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Zendaya and Tom Holland getting married? MCU’s Spider-Man actor calls relationship with Zendaya “serious and permanent”


While the vast web of the Marvel Cinematic Universe plans to last forever, the expanding world doesn’t always harbor a place for Tom Holland and Zendaya to return as Spider-Man and MJ. The two actors have a multitude of current projects and their budding careers are already studded with a diverse and impressive filmography.

But beyond the glitz and glamor of Hollywood and Los Angeles, young stars in love look as happy as they did a year ago and Tom Holland could very well be considering making that state. of happy spirit a permanent fixture for both him and Zendaya. life. According to News on the Vine, talking about settling down is a near-future topic for the young Spider-Man actor.

Zendaya and Tom Holland
Zendaya and Tom Holland

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Tom Holland and Zendaya may be looking to settle down

When Spider-Man: Homecoming premiering in 2017, the MCU film’s adorable teenage cast stole the show from the Marvel behemoths and easily became one of the franchise’s highest-grossing films. Tom Holland has become the youngest MCU actor to direct a solo superhero trilogy and is already negotiating the complex terms of Marvel’s deal with Sony for a fourth film. Throughout its courageous and often tragic evolution, Zendaya’s GM has been a constant and loyal presence who rubbed shoulders with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and aided in his heroic misadventures, and grew and evolved with him in the continuity of the main stream. chronology.

Tom Holland and Zendaya in Spider-Man No Way Home
Tom Holland and Zendaya in Spider-Man: No Coming Home

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However, as wonderful and immortal as Spider-Man and MJ’s love story has been for Marvel comic book fans, the fictional romance is a far cry from the reality-defying love that Tom Holland and Zendaya have for each other. for each other, since their relationship was made. public a year ago. Their time together since then has been defined by the actors’ constant presence over each other and overall support for their careers and accomplishments.

Even though it’s only been a year, the mutual respect and adoration the two have for each other reveals a depth of commitment that’s unsurprising considering how Tom Holland has hinted that he wants to s settling down, getting married, having kids and taking a break from acting several times over the past two years.

Tom Holland talks privacy, marriage and a break

When the wandering eyes of the ever nosy paparazzi invaded Tom Holland and Zendaya’s privacy, exposing the formative period of their relationship, the former had become increasingly vocal about the importance of respecting people’s privacy and their limits, taking frequent breaks from social media. , and talking about taking a break from acting to pursue a more centered lifestyle. A year ago, the Unexplored the actor made a statement via teen vogue saying,

“I could leave and be a carpenter for two years, take a big break and come back. Or I might not come back. I could leave, get married, have children and disappear for the rest of my life.

Zendaya and Tom Holland [via British Vogue]
Zendaya and Tom Holland [via British Vogue]

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Recently, he took a break from Instagram citing that he wanted to prioritize his mental health. Now, an insider source with access to the couple said We Weekly on Zendaya and Tom Holland’s current relationship and claimed they were pretty “serious and permanent,and that, “They’re both settling down and absolutely planning a real future together.”

It’s not yet known if the rumors are true or just another attempt to create viral news (like the recent pregnancy prank involving Emmy-winning producer and actress Zendaya). Either way, fans expect amazing things from the couple, and seeing how they’ve already made their mark in Hollywood, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Tom Holland exploring other avenues in his life. Zendaya, too, has dabbled in modeling and producing while maintaining a high-profile acting career and is currently gearing up for Dune: part two and HBO Euphoria Season 3.

mcu Spider Man trilogy is available to stream on Starz.

Source: Us Weekly

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