CelebrityAnna Haugh And Richard Elwell Named Their Baby Boy...

Anna Haugh And Richard Elwell Named Their Baby Boy Oisín Ronnie Elwell


Anna Haugh and her husband, Richard Elwell, have been married for some time now. Haugh is a well-known restaurateur, chef and television personality from Ireland. She was born in Dublin, Ireland, but grew up in the nearby town of Tallaght. She graduated from the professional cooking program offered by TU Dublin School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology. In May 2019, she launched the Myrtle restaurant in London’s Chelsea district.

A chef and TV personality of Irish and British descent, Haugh has previously worked in many of the UK’s and France’s most exclusive restaurants. She has worked as a professional chef for almost 20 years and won “The Best International Chef” at the Food and Wine Awards in 2019. Because she comes from a family that values ​​good food and loves to prepare it, she has had a keen interest in cooking since childhood.

Anna Haugh and Richard Elwell

Anna Haugh and Richard Elwell

Who is Anna Haugh and her husband Richard Elwell?

Richard Elwell, or Rich as Anna Haugh prefers to call him, is Anna Haugh’s life partner as well as her business partner. Richard was a crucial factor in helping Anna achieve her lifelong goal of opening her own restaurant, and he eventually co-owned Myrtle with her in Chelsea, London. This realization brought Anna a lot of joy.

For most of her work, she placed only secondary emphasis on her personal relationships. Even though she was married for 13 years, there were times in her life when the pressure from her business relationships was so great that she had to end the marriage. But over time, she was able to discover the reasons that led her to start a family with Richard.

Her cooking career had kept her very busy for most of her life, and she was grateful for it. As a result, she did not have time to take care of a family. She once remarked that it was a blessing in disguise not to have children, as it would have prevented her from giving her full attention to her job as a cook.

Her career as a chef and TV personality has kept her very busy, but having children has always been one of her goals for the future. But once she started dating Richard Elwell and built her restaurant, she got the independence she needed to conceive a family as she was now in charge. This allowed her to start a family sooner than she had expected.

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How many children does Anna Haugh have?

Anna gave birth to the couple’s first child in 2021; the child, a son, was given the name Oisn Ronnie Elwell. Before he started dating Anna, Richard was already the parent of a child named Henry from a previous relationship.

Anna even observed that Richard was a better parent for young Oisin due to his friendship with Henry. This was in reference to Richard’s relationship with Henry. The family of four are now enjoying the peaceful and happy days they are living.

She eventually gave in to her family’s hopes and goals while continuing to pursue her own professional life, despite the fact that she always believed that having children would prevent her from pursuing her professional career.

Anna Haugh is an Irish chef, television personality and entertainer.

Anna Haugh is an Irish chef, television personality and entertainer.

A look at Anna Haugh’s biography

A chef and TV personality of Irish and British descent, Haugh has previously worked in many of the UK’s and France’s most exclusive restaurants. She obtained a diploma in professional cooking at TU Dublin School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology after completing her secondary education at Presentation Secondary School in Terenure. The school is located in Dublin, Ireland.

Due to the fact that she was instrumental in the establishment of Gordon Ramsay’s London House restaurant, she even had the opportunity to be the establishment’s first head chef. Some have even called her a protege of Gordon Ramsay, which is a very high honour.

Her ultimate goal was to run her own successful restaurant, despite the fact that she had gained a solid reputation as a professional chef in the UK and France. She is currently living her childhood fantasy and she has achieved all the goals she set for herself.

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Some FAQs

Who is Anna Haugh married to?

Anna Haugh and Richard Elwell have been married for a long time.

How many children does Anna Haugh have?

In addition to the child he has with Anna, Richard also has a son from a previous relationship. Oisin Ronnie Elwell is the name of the couple’s son.

Who is Anna Haugh?

On November 6, 1980, Anna Haugh entered the world, becoming a well-known Irish chef, restaurateur and television personality. Tallaght, Ireland was her childhood home, although she was born in Dublin, Ireland. She attended TU Dublin School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology to complete a professional cooking program. In May 2019, she opened a restaurant in Chelsea, London, which was given the nickname Myrtle Restaurant.

Her first role was in the 2004 season of The Stress Street, which aired on the BBC. Additionally, she was a contestant on Royal Recipes, which aired on BBC One during the years 2017 and 2018. Besides that, you can see her on BBC One programs like Morning Live and Saturday Kitchen. She had a role in the BBC cooking show Ready Steady Cook. From November 2, 2022, she will be one of the new judges for the MasterChef: Professionals competition which will be broadcast on the BBC.

Anna Haugh and her husband, Richard Elwell, look happy as they attend an event.

Anna Haugh and her husband, Richard Elwell, look happy as they attend an event.

Is Anna Haugh married?

Anna Haugh’s marriage lasted 13 years before the couple decided to go their separate ways. On the other hand, no one really knows who her first spouse was. During an interview with The Irish International in 2015, Anna said she had ended her marriage and had no children because she felt it allowed her to spend more time and work. energy to his work. Because of her dedication to her vocation as a leader, the quality of the relationships she has in her personal life has suffered. In order for her to concentrate on her work, she was forced to divorce her husband.

Who is Anna Haugh’s partner?

Richard Elwell, who is romantically involved with Anna Haugh, is also one of Anna Haugh’s business partners. Together, the couple co-own the Myrtle Restaurant. Anna says, “I have a partner, not a lover, someone who is my partner in making and raising our baby.” She refers to Richard at this point in the conversation about her relationship with him. Besides that, she mentioned that Richard is a good parent. Henry is Richard’s firstborn from his previous union and is named after him.

Anna Haugh Baby

Anna announced the birth of her baby on Instagram, naming him Oisin Ronnie Elwell, and stating that he was born on August 12, 2021. Henry is the name of her stepson, born to Richard and his former partner. Richard is her stepfather. Anna is delighted to be a mother of two children and she often brings her youngest son, Oisin, with her to meetings.

Chief Anna Haugh

At Myrtle Restaurant, Anna is the chef in charge of the kitchen. He worked as a chef with Phillip Howard, Shane Osborne and Gordon Ramsay for most of his fourteen years in the industry. She has been a judge or chef on a number of different cooking competitions that have been shown on TV. In the final season of MasterChef: The Professionals, she is one of the new judges, taking the place of Monica Galetti, who retired from the competition earlier.

Anna Haugh age

Anna Haugh would have been born on November 6, 1980 in Ireland, as indicated by WikiFame. In 2022, she will be 42 years old. His zodiac sign is Scorpio, as determined by his date of birth. After gaining experience in the kitchen over time, she opened her own establishment at the age of 39.

Anna Haugh Height

There is no information available on the internet regarding Anna Haugh’s height or weight. It appears that she maintains a healthy body weight that matches her height, giving her a decent body stature overall. We can assume that she has a normal body mass index and her weight is in a healthy range just based on her looks.

Anna Haugh Size

Anna is a trained cook and owner of her own restaurant. Additionally, he makes money making appearances on TV shows and she is currently working as a judge on MasterChef: Professionals. According to the 44BARS website, as of the year 2020, his net worth is expected to be between one and five million dollars.

Anna Haugh Instagram

Her Instagram handle is @haughser, and she is very active on several social media platforms. She submitted 443 updates and has around 35,900 subscribers. On her Instagram account, she shared a number of photos depicting a wide variety of delicious dishes. Additionally, she uploads photographs and videos taken during her appearances on other shows.

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