Hank Baskett cheated on Kendra with Ava Sabrina London

Hank Baskett Cheated
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Hank Baskett cheated on Kendra with Ava News is trending on social media as people are curious to know more.

Hank Baskett is a retired American football wide receiver who played in the National Football League (NFL) for eight seasons and attended the University of New Mexico where he played college football for the Lobos.

He was signed by the Minnesota Vikings as an undrafted free agent in 2006 and played two seasons for the team.

He then spent one season each with the Philadelphia Eagles, Indianapolis Colts and Washington Redskins before retiring in 2013 with the New York Giants.

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Baskett established himself as a reliable receiver and special team player. He recorded 129 receptions for 1,728 yards, eight touchdowns and 11 rushing attempts for 50 yards.

Did Hank Baskett Cheat On Kendra With Ava Sabrina London When She Was 8 Months Pregnant?

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have been the subject of negative press recently regarding their five-year marriage, which has produced two children: Hank Jr., four, and Alijah, one month.

Cheated on Hank Baskett
Hank Baskett and Kendra with Ava Sabrina London (Credit: radar online)

The former football player was not at home in Los Angeles but RadarOnline accused the 31-year-old athlete of cheating with transgender model Ava Sabrina London on Monday. Hank reportedly paid the lady $2,500 to keep her mouth shut.

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He claims he had an affair with transgender model Ava Sabrina during his wife’s second pregnancy. Kendra appeared to be in the final stages of her pregnancy.

Following the rumors, Baskett and Wilkinson released a statement denying he cheated on them. In an interview with Us Magazine, Baskett said, “I didn’t cheat on my wife” and that “the rumors aren’t true.”

Wilkinson also commented on the rumors, saying, “I trust Hank 100 percent” and that she “knows it[s] in [her] heart” that he didn’t cheat on her.

However, London, the transgender model at the heart of this rumor, later claimed that her tweets and statements were all lies and that she had not had an affair with Baskett or any other soccer player.

Who are Hank Baskett and Kendra Kids? Meet Hank and Alijah

The former flames welcomed their baby boy on December 11, 2009, and he was quick to recognize his parents’ competitiveness. Kendra often uploads pictures from the teenager’s soccer games.

“This goal was worth mentioning. “My beast kid out there kills it,” the blonde beauty commented on a video of her son scoring in 2018. He also enjoys playing hockey; His mother claimed he was his team’s MVP in 2019.

Cheated on Hank Baskett
Hank Baskett and Kendra (Source: radar online)

Besides competition, he appreciates the arts. “Hank is a melancholy aged soul of a kid.” “Before he found the keyboard/piano, [he] didn’t have much interest in listening to music,” Kendra noted in February 2020. “He likes making things.”

In addition to being a competitor, he is also interested in the arts. “Hank is a serious old soul child. “[He] wasn’t very interested in listening to music until he discovered the keyboard/piano,” Kendra said in February 2020. “He enjoys making and playing music.”

Ajiah Baskett joined the Baskett family on May 19, 2014. Like her mother, the beauty appreciates athletics while showing her feminine side. She loves an amazing princess dress and is a huge admirer of the Frozen film series.

Kendra recently shared a touching moment when she received a manicure from her daughter and exclaimed, “The makeover Aliyah gave me yesterday gave me life.”

Alijah enjoys music and has taken piano lessons. “She wants to express herself artistically and sing and act like a Broadway musical star,” says Kendra, adding that she “reminds me of a young Taylor Swift.”


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