WhatsApp Loses! These Messengers Are More Popular!

WhatsApp simply can no longer allow itself to do everything. The market power of the messenger is still there in terms of numbers, but a clear change is currently taking place. Another messenger is now in the first place and another messenger is on its heels. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is far behind.

WhatsApp Loses To Signal And Telegram

There is a celebration in the Signal forum on Reddit The Messenger suggests namely in more and more countries WhatsApp on the charts – reports t-online. Signal not only overtakes WhatsApp, but it is also often listed first, ahead of all other apps. Of course, this differs from country to country, but under Android, Signal is currently in first place in Germany, Telegram follows in third place, WhatsApp, on the other hand, only comes in 14th. This clearly shows that the current behavior of WhatsApp is no longer simply accepted, but people are switching.

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It looks similar on iOS. The Luca app is still in the first place there, but Signal follows in second place. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is only found in fifth place. The trend is also clearly visible here.

Not Only Is Signal Very Popular

The new terms of use of WhatsApp and the behavior of Facebook, how they want to enforce them with all their might, have caused many people to rethink. Not only Signal is currently enjoying great popularity. Telegram and other messengers are also gaining massive popularity. Even people who have not looked at WhatsApp alternatives at all now want to switch because they are dissatisfied with the behavior. I also notice that in my own area. We shall see how the situation develops. WhatsApp is not having an easy time of it at the moment, but it is also its own fault for the situation.

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