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Andrea Sooch Was Forced To Move Out Of Country At A Young Age


Andrea Sooch is an American actor, licenced therapist, coach, and professor who was born in Hungary and currently resides in the United States. Andrea began her professional life when she was just six years old.

The crime and legal drama television series Better Call Saul was created by Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan. The actress is most known for playing the role of Margaretha Ziegler in the series. The first episode of the series aired on AMC on February 8, 2015, and it aired for the final time on August 15, 2022.

In one of the episodes of the popular drama FBI, which was developed by Craig Turk and Dick Wolf, she played the role of a Crying Hostage. In the same year, Andrea collaborated with Colm Feore and Georgina Tarjan on the production of the short play KZ O 2.0, in which she also starred.

From 2017 until 2019, Andrea had a recurring role on the comedy-drama series Claws as Rive, appearing in a total of eleven episodes. The series began airing on TNT on June 11, 2017, and ran all the way until February 6, 2022. It stars Niecy Nash, Carrie Preston, and Judy Reyes.

Andrea is an educator as well as a performer, and she helps people rewire their tales as well as recounts her own. She has many facets and is someone who believes in the power of performance in any shape it may take, be it a method, a product, or anything in between.

Andrea Sooch

Andrea Sooch

How Old Is Andrea Sooch?

The appearance of Claws star Andrea Sooch leads one to believe that she is already in her 50s. At a young age, Andrea realised that performing was her true calling in life.

She began her career as a child protégé violinist when she was only six years old. After some time had passed, Andrea joined the Children’s Choir of the Hungarian Radio and Television. She has always had a strong interest in acquiring new knowledge, and at an early age she made the decision to pursue a career in acting.

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Andrea Sooch Parents

In Budapest, Hungary, Sooch was welcomed into the world by her doting parents. She took after her mother, who was a violinist, and inherited her knack for playing the instrument. In addition to that, her adored father was a professor of mathematics and physics.

Early in Andrea’s life, her mother, who is a vocal coach and piano teacher, began to recognise her daughter’s musical abilities. She accompanied her to the audition for the Childre Choir that is broadcast on Hungarian radio and television. There, she enjoyed an amazing eight years, from the ages of six to fourteen, during which she reaped many benefits.

During the course of these years, Andrea gained a reputation for being dependable, competent, and skilled. Only 25 to 20 children out of a total of 120 were selected to embark on significant excursions such as the one to Japan. Even though Hungary’s borders were still blocked at the time, the actress continued to travel the world with the choir.

While Andrea was away, she indulged her passion for the arts and music while working together with her coworkers to produce something of value for herself and for others. Due to their packed schedules that included performing, travelling, and recording, she and the other students at that particular institution were required to meet the academic requirements at an expedited pace.

Hungarian actress Andrea Sooch plays the role of Margaretha Ziegler in Better Call Saul.

Hungarian actress Andrea Sooch plays the role of Margaretha Ziegler in Better Call Saul.

Andrea’s Childhood Memories

When Andrea was reminiscing about her youth, she recalls eating a lot of strawberries, practising the violin, singing, playing with her younger brother, riding bikes with her friends, and getting fresh cow’s milk from their aunt, Auntie Szabo.

She fondly remembers the times she spent fishing with her granddad. During the night, Andrea would nod off as her father continued to regale the family with tales about Muki (her rubber toothbrush holder Mouse). She recalled many happy and memorable moments from her younger years.

After the birth of her daughter, her mother was only given a break of six weeks. At that time, children were required to either attend the nursery or remain at home with other members of their families. In order to take care of Andrea, her grandma, who was a seamstress, gave up her career and began working from home instead.

The parents and grandparents of Andrea pooled all of their available forint to acquire a modest cottage in the Hungarian community of Agard, which is located close to Velence Lake. She has many happy memories of spending the months of May through September in the same residence for decades.

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Andrea Sooch Left Hungary In 1989

Andrea Sooch left Hungary in 1989 and settled in Vienna, which is the capital of Austria. This was shortly after the Iron Curtain was opened.

When asked about why she decided to leave her native country, Andrea responded, “It was a coincidence; it was just aligned time.” She responded to the inquiry by saying that some streets led nowhere and that other people slammed doors in her face.

The event motivated her to investigate opportunities located beyond the borders of her own country. She also mentioned that the Iron Curtain simplified things, although she emphasised that this was not the driving factor behind her choice. She appeared in a number of musicals in Austria, performing roles including acting, dancing, and singing.

During her time in Vienna, she participated in a large number of musicals and made friends with a large number of American performers. One of her closest pals was a New York native who had married someone from Austria. They extended an invitation to her for a holiday trip to New York that would last for three weeks in December.

Andrea is am delighted and excited that The Noel Diary debuts on Netflix

Andrea is am delighted and excited that The Noel Diary debuts on Netflix

In 1993 American Musical And Dramatic Academy Offered Andrea A Full Scholarship

In response to an invitation extended by a mutual acquaintance, Andrea had a memorable holiday in New York City. She went to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy and was immediately enamoured with the breathtaking city (AMDA).

