted it.

On Reddit, users had expressed their opinion on the spoiler published on The Cuite Story. Some people agreed with his arguments, while others agreed with those who disagreed with him. Even the scene in which Cole spent his first few minutes talking about the Jaffrey family and his UK wedding plans was questioned by fans.

On the other hand, she gave the impression that she was annoyed with Cole’s cat and said that “it’s always Cole’s show”. After that, the contestant recommends that they postpone eating the tangerines because they have a huge supper planned for later.

Picnicfordinner said that “from a mental health expert’s perspective, she has major trauma from the huge loss of her life.” [Citation needed] According to onlookers, Zanab does not believe in love. It’s possible she’s worried about losing Cole the same way she lost both of her parents. Many people believe that instead of being a flawed person, she is a broken person.

Moreover, most individuals considered Cole’s remark to be inconsequential. Some responses to awareness that remarks have been made are associated with people’s appetites and the way they eat. Since these people are unaware of Jaffrey’s past experiences with the aforementioned topics, some of the answers he gives to one person may be upsetting to another.

In case she has difficulty with her diet or her weight, she will not speak with Cole. Viewers thought Cole and Zanab’s ability to communicate with each other wasn’t very good. Additionally, they believe that the best thing for everyone is to pay attention to their body and determine for themselves which foods they choose to eat.

Feelings and events that may have happened earlier in the relationship when the pair were first interacting in the real world have been shared by users on Reddit. It is possible that she continues to adhere to these things and never talks about how she feels.

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Why did Cole and Zanab break up?

After making Jaffrey’s decision at the altar of their wedding in the eleventh episode of Love Is Blind’s third season, Cole and Zanab’s relationship came to an end. The contestant responded to Cole with “I don’t”, which broke their bonding relationship.

Jaffrey mentioned that Cole had spoken to him about herself for the past two months. She expressed her gratitude for all they had accomplished together. She described the kind of woman who would love him the way Cole was looking for in a partner for the rest of his life.

Zanab realized she was not the kind of person who would inspire him to feel love every day for the rest of his life. Because of this, Jaffrey and Cole decided to end their relationship. She had tried to pass herself off as the individual Barnett wanted, going so far as to try to control herself to appear as that individual to him.

Additionally, she detailed how Barnett humiliated, ridiculed, and criticized her performance over the previous two months. Her confidence in her had been restored by him. And the candidate despises him for the way he influenced her. Despite the fact that she loved Cole, she thought love shouldn’t be so complicated.

Her undying love for him shouldn’t have caused her so much pain and she can’t marry him. There is no record of Barnett and Jaffrey’s marriage in the official Dallas County public records system, as far as the system can tell.

During the conversation, Jaffrey also brought up another factor that contributed to the difficulties in his relationship. She claimed Cole’s family refused to be a part of their relationship and the contestant was struggling to move on due to the loss of her biological parents.

Cole and Zanab's relationship started on Love Is Blind and broke up at the altar

Cole and Zanab’s relationship started on Love Is Blind and broke up at the altar

Timeline of Cole and Zanab’s relationship

The Love Is Blind concert served as the catalyst for the start of Barnett and Jaffrey’s romance. During the reality show, she expressed interest in Andrew Liu, Cole Barnett, Brennon Lemieux, and Bartise Bowden. Following this, the real estate agent investigated his choices and got in touch with the participants.

Later, Zanab made the decision to be with another realtor named Cole. The couple shared many interests and values. Throughout the first four episodes of the series, they maintained their relationship with each other. Despite this, Cole and Jaffrey have been known to fight in some episodes.

After a while, Barnett and Jaffrey walked away from the altar and the real estate agent gave an emotional speech. She went so far as to tell everyone how Cole treated her throughout their relationship. She said her self-esteem suffered because of him.

They gave their opinion on the reasons for their breakup. She mentioned her family as the reason and she thought that if her family approved of their relationship, it wouldn’t end. Moreover, she treasured the opportunity to get to know her friends and family. However, the family affair caused them to find themselves in contrasting circumstances.

According to Barnett, they cannot peacefully coexist with each other. For starters, the problem lies in the purely physical side of things. After a while, they realized that the problem was related to personalities and compatibility.

The reality of the situation makes it impossible to continue the relationship. Cole and Jaffrey are aware of the mistake made during their relationship. The couple said participating in Love Is Blind didn’t change anything about them.

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Cole and Zanab Cuties Incident – Is Cole Lying?

During the third season of the Love Is Blind reunion, Zanab said that Cole made comments about his weight and diet while they were engaged. On the other hand, Love Is Blind featured an edited version of the episode. She said he took food from her and then asked her if she ate the food he took.

Barnett even tried to get her salad. More so, he regularly commented on his body and features. Cole, on the other hand, refuted the charges. As a result, Jaffrey claimed it protected Cole because he denied doing it, which made him look dishonest in front of an audience.

Even after Barnett asked about eating two tangerines, Jaffrey brought charges against him. Once again, Cole denied saying that. As the reunion played the music video of the Love Is Blind incident, it was clear that Cole had lied about the story.

During the Love Is Blind season 3 reunion interview, Barnett said something to the effect that she didn’t like her previous girlfriends, including Lily. She responded to this claim. According to Cole, compatibility and personality clashes were the hardest parts of his partnership. At first, he thought the problem was in their romantic relationship, but it turned out that it wasn’t.

After the events of “Love Is Blind”, Barnett and Jaffrey never reconciled their relationship and remained estranged. They don’t even communicate with each other in any way. The couple had neither friendship nor mutual respect. Zanab admitted that her friendship with Cole is a contributing factor to her participation in treatment.

Zanab Jaffrey mentioned that Cole Barnett's family isn't supporting their Love Is Blind journey

Zanab Jaffrey mentioned that Cole Barnett’s family isn’t supporting their Love Is Blind journey

Some FAQs

Why did Cole and Zanab break up?

Zanab Jaffrey ended her relationship with Cole Barnett because the relationship caused her self-esteem to drop.

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