30 Cows 28 Chickens : Confused? A Riddle Briefly Explained

It is not a riddle, but it is an explanation for 30 cows and 28 chickens. I will explain the answer in this blog post!

Some of you may have heard about 30 cows and 28 chickens’ riddle before. You may also be wondering what the answer to this puzzle could possibly mean. In this blog post, we will talk about what these numbers might represent. This article also includes some tips on how to solve these types of puzzles so that they are easier to understand!

30 cows 28 chickens

Explanation to the 30 cows and 28 chickens riddle

First, the 30 cows and 28 chickens’ riddle is not a riddle. It is an explanation for those two numbers. One of the main misconceptions about this puzzle is that people think it has some deeper meaning than just these two numbers combined together to get 38. In reality, there are many different ways that you could come up with 30 cows and 28 chickens without any idea what they mean!

For example, if you have one cow on your farm then you will also have 29 other cattle on your farm as well! Of course, there might be more or fewer animals depending on how much time we spend at the same farm but still–you would use all of them in order to reach 30 total animals (remembering too that that 30 is just the number of cows).

– The same thing goes for chickens. If you have one chicken on your farm then you would also need to calculate how many other hens are there too in order to total up at 28 animals! Again, we might not know exactly how many birds a farmer has by those numbers but still–you can use all of them and come up with 30 or more as well as either 26 or less (again, depending on time spent at that farm).

So these two numbers simply represent the exact amount of animals found when calculating both cattle and chickens together. It’s really nothing more than adding something plus itself (30+28=38) which equals 38 combined cows and chickens.

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The Answer to The Riddle Is?

If you are like most people, you probably sat there wondering what the sentence means. “How many didn’t what?” You need to read it differently. Say each word slowly. Thirty cows and twenty-eight chickens will give us a total of thirty cows and twenty-eight chickens. Now say ATE rather than EIGHT. So there are 30 cows and 20 of them ATE chickens? How many cows didn’t eat chickens?

30 – 20 = 10

So, the answer is 10.

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