Celebrity'Pawn Stars Do America' Was Filmed In Many Cities...

‘Pawn Stars Do America’ Was Filmed In Many Cities Across America


Pawn Stars Do America is a brand new fantasy series from the History Channel show Pawn Star, which was filmed in a stunning location in California.

The reality TV show Pawn Stars, which stars the three Harrison brothers (Rick, Corey and Austin “Chumlee”), has been entertaining viewers since 2009. After years of filming episodes at their famous pawnshop d ‘gold and silver, the whole is now taking their business on the road.

The American reality TV show Pawn Star is a creation of Leftfield Pictures airing on History &. The actor is followed on an exciting road trip in the new spin-off program Pawn Stars Do America. The program originally premiered on HBO, but the cable network preferred a series in the vein of Taxicab Confessions that was set in Gold & Silver’s late-night window.

Pawn Stars Do America

Pawn Stars Do America

“Pawn Stars Do America” ​​was filmed in many cities in America

The uninitiated may not realize that Pawn Stars is not what it seems. It takes place in a Las Vegas pawn shop where members of the Harrison family use their understanding of genuine and fake items to distinguish between the two. They encounter a wide range of objects.

With a slight modification, they continue to do so in their brand new spin-off series, Pawn Stars Do America. The group walks away from his office. This time they depart from Las Vegas and stop in eight US cities.

In the new eight-episode TV series Pawn Stars, the History Channel’s Do America travels across the country, stopping at interesting locations between Seattle and Washington, D.C., in search of historic artifacts and incredible collectibles. .

Each two-hour episode follows the three Harrison brothers as they leave the legendary Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas to meet fans in eight different cities. The brothers are Rick, Corey and Austin “Chumlee”.

Here are all the Pawn Stars Do America filming locations that Distractify has made public.

  • Austin, TX
  • Denver, Colorado.
  • San Francisco, California.
  • Savannah, Ga.
  • Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.
  • Seattle, Washington.
  • Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • washington d.c.

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Pawn Stars Do America is a spin-off series

On November 9, Pawn Stars Do America, an eight-part spinoff of the popular Pawn Stars series, aired on the HISTORY channel.

In the new season, the Pawn Stars team travels to eight different locations in search of interesting objects and historical artifacts. With local road trips and on-site dining reveals, viewers will get a fresh perspective on the franchise.

It looks a lot like Antiques Roadshow and is similar to Pawn Stars Do America. The latter program has been airing on PBS for years. The latter program was aired on PBS for a long time. It crosses the country, giving people the opportunity to bring in their heirlooms, treasures and thrift store finds to be appraised by experts.

The History Channel issued a press release on Wednesday stating that “The ‘Pawn Stars’ are known for identifying between what’s real and what’s fake, as they reveal the often startling answer to the questions everyone asks, ‘What is the story behind it?” and “What’s it worth?”

Pawn Stars three Harrison brothers - Rick, Corey and Austin

Pawn Stars three Harrison brothers – Rick, Corey and Austin

The series is like “Antiques Roadshow”, but with Twist

Pawn Stars Do America, a recently released series, is similar to Antique Roadshow but with a unique twist.

Although Rusell said there was a change in concept that would give viewers the option to convert those ratings into cash, there is a twist in the series to what will happen on the Pawn Stars spin-off.

The first season of Pawn Stars, which debuted in 2009, had over 600 episodes in total. Pawn Stars Do America is produced by ITV America’s Leftfield Pictures for The HISTORY Channel. A+E Networks is the exclusive worldwide distributor.

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Star pawns

American reality TV show Pawn Stars, created by Leftfield Pictures, airs on History. The World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, a 24-hour family business founded in 1989 and originally run by patriarch Richard “Old Man” Harrison, his son Rick, his son Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison and friend Corey Austin “Chumlee” Russell’s childhood is the setting for the television series, which is filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada. The series debuted on July 26, 2009, and quickly became the network’s highest-rated show and the #2 reality show after Jersey Shore.

With narration provided by the Harrisons or Chumlee, the series shows staff interactions with customers who bring in a variety of items to sell or pawn. Customers are seen negotiating the price and discussing the historical background of the artifact.

The show also explores the character actors’ interpersonal struggles. Regarding these disputes, one reviewer called the show an “antiques Roadshow rip-off” by American Chopper’s Teutul family. Similar praise comes from TV Guide, which describes the program as “part Antiques Roadshow, part LA Ink and part COPS”.

Additionally, a number of regional authorities in various disciplines, including two that have launched their own spin-off programs, frequently show up to assess sold or pawned items. The series’ first spin-off, American Restoration, starring antique restorer and metalworking artist Rick Dale, debuted in October 2010. Auto mechanic and restoration specialist Danny “The Count” Koker plays in Counting Cars, the second spin-off of the series, which debuted on August 13, 2012.

The sixteenth season of the program began on January 21, 2019, with a one-hour format.

With subtitles in 38 different languages ​​and broadcast in 150 different countries, the series has gone global.

History and production format

Pawn Stars was created by Brent Montgomery and Colby Gaines of Leftfield Pictures. During a weekend in Las Vegas in 2008, the couple were inspired to create the show after being exposed to a wide variety of unique and sometimes seedy pawnshops in town. They were looking for a family business to base a TV series on when they came across the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, located less than two miles from the Las Vegas Strip. They felt that these stores might house some interesting people. It had been the subject of a documentary that aired on PBS in 2001, and manager and co-owner Rick Harrison had been trying for four years unsuccessfully to present a show based on his shop. The shop along with Rick had been featured on the Las Vegas episode of Insomniac with Dave Attell in 2003.

The series was originally pitched to HBO, but the network would have preferred it to follow the format of Taxicab Confessions and take place at the Gold & Silver nighttime window. The format eventually morphed into the series’ now familiar family motif, which was used throughout the series. History president Nancy Dubuc, who had been tasked with creating programming with a more populist appeal to balance the network’s in-depth military programming, took over the series, originally titled Pawning History, before a Leftfield staffer only suggests that the name Pawn Stars would fit better with the location.

Pawn Stars premiered on History on November 15, 2006. The network agreed, citing the name as more aesthetically pleasing and easier to remember. The name is a deliberate play on the concept of pornstars. The employee made adjustments to the plot in order to bring it into line with the brand of the network. This included the on-camera experts giving their opinion on the elements that were introduced in Gold & Silver. However, she did not discourage the interpersonal conflicts that occurred between the stars of the show.

The series is filmed on location at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is located in the United States. Although jewelry is the most commonly pawned item at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, the majority of customers featured in the episodes bring a wide variety of vintage or antique items to the store, which as of July 2011 had a inventory of 12,000 different products (of which 5,000 are usually held on pledge). In each episode, there are parts that are dedicated to about five or six of these artifacts.

During these segments, one of the staff, either Rick Harrison, his son Corey, or Harrison’s father, Richard (also known as the “Old Man”), discusses the story behind the item under discussion. When the buyer is unable to appraise an object himself, he will contact a competent specialist who can examine the object to establish its authenticity and its prospective value, as well as the cost of restoration of the object. object or its sale if it requires repair. The appraiser discusses with the consumer the potential value of the item, including the opinion of the expert if there is one.

This discussion is frequently interrupted by an interview during which the expert explains to the audience the reasons for his decision. As the two people negotiate the price of the item, a price tag appears in the lower right corner of the screen. The number of dollars displayed on the label is constantly updated. Occasionally, Rick will purchase goods in need of restoration before establishing the expenses associated with said restoration, thus taking a chance on the prices associated with said repair.

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