Top 10 Mommy Blogs of 2015

Patricia Valdez

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How many of us have done countless Google searches to figure out what was wrong with our kid only to realize every symptom we type in means a trip to the emergency room because it could be “serious!” Google is a fast track to an early heart attack for any parent trying to make sure their kid is not sick, dying or has some rare disease. Of course they are fine, yet you keep thinking they could be that one in a million, and suddenly mass paranoia kicks in.

Yup. I’m talking about being a new mom, and the wonderful joys of no sleep, wet diapers, spit up, and the ever so awesome crying that could actually be a baby’s first super power because it is the one sound that you’ll do anything to make STOP.

The journey of new motherhood is no easy task, and with the quest for advice, knowledge and just a place to vent it helps to find support among other moms who share in the chaos.

I searched high and low across the Internet world looking for the most helpful yet entertaining mom blogs that could offer such support for new moms including myself. I narrowed it down to my top 10 choices with each conveying their own unique approach to motherhood and much more.

Rage Against The MiniVan

… is a witty and clever blog by mother of four, Kristen Howerton, who will hook you with her humor, personal struggles and everything in between from politics and social issues. She is a freelance writer and a marriage and family therapist who offers more than just a blog but a personal outlet that all moms can rant and rave with. This Southern California mom keeps it cool with little rage—unless you’re a minivan of course.

KatBouskaWelcome to a blog that opens up the door to Kat Bouska’s world of humor, sarcasm and upbeat videos giving you the lowdown on all her family shenanigans. She was an English teacher, and it shows in her creative sound bites about motherhood and her knack for displaying off-the-cuff comedy in all her videos. You can check her out on her YouTube channel called Mama Kat TV and take a load off with a mom who’s losin’ it the fun way!

Scary MommyScary Mommy is so raw it just might live up to the name. The site created by Jill Smokler from Baltimore  back in 2008 is a collaboration of writing mommies who discuss everything and anything that a new mom could possibly experience. If you are too shy and blush easily, this site is not for you. Don’t forget to vent anonymously in the confessional and follow your curiosity through the plethora of baby rants and mommy tales.

Breadwinning MamaI introduce you to Kerry Rivera, who identifies as a thirtysomething full-time working mom of three from Orange County who loves to write about her experience as a working mom.

“There are so many blogs, and they all focus on different things. I think my blog is unique in that I try to be that authentic voice for working moms. I’m not focused on pitching products or becoming the biggest blogger. I just share my insights and victories and struggles. I try to “keep it real,” she writes.

And if you may be wondering why anyone would start another mommy blog, it helps to understand it from Kerry’s own personal perspective.

“I’ve always enjoyed writing, and was seeking a creative outlet beyond my professional career. After I had my kids, I was drawn to many of the parenting blogs, but I felt the working mom voice was lacking. I decided it would be fun to share my journey, juggling full-time work and raising three kids, and find my working mom community in that space,” Rivera writes.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 4.25.17 PMWhat do you get when you come across three little dudes and their mom? You get Amanda Rodriguez, a.k.a. Dude Mom, who is a former language arts and social studies teacher, a professional photographer and a stay-at-home mom from Maryland who writes passionately about her adventures in mommyhood. This mom loves the word “awesome” and rightfully so because she not only offers really awesome mommy advice but you can gain some simple fashion tips to help you dress your way to mommy success. This blog is great for all the moms raising little dudes.

Nacho Mama's BlogEverything is better with cheese, right? San Diego resident Margo Porras is a mom, designer and motivational speaker with a flair for all things cheesy in life. I have to admit it is nearly impossible to avoid her infectious enthusiasm and ability to make you feel like you are a part of her journey. She also gives away random secret gifts on her YouTube channel under Margo Porras, but more important, you will find great weight loss advice and a range of content from food to crafts coded in her unique style of humor.

“I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve been able to create an income from my blog without compromising my voice or my schedule. I have recently branched out into personal coaching and that is a direct result from the feedback I’ve gotten from readers and viewers, so yes, I can definitely say that I have personally gained more than I ever imagined possible from blogging. The greatest reward, though, has been helping others directly or indirectly. I always tell new bloggers that you never know when something you say is going to have a positive impact on someone else!” Margo writes.

SixPackMommyIf you have ever come across a meme while scrolling your Facebook feed they can be a bit annoying but Stephanie Ortiz makes them hilariously entertaining while describing her life with her six kiddos. She is a stay-at-home mom with an obsession for pop culture and the ’80s, and with her taste for Ghostbusters and Superman you can be certain that reading her blog is not only comical but a roller coaster of mommy ups and downs that only a fellow mom can appreciate.

TableForMoreAllie Darr  will always make sure there is a Table For More to join her and her four boys. This stay-at-home mom from Ohio tackles perseverance and personal struggles as she highlights her battle with losing the 200 lbs. she gained with all four of her pregnancies. Her blog will resonate with most moms who find it a challenge to regain their body and confidence. She has some great advice on losing the baby weight.

“Find a program that works for you. After baby one, two, three, I tried so hard to do diets and join gyms and they all just didn’t work and I would be miserable and just go back to old habits. After baby four I got realistic and realized I needed a full-blown lifestyle change and that the gym was just out of the question for me with four little ones. I got on track with a home workout called 21 Day Fix, its 30 minutes a day and so doable to fit in my busy day. Over the four pregnancies I gained 200 lbs. and I am now a smaller size than I was in college. It’s all about finding something that FITS into your day. If you hate the process it will never work, you have to find a program that makes you happy! I went from hating fitness and health for years to now being a fitness coach helping women like I was find their groove and love their bodies and lives again. Full circle!” Allie writes.

First Time Mom & DadAs a first-time mother you can find great comfort in exploring the stories and advice shared on First Time Mom and Dad with their personal growth as parents to their son Oliver. This blog is primarily written by April McCormick who is a mother, freelance writer and blogger whose goal is to keep you laughing while figuring out the whole parenting gig. You can also keep up with her humorous mommy adventures as a contributor to the Huffington Post and

Rookie MomsAs a new mother we have all gone through our rookie mom phase, and with Heather Flet and Whitney Moss as your tour guides down the road of motherhood you will get all the information you need for your child through the first stage of their life. Be sure and check out their top registry picks and favorite products to help you get equipped with all the survival gear you’ll need. This blog grows with your journey, and you can increase the fun with a hard copy of their book featuring 250 activities to do with or without your child called The Rookie Mom’s Handbook.

With these top 10 picks you can find comfort in knowing you are not alone in your journey. Each blogger has found their own unique approach to displaying their own personal story and sharing it with the world. With every story told a mother somewhere has found comfort and relief in being able to relate on a personal level. As a new mother myself I have peace of mind knowing I can find advice and and an outlet for venting at the click of a mouse any time of the day. Mommy bloggers are not just sharing their lives tackling the hardest job in the world but they are bringing mothers everywhere an outlet that helps inspire, motivate, entertain and guide us to be the best moms we can possibly be.