Timeline of relationship between Nikolai Kinski and Ina Paule Klink

Nikolai Kinski And Ina Paule Klink
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Nikolai Kinski and Ina Paula Klink were together for almost two decades but separated after seventeen years.

On top of that, the German actress has already found a new love. Nikolai Kinski and Ina Paule Klink are prominent figures in the entertainment industry.

Nikolai Kinski is a French-American movie star who is widely known for his role in the movies or series Berlin Station, Yves Saint Laurent, Barbarians, etc.

Like her ex-boyfriend, Ina Paula Klink is a German actress and singer. She gained greater fame with her role in the ZDF crime series Wilsberg, which ran from 2000 to 2021.

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Nikolai Kinski and Ina Paule Klink: Relationship schedule and children

Nikolai Kinski and Ina Paula Klink dated by 2003 to 2020. Bela B was Cupid to her. The music legend introduced the actress to Klaus Kinski’s son.

Instantly in love couple who started dating shortly after they first met. The couple dated for seventeen years before calling it quits.

When the former lovebirds’ breakup news surfaced, it sounded strange. The union of Nikolai and Ina was the envy of the industry. The former couple have walked the red carpet together several times.

The former couple didn’t welcome children while they were together.

After separating from the barbarian star, Ina Paule has already found a new love. The money. Murder. Zurich” star has a loving relationship with director Roland Suso Richter. The beautiful duo started dating in 2020.

The actress and filmmaker have appeared together in several public functions. The couple in love appear happy and content together.

On the other hand, Nikolai Kinski’s love life is empty. There was no news in this regard. Could he date secretly? Let’s hope Kinski lives his life to the fullest.

Nikolai Kinski comes from a family of actors

Nikolai Kinsky is the son of renowned German actor Klaus Kinski and his third wife, Minhoi Geneviève Loanic.

Nikolai Kinski and Ina Paule Klink
Nikolai Kinski is the son of Klaus Kinski. (Image source: TMDB)

The 46-year-old’s mother is a former model who was born in Vietnam and moved to France with her family when she was young.

Nikolai has two older half-sisters, Pola Kinski and Nastassja Kinski, from his father’s first and second marriages respectively.

The actor lived most of his life in California with his mother since his parents divorced in 1979. The Kinski siblings are not close as they grew up and lived separately.

Ina Paule Klink is the daughter of a make-up artist and pilot

Ina Paule Klink was born on December 23, 1979 to her parents. The mother of the Wilsberg star worked as a make-up artist, her father as a pilot.

No one would have thought that the daughter of a pilot and a makeup artist would one day become a prominent actress and singer. She trained in jazz singing and classical dance.

She made her film debut in 1996. Since then, Ina Paule has been the face of the German film industry. Paule has also released several songs including Alles Klar, Sag mir wo, Bye Bye and Never Forgive.

Nikolai Kinski and Ina Paule Klink
Ina Paule Klink is a German-born actress. (Image source: Wikipedia)

The net worth of Nikolai Kinski and Ina Paule Klink

Nikolai Kinski has been in the film industry for three decades. Thus, the actor must have amassed a considerable sum over his long and glorious career.

Similarly, in 1992, Ina Paule Klink ventured into the showbiz industry. Therefore, the actress must have bagged a considerable sum in the course of her career.

Finally, we wish the stars even more prosperity and success for the coming days.

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