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VitalSleep Reviews – Should You Buy Vital Sleep Stop Snoring Device or Fake Anti-Snoring Benefits?


Sleep apnea results from blockage or narrowing of the airway, leading to decreased oxygen levels in the bloodstream. It can manifest in two ways, namely central sleep apnea and obstructive sleep apnea. OSA is prevalent, and it occurs once the soft tissues of the respiratory tract collapse and block the air passage. As a result, individuals with sleep apnea disorder snore loudly and can wake up gasping for air during sleep. On the other hand, CSA occurs if the brain doesn’t send signals to the muscles responsible for controlling breathing during sleep.

According to the creator of the VitalSleep anti-snoring device, it addresses the root cause of snoring by opening the airways enabling consumers to have an uninterrupted sleep by improving air passage into the respiratory tract. The innovative device also has 8mm incremental jaw placement adjustments based on the consumer’s snoring intensity. This review delves more into VitalSleep anti-snoring solution and its efficacy.

What Is VitalSleep?

VitalSleep is an innovative anti-snoring mouthpiece with an Accu-Adjust mechanism for jaw advancement. The mouthpiece is non-metallic and can be molded based on dental impressions for a secure, comfortable, personalized fit. According to the creator, it’s FDA-cleared, hypoallergenic, BPA, and latex free. The mouthpiece is adjusted in small increments that are fine-tuned toward consumers’ preferences.

The premium medical-grade device opens the airways, enabling the free flow of air and reducing snoring during sleep. It’s viable for managing mild to moderate snoring-induced obstructive sleep apnea disorder. In addition, the mouthpiece can be remolded multiple times to fit perfectly on the jaw and teeth. The creator claims it addresses unhealthy snoring, improves breathing, and enhances quiet sleep.

Scientific Explanation of Snoring and VitalSleep

A partial obstruction of the upper airway during sleep leads to snoring. Once the air passage is blocked, turbulent airflow causes vibration of the soft tissues causing snoring. Various factors, including nasal congestion, poor sleep positions, smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, and more, can cause airway blockage. Snoring affects the regular sleep cycles, hindering one from the REM cycle, which is the restorative sleep ideal for the brain and overall health.

However, by using the VitalSleep appliance, consumers can help to reduce snoring through jaw advancement. The device enables consumers to adjust the lower jaw forward, which opens the airway. The mandibular advancement device holds the jaw in the correct position, reducing snoring.

Snoring and sleep apnea disorders can seem harmless, but failure to address them can lead to sleep disruptions. As a result, individuals experience fatigue, irritability, and other health problems. The doctor-recommended mandibular advancement appliance widens the airway and improves airflow, reducing snoring and promoting overall health.

How Does It Work?

As one sleeps, the soft tissues and muscles of the airway relax or collapse, leading to airway blockage. In addition, the tongue may fall back, narrowing the airway and affecting air passage. VitalSleep anti-snoring device is designed to address snoring by opening the airways. It utilizes a patented adjustment mechanism that gently advances the lower jaw forward, allowing the base of the tongue to move forward, opening the airway to reduce snoring.

Its lower tray is adjustable by 1mm based on the consumer’s snoring intensity. The innovative device widens the airways, allowing sufficient air passage, preventing snoring, and improving sleep cycles. The creator has provided the following steps on how the mouthpiece works:

  • Step 1: Consumers order their preferred size for men or women, and the device is shipped on the same day.
  • Step 2: After heating with hot water, the mouthpiece is molded with the teeth to take the shape of dental impressions.
  • Step 3: Lower jaw advancement is made based on the snoring intensity, improving breathing and reducing snoring.
  • Step 4: The oral appliance is worn for restful sleep, eliminating the sluggish feeling due to snoring.

How to Select the Ideal Anti-Snoring Device

VitalSleep devices are designed in men’s and women’s sizes, with the men’s size being slightly larger by 10%. However, they utilize a patented Accu-Adjust mechanism that allows consumers to get optimal jaw positioning with a range of up to 8mm, depending on the snoring intensity.

The anti-snoring mouthpiece is molded based on dental impressions to provide comfort. The boil-and-bite mechanism enables consumers to mold the mouthpiece for custom-fit in effectively addressing snoring disorder. Moreover, consumers can get a replacement as it has a 1-year replacement warranty.

Using VitalSleep

VitalSleep anti-snoring device allows consumers to create custom molded teeth impressions by heating it in hot water for about 45 seconds. VitalSleep is then cooled in water for about 3 seconds. Consumers should bite into the mouthpiece to create impressions that securely and comfortably fit on teeth and jaw. If the molding doesn’t turn out as expected, it can be remodeled and adjusted.

The device’s jaw adjustment mechanism is similar to the method used by dentists. Consumers can adjust the lower tray forward or backward by turning the screw clockwise for forward adjustments. Moreover, the device prevents snoring at night by opening the airway to allow air to flow freely during sleep. According to the creator, consumers will likely see the results on the first night of use. The outcomes are based on the snoring intensity and the jaw advancement.

