CelebrityActress Sophia Reid-Gantzert Is Holiday Harmony's Adorable "Sarah"

Actress Sophia Reid-Gantzert Is Holiday Harmony’s Adorable “Sarah”


The young actress Sophia Reid-Gantzert is only 12 years old. After Holiday Harmony premiered on HBO MAX, Sophia appeared on the television screen.

The charming youngster has been cast as Sarah in a film that follows Gail, a singer and songwriter who is on the verge of finally making it big in the industry. Her perseverance will pay off in two years, when she gets the opportunity to perform at the iHeartRadio Christmas Eve event.

She was forced to complete the trip across the country, but there was a small setback along the way. Her transportation decided to break down, and as a result, she found herself stranded in Harmony Springs, Oklahoma.

Her financial situation is dire and Jeremy, who has just arrived, tries to convince her to help a group of excluded children. Meanwhile, his anxiety level is at an all-time high.

It is up to her at this point to decide if she will continue to live in the place she loves or if she will continue with her original plans to fulfill her dream.

Since her performance will not be rated until the show is available to stream on HBO MAX, Sophia is cast as one of the children.

Sophia Reid-Gantzert

Sophia Reid-Gantzert

Find out the age of rising actress Sophia Reid-Gantzert

Actress Sophia Reid-Gantzert, who is only 12, has appeared in 24 different productions. In the history of cinema, Sophia has always left her mark.

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When is Sophia Reid-Gantzert’s birthday?

Sophia Reid-Gantzert was born around the New Year, and January 18 has been designated as her birthday since 2010.

From an early age, Capricorn embodies the qualities associated with their astrological sign by being both ambitious and determined.

Due to her materialistic and tenacious personality, she never gave up and stuck to the grilled schedule until the hour before her baby teeth fell out.

Actress Sophia Reid-Gantzert

Actress Sophia Reid-Gantzert

Sophis is one of the busiest young actors.

Sophia got her start in the entertainment industry in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where she was born and raised.

In fact, she had already started her adventure in 2017, when she played roles in Once Upon a Time, The Sweetest Christmas and Darrow & Darrow.

However, her first major role was as a recurring guest character on the Netflix series The Baby-Sitters Club during the show’s first two seasons. Her work was so captivating that she received two Joeys, including one for Outstanding Supporting Actor.

In the feature film 8-Bit Christmas, she even played the role of Neil Patrick Harris’ daughter, which helped her gain wide recognition. She described it as a memorable experience that allowed her to form a bond with her on-screen father that will last a lifetime.

It wasn’t until 2021 that she received her first starring role, and that was in the critically acclaimed Netflix comedy Scaredy Cats.

Currently, she maintains a busy schedule filming Career Opportunities in Murder & Mayhem while also working as a cast member in Young Imogene. Her days continue to be busy with the upcoming filming of Popular Theory, in which she plays the lead role of Erwin.

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Sophia is a ballerina worthy of a prodigy

The stories Sophia tells about acrobatics and body horror come from her time as a ballerina. At the height of her acting career, she put her free time to good use by rehearsing for her dance recitals and achieving success in international ballet competitions, where she received gold medals.

Thanks to her efforts, she was able to visit the United States of America, Austria, Canada and the United Kingdom. In 2018, she received a full scholarship to study at a prestigious ballet academy in London, and she was eventually accepted by the Love Royal Ballet School Associates.

She became one of the youngest dancers ever accepted into the famous Paris Opera Ballet summer program, making her a part of history in the process.

However, she must find a balance in her life because her activities have taken her away from Los Angeles and she is now forced to live in France in order to be closer to the institute in which she is enrolled.

Sophia Reid-Gantzert is surrounded by the warmth of her parents and family

Because her parents and family have always been the anchor of her life, rising actress Sophia Reid-Gantzert has never had to compromise on any of her dreams.

Sophia Reid-Gantzert with her mom at Disneyland in 2021

Sophia Reid-Gantzert with her mom at Disneyland in 2021

Meet Sophia Reid-Gantzert’s mother, Kerri-Ann Reid

As doting mother Kerri-Ann Reid, who also dabbled in acting, Sophia Reid-Gantzert shines brightly.

Although the woman appeared in the 2016 short film “Sans Anne”, she never had the opportunity to fulfill her wildest dreams. When her daughter mentioned having similar goals, it was natural for her to relent as her daughter’s future looks bright.

The mother and daughter duo took a trip to Disney Land in 2021, where they were pictured smiling at the camera as their faces were painted with blue butterflies. The resemblance was uncanny, and Sophia took the opportunity to express her gratitude to him for being the most notable figure in the Guardian role.

