What is Whatfinger News? How It Is Different From Drudge Report

What is Whatfinger
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Whatfinger News is a website that compiles news from many different sources. Visitors can read opinion pieces and articles about current events, as well as the content of various types. One thing that makes Whatfinger different than other sites is its simplicity, in that there are no distracting menus to navigate through.

What is Whatfinger

In addition to traditional forms of media sources (e.g., CNN), Whatfinger also includes user-generated commentary in their feed on occasion, which makes it fun for people who are looking for more entertaining information rather than just “hard” facts about politics and international affairs.”

The homepage consists mainly of two sections: Top Stories and Niche Topics. The Top Stories section contains mainstream stories sourced directly from top news sites. The Niche Topics section contains various topics that Whatfinger has narrowed down based on a user’s preferences and Facebook likes.

The site also includes an option to add new sources of news, which is especially useful for those who are looking for sites outside the mainstream media sphere.”

When you click any article, it will take you to another page with just that article in it – there isn’t anything else cluttering up your screen or making navigating difficult. It makes reading articles easy without having to deal with ads or other distractions.”

Is Whatfinger.com a fake news site?

It’s a question that many ask, and the answer is not so simple. Whatfinger.com has been accused of being a fake news site because it often posts articles that are politically biased and have misleading information in them, but this isn’t always the case.

Is Whatfinger.com a fake news site

There are plenty of articles on Whatfinger.com that provide accurate information, or at least try to be unbiased about their topic. So what should you believe? Is Whatfinger really a fake news site?Whatfinger.com is not a fake news site because it posts articles with valid information, but the site has been accused of being one due to its frequent posting of biased content and misleading information in order to push an agenda.

This isn’t always true though because there are plenty of articles on Whatfinger that provide accurate or unbiased information about their respective topics.

How Whatfinger is Different from The Drudge?

Whatfinger.com is a conservative news and opinion website that was launched in February of 2017 by Michael Patrick Leahy, an author and talk show host from the Pacific Northwest. The Drudge Report, on the other hand, was created in 1995 by Matt Drudge as a site to track developments in politics and entertainment. Whatfinger is different from The Drudge because it has a more comprehensive approach to the issues we cover which includes much more than just political news and opinions.

Is Whatfinger is Alternative to The Drudge?

Whatfinger is an alternative to The Drudge, especially for those of us who are not in the U.S. and have limited access to American news sites like CNN or Fox News? Whatfinger aggregates content from all over the web and compiles it into one site, with a layout that mimics The Drudge Report’s headlines.


Whatfinger is a site that provides an alternative to Drudge. It has the same news style as Drudge, and it also features conservative viewpoints. If you are looking for more than just liberal articles on your homepage, then this might be worth checking out! You can read about some of their headlines below if you want to know what they have been up to recently.

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