George Santos illness and health update: Does he have cancer?

George Santos Illness
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George Santos disease has been trending on social media, the states representative said in an interview about his primary health condition.

The seat was won in the 2020 election by George Santos, who will represent New York’s 5th congressional district as the country’s representative.

Santos worked as a community leader and small business owner in Queens, New York before entering politics.

He has participated in several local groups and charities, showing his commitment to his community.

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He has fought to solve affordable housing, transit and education problems, and championed working families and small businesses.

George Santos’ illness and health update: Does he have cancer?

George Santos stated that he was one of the first people in the United States to be diagnosed with COVID-19, which was made worse by a primary brain tumor. But then something happened.

Among all the untruths George Santos has told, one particular event has garnered less attention: his recovery from COVID-19 early in the pandemic, despite several serious underlying illnesses.

George Santos disease
George Santos in the House of Representatives (Source: CNBC)

He noted that Santos was particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 due to his primary health issues. “Radiation is not a toy. Cancer is a risk for me. It’s in my blood.”

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I have a weak immune system and acute chronic bronchitis. “I also had a brain tumor a few years ago and underwent radiation, which generally severely weakens your immunity,” he told the podcast hosts.

Though Santos never admitted to having a brain tumor or undergoing radiation treatment again, he did share his COVID survival story multiple times during his first failed campaign.

Santos claimed he was taken by ambulance to Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, where he was placed on a stretcher and spent about five hours in a “plastic bladder” with an “air filter” because the hospital had run out of isolation rooms.

He stated that he had a chest X-ray, which came back clean. Santos noted he was then swabbed for COVID-19 and tested positive on March 14.

He claimed he had a high fever for days and was hallucinating and disoriented.

What happens to George Santos now? Where is he now?

Former prosecutor Dan Goldman, an elected representative from New York, has asked Santos to face criminal charges on conspiracy to defraud the US and making false allegations to the Federal Elections Commission.

George Santos disease
George Santos in the House of Representatives (Source: The hill)

Goldman declined to comment on whether Santos’ status in Congress should be challenged in an interview with Vox. “In my view, the crucial question is not whether George Santos should be a member of Congress.

The more pressing question is whether Kevin McCarthy and the Republican leadership believe George Santos deserves to be elected to Congress.”

Kevin Owen McCarthy is a US politician who has served as Minority Leader in the US House of Representatives since 2019.

McCarthy relies on Santos almost as much as Santos relies on McCarthy. The Republican leader is facing a revolt from far-right Republicans opposed to his becoming Speaker of the House in January.

What is George Santos Net Worth 2023?

Santos will play in one million games despite his financial difficulties 2023. In 2022 his net worth was expected 11 million dollars.

Santos later worked as a regional director for Harbor City Capital in Florida. He was suspected of running a $17 million Ponzi scam.

According to his financial records, Santos was also the sole owner and executive member of the Devolder organization.

He claimed that the company is a family business with $80 million in assets. George even mentioned Devoldeer as an equity initiation consultancy. After failing to file the annual reports, the firm went into liquidation in 2022.

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