She gently professed her love for him, saying her engagement would extend to the moon and back.

How many siblings does Sophia Reid-Gantzert have?

In Vancouver, where she was one of five siblings, Sophia Reid-Gantzert spent her childhood. We do not have access to their identity; however, we do know that his brother, Mackenzie Reid Rostad, is an award-winning filmmaker, cinematographer, and writer.

Victoria Nash, her sister, is an expert interior designer and previously operated the shop known as Rustie & Willow. In addition, Alex Fraser, his other brother, is a graduate of the Justice Institute of British Columbia. On top of that, Reid-Gantzert is the sixth and last child in her family.

She frequently sends her siblings pictures she finds on her many social media accounts. In this way, we can go there to learn more about his current life.

Meet Sophia Reid-Gantzert on Instagram

On Instagram, Sophia Reid-Gantzert can be seen frequently posting under the handle @sophiareidgantzert, where she gathered more than 76.2 thousand people. She is also active on Twitter, and according to her biography, she divides her time between France and Canada.

Apart from that, we can investigate her filmography details by visiting the official page of IMDb, which lists Sophia as an actress with 11 credits to her name.

Sophia Reid-Gantzert hugging her co-star to spread the kindness in 2020

Sophia Reid-Gantzert hugging her co-star to spread the kindness in 2020

Sophia Reid-Gantzert Age and Wikipedia

Sophia Reid-Gantzert is currently 11 years old and was born in 2010. Every year on January 18, the native of Vancouver, British Columbia, celebrates her birthday with her family and friends. As her birthday is approaching, we wanted to wish her well in advance and wish her a wonderful day.

According to Famousbirthdays, Sophia Reid-Gantzert was born in Vancouver, Canada; however, it does not currently have its own Wikipedia article.

In 2019, she was one of the youngest dancers in world history to be accepted into Paris Opera Ballet’s famed summer program. Moreover, it was an honor for her to be invited to perform for the members of the House of Lords.

As for her acting career, she has appeared in several critically acclaimed television shows including Once Upon a Time, Scaredy Cats, and The Baby-Sitters Club.

On the other hand, audiences really appreciated his performances in movies like “Easter Under Wraps” and “The Sweetest Christmas Santa’s Boots”, both of which were box office hits.

She has been recognized for her work with not one but two Joey Awards; the first was for best supporting actor for his role in The Baby-Sitters Club, and the second was a nomination for best young actor for his performance in Hearts and Minds.

Filmography details

The vast majority of Sophia Reid’s film credits are for television series. In 2017, she made her debut as Harper in the TV movie The Sweetest Christmas. After that, she completed a few more films.

Annie Doyle, who is starring in the upcoming 8 Bit Christmas movie – 2021. Trending Filmography. This film tells the story of a boy who, when he is ten years old and lives in Chicago in the 1980s, embarks on a mission to acquire the latest and most advanced video game system, which is the traditional Christmas present of his generation.

Michael Dowse is the director of this film.

Written by Kevin Jakubowski

The best June actors Neil Patrick Harris, Diane Raphael and Steve Zahn are on the list.

Sophia Reid-Gantzert in London, UK, before lockdown in 2020

Sophia Reid-Gantzert in London, UK, before lockdown in 2020

List of filmography

8-Bit Christmas (TV) – 2021 as Annie Doyle
The Baby-Sitters Club (TV) – 2020-2021 as Karen Brewer
Scaredy Cats (TV) – 2021 – as Willa Ward / Willa-Cat

Easter in an Envelope (TV) – 2019 as Madison Bailey
Santa’s Boots (TV) – 2018 – as Gigi
Hearts & Minds – 2018 – as Abby
Darrow & Darrow (TV) – 2018 as Sarah Wylkes
Once Upon a Time (TV) 2017 – as young Anastasia
The Sweetest Christmas (TV) 2017 as Harper

Is the daughter of Kerri-Ann Reid. Kerri-Ann is his mother.

Is the sister of Mackenzie Reid Rostad, who also works in the film industry.

She shared the screen with Sophie Grace and Momona Tamada in the TV show “The Baby-Sitters Club”.

She entered the world in Vancouver, California. But she is best known for her acting work in the UK.

She made her professional acting debut in the TV movie “The Sweetest Christmas” in 2017, which aired in 2017.

She played a role in the feature film “8 Bit Christmas in 2021”, which was released in 2021. It is scheduled to air on November 25, 2021.

She participated in several ballerina competitions and she had to succeed when she worked in the theater field.

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