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Hulu’s ‘Where Is Private Dulaney’ Investigates Marine Mark Fletcher & How He Was Related To The Case


According to the findings of the latest Hulu documentary series, “Where’s Private Dulaney?”, the individual responsible for the death of Marine Leroy Dulaney is another Marine named Mark Fletcher.

True crime docu-series often don’t focus as much on the victim as on the family members trying to uncover the truth despite opposition from law enforcement. Take for example the scenario presented in Where Is Private Dulaney?

The mother of missing Marine Dulaney, who was shot and killed by fellow Marine Mark Fletcher, is the subject of a new documentary series airing on ABC News. The show shows how law enforcement made her dizzy after her son disappeared.

Leroy’s story is more about his mother’s determination and strength, as well as her firm resolve to get to the bottom of her son’s kidnapping and find out what happened to him. In 1979, the incident occurred when the Marine suddenly disappeared for unknown reasons, and the Marine Corps deemed him absent without leave (AWOL).

Hulu's Where Is Private Dulaney was released on November 16, 2022.

Hulu’s Where Is Private Dulaney was released on November 16, 2022.

Hulu’s new docuseries investigates Marine Mark Fletcher

According to the findings of the investigation conducted by Hulu’s New Documentaries, Marine Mark Fletcher was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison for the shooting death of Pfc. Leroy Dulaney.

Marine Fletcher, who served at Camp Lejeune, was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced in Onslow County Superior Court. He reportedly stated that his purpose in life was to kill a dozen people.

During the second-degree murder trial, the jury was presented with evidence that clearly showed that the defendant, Fletcher, and the victim, Dulaney, were both passengers in the same automobile. During their conversation, the accused drew a gun and shot the victim in the back of the head.

Shortly after, the car continued on a gravel road for approximately 70 yards, after which the accused dragged Dulaney’s body into the woods and shot him six or seven times. After six weeks, which seemed to have passed, he returned to the scene of the murder and moved the body.

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Originally, Cpl Benjamin Duval was charged with murder

Benjamin Duval, a corporal from Ames, Iowa, USA, was initially charged with first degree murder in connection with the death of Leroy Dulaney.

He later pleaded guilty to the manslaughter charge and was sentenced to twenty years in prison as a result. He testified that he and Fletcher were both members of the United States Marine Corps and that they were both stationed at Camp LeJeune in Onslow County before and on May 23, 1979.

On May 23, 1979, during lunchtime, Fletcher asked him to drive him and Dulaney away from base, as they wanted to drive to another man’s residence. He acceded to this request and chased them off the base. They were having their conversation as they headed towards Swansboro on Highway 24, which they had just crossed.

Fletcher shot Dulaney in the back of the head as they traveled down the Belgrade road and drove at least two miles before giving Duval the order to continue driving on a dirt road. They had traveled about seventy-five meters when they stopped.

After that, Fletcher dragged Dulaney’s body into the woods, shot him six or seven times, stole a wallet and about fifty dollars, then returned to the automobile. He warned Duval to shut up because at this point Duval was also an accomplice.

On July 4, 1979, Duval and Fletcher returned to the crime scene and moved the body to another location. On August 1, 1979, various parts of the victim’s body were discovered at the two locations mentioned above. Duval’s testimony was corroborated by a number of additional witnesses in various respects.

Mark Fletcher was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of murdering Pfc.  Leroy Dulaney

Mark Fletcher was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of murdering Pfc. Leroy Dulaney

Mark Fletcher has been quoted for admitting his purpose in life was to kill a dozen people

Billie June Rohweller, Mark Fletcher’s girlfriend, testified that he shared his lifelong ambition of 12 murders with both of them. Duval was also present during this conversation.

Fletcher admitted to having previously killed eight people while they were watching television at her home, where they were all together. Following this, he listed Rohweller and Duval as “Numbers Nine and Ten” while pointing at them. After the event, she testified that he feared for her life.

She surrendered to military authorities at Navy Air Force Base Cherry Point on August 1. Additional charges have been brought against Fletcher in connection with the murder of a second Marine, Pfc. Ronald Ray Jenkins, originally from Irontown, Ohio, USA. A firearm with a .22 caliber bullet was used to shoot him in the head.

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Disappearance of Marine Leroy Dulaney

United States Marine Corps Private Leroy Dulaney was last seen at Camp Lejune in North Carolina. It was around lunchtime on May 23, 1979, when he and two other Marines left the base and have not been seen or heard from since.

Weirton, West Virginia was Dulaney’s hometown, and it was there that he made the decision to join the Marine Corps. He was the eldest of Carol Dulaney’s three boys and the first born to her. When he was a senior in high school, he met and fell in love with a lovely young woman named Brenda.

Leroy decided to enlist in the Marine Corps because the fortunes of the local factories weren’t what they used to be. After completing his initial training and marrying Brenda, the woman he had loved all his life, he was sent to Camp Lejune. Shortly after, on May 23, 1979, the young Marine was reported missing.

The more the family tried to shed light on the situation, the more they were told that Dulaney had disappeared without a trace. Even after the family located the last person their son had contact with, base commanders were unwilling to hear their concerns.

The day Leroy went missing, another Marine by the name of Mark Fletcher opened fire on him and murdered him. On May 23, a shooting took place while three Marines, including Duval, were traveling together in a car when it happened. His body was placed in a shallow grave in the unincorporated area of ​​Onslow County by the two Marines.

After an absence of several weeks, Duval and Fletcher finally returned, searched the body, and moved it to a new location. Benjamin claims that he and Fletcher got rid of various body parts while traveling in their vehicle. The remains of Dulaney’s body were located August 1, buried in various areas of Onslow and Carteret counties in North Carolina.

The young Marine Leroy Dulaney disappeared on May 23, 1979.

The young Marine Leroy Dulaney disappeared on May 23, 1979.

“Where’s Private Dulaney?” from Hulu Investigating the Case

On November 16, 2022, the first episode of the brand new series “Where’s Private Dulaney?” was streamed on Hulu. The story centers on a mother’s search for answers regarding her son’s disappearance after he serves in the Marines and goes missing.

The disappearance of Marine Leroy Dulaney from Camp Lejune in North Carolina in 1979 is the subject of a true crime documentary series divided into three parts. It demonstrates her mother Carol Dulaney’s unwavering determination to get to the truth about the situation.

Isaac J. Conner stars as Ray McGeady, while Alex Kostka plays Mark Fletcher in it. Audiences will gain a better understanding of Dulaney’s life in Weirton by watching interviews with Carol, her younger brothers Michael and Greg, her widow Brenda and others.

We are first introduced to Carol in the pilot episode of the documentary series. He married very early so he could stay established in one place and not migrate to a new town with his wife’s parents. She ended up having three sons despite being recommended by her doctor to have a hysterectomy.

After she and her husband divorced, she pursued various professions in order to support their children financially. Leroy, his eldest son, met Brenda when they were both students at the same high school and fell in love with her. Soon after, he enlisted in the Marine Corps, and some time later he married Brenda.

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