The Mane Event

Updo by Ashley Ryan | Photo courtesy of Ashley Ryan.

Updo by Ashley Ryan | Photo courtesy of Ashley Ryan.

Richard A. Lloreda, Staff Writer

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Ashley Ryan is the sorceress of scissors, the heroine of hair color who firmly believes that real beauty lies within. Her goal for each client is to help create a positive self-image of themselves.  That Ryan happens to be one the most innovative hair stylists in the Temecula Wine Valley is proof positive of the power of embracing her true calling: the muse of beauty.

Working in a highly competitive field, on her feet often more than eight hours a day, and now in the final months of her second pregnancy, the woman is unstoppable and her dedication inspiring.

Originally a farm girl with the soul of an urban sophisticate, Ryan uses her unique expertise to reinvent herself professionally and enhance her skills by always seeking to further her hair education.

One can imagine the challenge I faced to pin her down for a moment to “let our hair down” (no pun intended) and get down into the nitty- gritty of what makes Ryan run. It wasn’t easy: Between maintaining a demanding but rewarding schedule of raising a young daughter, enjoying a loving relationship with her beau – who is a professional chef at a blue-chip resort – and managing her career as a premier hair stylist (all while being more than six months pregnant), her schedule is hectic, to say the least. We finally reached a mutually satisfying give and take session while she was cutting and coloring my hair at The Loft Salon in Temecula.

Entrepreneur and hair stylist Ashley Ryan | Photo courtesy of Ashley Ryan

Entrepreneur and hair stylist Ashley Ryan | Photo courtesy of Ashley Ryan

“I had to earn credibility over time because I started very young,” Ryan stated. “But I was lucky, because of my educational pursuits, I kept meeting the right people and established great contacts and even better information.”

Using social media, Ryan said her business grew more than 40 percent – a dramatic uptick from her original word-of-mouth promotion.

Ryan’s entrepreneurial attitude and her passion for hair, combined with an upbeat personality and a hunger for perfection has made her career very successful.

Over time, Ryan said she “found a way to channel [her] headstrongness into strength.” She also added that a crucial key to success for any entrepreneur is the ability to accept – and learn from – constructive criticism, a skill she said cannot be learned in school, but “if you can take it, you are better for it.”

In addition to the career centers and resources available through beauty schools, there are many

Men's hairstyle by Ashley Ryan | Photo courtesy of Ashley Ryan

Men’s hairstyle by Ashley Ryan | Photo courtesy of Ashley Ryan

tools for both students and professionals to access job and educational information.  Hairstylist jobs are available at popular websites like Monster and CareerCast. Salary forecasts can be found here.

According to Ryan, gaining experience firsthand, rather than relying assumptions reduced the risk of “things to go haywire.”

Ryan is a representative for the Enjoy Hair Care product company, specializing in precision haircutting. She also serves as an educator for the company, allowing her a full and thorough knowledge of her products and color line.

“I continue to further my education to keep myself and my clients up-to-date with the latest trends,” she said. “I am privileged and fortunate to love what I do.”

Ryan constantly updates her Instagram account, HairFairyAsh, sharing photos of her creations with an ever growing public, but cites Yelp as the best way to drive business to her salon chair. Aligning herself with the best people to work with and the finest educators to hone her skills while feeding her appetite for product knowledge have all contributed to her success.

So how does one juggle a busy career, a nurturing home life and expecting a baby in late fall? Ryan sums up her life philosophy like this: “I take life as it comes. Control is an illusion; I just enjoy myself and fill my life with positive people who I can inspire and be inspired by.”

Her professional portfolio is available online here.