Kingdom Season 3: Has Netflix Cancelled The Show?

Although in the US it has gone a bit muted (probably thanks to the absence of dubbing), Kingdom is one of the most interesting series in the Netflix catalog and, after two excellent seasons, many of the fans are hungry for new episodes. but when could they debut on the streaming platform?

Indeed, a third season seems like a formality for this costume drama that takes place in a Korea facing a zombie epidemic, all while power struggles and intrigue unfold in the background. In fact, in the finale of the second season, a new threat is introduced, which in the intentions of the authors should be central in the new narrative arc of the show and new questions have been asked about the true nature of the origin of the disease that transforms men into zombies. To this, we can add the excellent feedback from critics and audiences received all over the world. For example, the two seasons are judged on Rotten Tomatoes with a score of 96% and 100%.

Pending the official renewal by Netflix, let’s, therefore, try to hypothesize the release of the third season. Kingdom debuted in January 2019 with the first six episodes and returned about a year later, in March 2020, with the second season. Maintaining these production rhythms, the new season was previously expected to get released in March-April 2021, but it didn’t. Reports suggest that it should also be ready for a release in the first part of 2022 but, considering the various delays due to the Coronavirus emergency, it is likely that Kingdom will also postpone by a few months.

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