VitalSleep has a lifespan of 1-3 years on normal usage. However, the duration will vary based on various aspects, including the frequency of use, cleaning, maintenance, and more. Moreover, the device has a 1-year free replacement.

Key Features and Benefits

According to the creator, the anti-snoring device has the following features and benefits:

Restores Quality Sleep: The device is designed to keep the airways open during sleep, allowing air to flow freely to the passage. As a result, it reduces the vibration of the soft tissues that cause snoring enabling consumers to enjoy better and quality sleep.

Effortless breathing: VitalSleep significantly improves breathing during sleep by reducing snoring and enhancing efficient air passage. It also addresses partial obstruction of the airways, leading to difficulty breathing and interrupted sleep. As a result, the device enables consumers to enjoy a quiet rest.

Adjustable Jaw Positioning: Individuals suffering from mild to moderate sleep apnea can benefit from the device as it repositions the lower jaw forward, keeping the airway open. It’s patented and has an adjustable design that’s FDA-cleared. Moreover, it positions the tongue enabling clear air passage, which prevents snoring.

Molded Based on Dental Impressions: The VitalSleep device is custom-made to fit comfortably and securely on the teeth and jaw for personalized use. Moreover, the adjustment is more precise for effectively reducing snoring and improving breathing.

100% Risk Guarantee: Consumers are given a 60-day money-back guarantee if they utilize the device for 60 nights without improved breathing during sleep. One can notify the support team and get a full refund.

Safe and Effective: According to the creator, the anit-snoring device is hypoallergenic, latex-free, non-metallic, and BPA-free. As a result, it’s all-inclusive and a viable choice for individuals who are allergic and lessens the risk of irritation. Thus, the device is suitable for use and overall health.

Different Sizes: Consumers can select men’s or women’s sizes for comfort. The men’s mouthpiece size is slightly larger than the women’s by 10% for effectiveness.

Micro-Adjustments: It’s designed to provide consumers with precise customization and control. VitalSleep allows up to 8mm incremental adjustments to fit securely for personalized use and reduce snoring.

1-Year Replacement: Consumers can claim a replacement after one year of usage without returning the used device. The creator has provided the 1-year replacement warranty for any viable reason.

90% of Users Benefit: According to the creator, the device has been proven to aid 90% of consumers who utilize it to reduce snoring during sleep and manage sleep apnea disorder.

Targets the Root Cause of Snoring: The creator claims that the innovative device is designed to address the root cause of snoring. It aids in opening up the airway, preventing blockage that causes snoring and enabling consumers to sleep quietly.

Doctor Recommended: According to the creator, the device has been used by professionals for ten years, and it’s proven to help individuals with snoring disorders and restore quality sleep.

FDA-Approved: According to the creator, VitalSleep has been designed under strict guidelines and biocompatibility testing of materials used for the safety of the oral appliance to consumers. As a result, the creator claims it’s safe and effective for addressing snoring disorders.

Purchasing VitalSleep

Consumers can order VitalSleep from the official website. It’s available at $69.95, from a regular retail price of $99.95, saving consumers $30. While placing the order, consumers should select men’s or women’s sizes. The device has free worldwide shipping, and US orders are delivered within 2-4 business days. However, international shipments take 7-21 days. Vital Sleep is also covered by 1-year replacement warranty, and upon request, consumers can get a free replacement by contacting the customer support team.

Money-Back Guarantee

VitalSleep offers a 100% refund if you use the device for 60 nights without noting significant changes in your sleep cycles. The full refund takes effect once consumers notify the customer support team.

Comparison with Other Anti-Snoring Appliances

The creator has highlighted distinct features between VitalSleep and other anti-snoring appliances on the official website as follows:

The innovative device utilizes a patented Accu-Adjust mechanism that allows consumers to adjust the mouthpiece to effectively widen the airway. Unlike other appliances, it aids consumers’ jaw advancement and can be molded through a boil-and-bite mechanism.

Unlike other over-the-counter oral appliances, the mouthpiece has standard sizes for men and women and can be remolded and readjusted to fit the jaw. Moreover, the creator has provided a 1-year replacement warranty.

In addition, the device has complimentary same-day shipping and free international shipping, unlike other appliances with high shipping and handling fees. Moreover, the device has been proven to help individuals with mild to moderate snoring-induced obstructive sleep apnea disorder for ten years.

The creator also claims that the device is FDA-cleared; thus, the materials used to design it have been tested for biocompatibility and safety. Moreover, unlike some oral appliances, the mouthpiece materials are hypoallergenic, non-metallic, and BPA and latex free.

Final Word

VitalSleep innovative appliances can manage snoring-induced obstructive sleep apnea disorder. The innovative and patented device uses an Accu-Adjust mechanism that auto-tunes the jaw to the correct position, opening the airways, which reduces snoring.

The boil and bite mechanism lets the mouthpiece take the dental impression and fit perfectly. Moreover, jaw advancement varies with the individual’s snoring intensity. Consumers can order the VitalSleep mouthpiece from the official website to address their snoring disorders. Visit the official website to learn more today!

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