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Richard A. Lloreda
Richard A. Lloreda is a recent graduate from National University's Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications program. He is inspired by writing, music, film, media, fashion, art, design and advertising. Richard is also a six-time winner in UCLA EXTENSION’s 2003 Student Art Show where he studied 65 courses in the Interior Design and Landscape Architecture programs. His first love is writing and he is a happily part of The Herald family of staff writers. He is a long time Southern California resident and currently resides in Lake Elsinore, raising two pups and a marmalade foster cat. He also is passionately restoring, albeit slowly, a 1962 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk roadster purchased from his Design 2 instructor at UCLA. He is currently enrolled in the Master’s Program in Strategic Communications at National University.

Richard A. Lloreda, Assistant Editor

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