After then, she was given the information that the academy held auditions once every year for a total of three days. “Since that day marked the beginning of the event, I decided to register for the third day.” Andrea performed a song from a Hungarian operetta called “The Csardas Queen” in its original language, Hungarian.

She went back to Europe after having a wonderful time on vacation. She took a trip to Budapest to see her relatives and spend some time with them. She was taking a bath when she got a call from AMDA in New York City. The call came while she was sitting in the tub.

She was given the news by the institution that she had been accepted into the programme. “I came dangerously close to drowning in soap foam.” She explained to them that she was unable to return to the scholarship auditions because she lacked the financial resources necessary to pay the $7,000 a semester fee.

After some time had passed, the director of the school contacted Andrea’s director of Jesus Christ in Klagenfurt, in order to get a reference from him. She later realised that they were familiar with one another and had mutual trust. Soon after, the actor received a full scholarship to participate in the 18-month long integrated curriculum offered by AMDA.

Originally, she intended to move back to Europe after she completed her education. On the other hand, she relocated to New York in the end of 1994. She was fortunate enough to find a place to stay with her friend, and she soon found a place of her own. She was assisted by a large number of people in obtaining jobs, and as a result, “I had the money for meals.”

When she initially moved to New York, Andrea went through a challenging period that lasted for around half a year.

Andrea is an actress, psychotherapist, and adjunct professor.

Andrea is an actress, psychotherapist, and adjunct professor.

Andrea Sooch Wikipedia

There is no mention of Andrea Sooch in the Wikipedia page at this time.

Young Sooch was a member of the Hungarian Radio and Children’s Choir when she was still a child.

The actress fled Hungary in 1989, just after the fall of the Iron Curtain. After some time, she moved to Vienna, where she worked as an actress, singer, and dancer in the musical theatre.

Name Andrea Sooch
Gender Female
Height 5 Feet 7 Inches
Nationality Hungarian
Profession Actress
Net Worth 1.5 Million
Twitter Andrea Sooch / Szucs

At the end of 1993, Sooch was extended a full scholarship offer by the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. She decided to take advantage of this opportunity and moved to the United States the following year.

She has been working as an actor for a considerable amount of time and has starred in a wide variety of films and television series. In the television series FBI, Sooch played the role of Crying Hostage in 2021. She also appeared in the short film KZ O 2. O.

The beautiful actress having a happy time as she clicks some where over the rainbow.

The beautiful actress having a happy time as she clicks some where over the rainbow.

Andrea Sooch Age: How Old Is She?

The age of Andrea Sooch is not yet publicised anywhere on the internet. It can be deduced from her looks and general demeanour that she is either in her 40s or 50s.

At the age of six, Andrea started her career as an actress and performer. She was born in Hungary and is very proficient in the German language.

Actress Andrea Szucs was born in Hungary’s capital city of Budapest. She has received training in drama therapy, psychodrama, and group therapy in addition to being a multitalented actress.

The stunning actress is known best for her performance as Margarethe Ziegler in the television series Better Call Saul. She has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches.

Andrea portrays Svetlana in the 2022 film The Noel Diary.

Andrea portrays Svetlana in the 2022 film The Noel Diary.

10 facts about Andrea Sooch

Andrea is a trained psychodramatist, drama therapist, and group therapist in addition to being a multitalented actress. In addition, she is licenced as a physician and has been published under the name Andrea Szucs.

At the age of six, Andrea auditioned for and was accepted into the Hungarian Radio and TV Children’s Choir. On the other hand, there is no information concerning her age or the date on which she was born. She left Hungary in 1989, when the Iron Curtain was opened, and relocated to Vienna, where she had previously performed as an actress, singer, and dancer in the musical theatre.

She stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches.

A full scholarship was made available to her by the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in the year 1993. In addition, she made the decision in 1994 to take up the offer and relocate to the United States.

Her ethnicity is a mystery, despite the fact that she is Hungarian by nationality. She is also able to read and write in Russian and is competent in German.

In spite of the fact that she is a skilled and well-known actress, her Wikipedia page is devoid of a bio and has no information about her family, including her parents and siblings. She claims that the reason she doesn’t want to be in the headlines for meaningless news is because she doesn’t want the attention.

To mention a few of her favourite things to do in her spare time, she enjoys reading, photography, studying, travelling, and surfing the internet.

Her annual salary brings in 1.6 million dollars. She is well-known both for her work as an actress and as a member of the Miscellaneous Crew.

Despite the fact that she is a well-known actress, she does not engage in any form of social media activity. The number of people who follow her on Twitter is far fewer than the number of people who follow her on Instagram: only 285 people.

We do not currently have any information regarding her family, husband, or marital or relationship status.

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