This Shampoo Bottle Challenge is Trending on Twitter: Check Now

Twitter has a new challenge. It may seem like a lot of fun, but it is really inappropriate. In the past lockdown time in the UK, USA and people are getting bored. We all tried to get into a good fitness routine or eat healthy food, but then we failed and went back to eating unhealthy food like cookies.

Now instead of trying to use this time to improve ourselves we are giving up and admitting that we have nothing else to do on Twitter besides this challenge.

This Shampoo Bottle Challenge is Trending on Twitter

The new game is the Shampoo Bottle Challenge. It’s a pointless game. Some people think it is not ok on Twitter, but a lot of people are still interested in it. Boredom has set in for many people.

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Some people are doing a strange challenge. They get a shampoo bottle and balance it on their private part.

Then they take a photo of it and post it on twitter to prove that it is balancing.


It is not known who started the shampoo challenge, but some people think it was a user on Twitter. They tweeted an anime picture of a man balancing a shampoo bottle down below, alongside the caption “can we get this challenge trending?” and used the hashtag #ShampooChallenge.


Many people are confused by the challenge. But some people like it and do it. It’s not a good idea to post pictures of your private parts on Twitter. A lot of young kids use Twitter and might see this stuff. For more stuff like this do check our website regularly.

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