The Challenge Begins…

Gerald Glassford, Staff Writer

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For almost the entire tenure of my stay here at National University, completing this particular phase of the journalism program has been a central focus, undeterred by other elements of the college experience. Sure, there were stories that could have been told in greater detail, opinions that could have been shared; but like many of you, finding the right balance between scholastic and life commitments needed to progress, and both left little room for a commitment to another phase of the university program.

But then it happened. The realization over the many courses I have taken that knowledge and experience gained in the classroom can be used for more than term papers and research articles and that with very little time expended those very personal thoughts can be expressed respectfully via the NU Herald.

It was then the inquiry went out to associate professor and chair of the Department of Journalism, Film and Entertainment Arts in the School of Professional Studies Dr. Sara Kelly and NU Herald Editor in Chief Michele Leivas about how together we can help make more NU students aware of this awesome media outlet. How we can encourage more content for the Herald that can inspire, educate, entertain and kickstart a larger conversation among our students?

The reply from both was better than expected, and a need to challenge other students to be a bigger part of the National University experience was born. The challenge to all students, faculty and alumni from every program and every walk of life of National University to make their voice heard by expressing their opinions, sharing their features and transcribing their articles about subjects far and wide on the Herald so that the outlet itself can be an even brighter star for the school as it most deservedly should be. That content can come in any form, whether it is sent in writing for the Herald website, a video for the Herald YouTube channel or a audio podcast for our NU Herald and iTunes stations.

So the time has come and the gauntlet has been thrown down for all of you to send your thoughts, videos, podcasts and stories to our Editor in Chief by e-mailing her at [email protected], contacting us on the NU Herald’s Facebook page or through Twitter @MJLeivas. The hope is that we can get daily submissions of opinions, articles, reviews and interviews from a variety of individuals who closely associate themselves with the university and have a passion for helping advance the cause of promoting it. Ultimately, the contributions made to the Herald provide a voice that will not be undervalued by this outlet nor underestimated in its importance to our audience. It is that power of the written and spoken word that I now share with each and every one of you. I look forward to seeing who takes up my challenge.