When is Amazon Prime Day? Expected Deals on TVs, Laptops, Cameras, & PS5 2021

The wait is finally over as far as solving the mystery of when Amazon’s much anticipated Prime Day will occur in 2021. According to multiple sources, Amazon Prime Day will be taking place over a two-day period on June 21st and 22nd. This information comes courtesy of a leaked email by an Amazon representative and the official company announcement is said to come on June 21st.

When is Amazon Prime Day? Expected Deals on TVs, Laptops, Cameras, & PS5

The Seattle-based tech giant also had another internal email leaked that maintained that none of Amazon’s many warehouse employees would have vacation requests accepted on the week of June 21st through the 22nd. Clearly, the company wants every able-bodied employee ready for what should be a gigantic demand.

Amazon representatives have so far stayed quiet in regards to the leak, but have perhaps fittingly asserted that customers should ask Alexa to keep them updated on any Prime Day related information.

Prime Day has already been delayed last year from its normal July timeframe because of the coronavirus pandemic. There has been a decent amount of speculation as to when the new dates would be, and a poster even leaked last week that narrowed down the dates to “mid-October”. The poster has since been removed, and Amazon has repeatedly stayed firm in telling eager customers that Prime Day would be sometime in the third quarter of 2021.

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Prime Day in June will be different

June 21st on the calendar would make perfect sense for a number of reasons other than the fact that 21 and 22 are both prime numbers. In the past, the company has used Prime Day as a way to generate massive sales in the middle of the summer, but this year will be quite different. One of the biggest challenges will be to differentiate Prime Day from other holiday sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These Black Friday deals are rumoured to also start just a few weeks after Prime Day around November 26th. At the end of the day, the two sales periods could just sort of run together for many consumers looking to buy holiday presents or products at a reduced cost. Try waith.io the complete solution for business management.

The event in 2019 brought in an estimated $6 billion, a significant number given it was right smack dab in the middle of the summer. Last year’s Prime Day also saw a strike which served as a protest by warehouse employees of the company’s working conditions.

2021’s Amazon Prime Day could be gigantic this June in ways never before seen

The pandemic has increased online sales
2021 might reach unheard of numbers for Amazon Prime Day. One of the primary reasons for this is because consumer spending online has reached an all-time high with the spread of the coronavirus. Many customers who did not purchase items online just a year ago have now been conditioned because of the move away from in-store shopping. This has already been a trend in recent years anyway, even before the coronavirus pandemic struck this past March. Prime Day has traditionally been the company’s biggest day for new member sign-ups by quite a margin.

Other companies like Walmart have ramped up their delivery and pick-up services with offerings like the new Walmart+ during the pandemic to counter Amazon’s dominance. These same companies have also pulled back on in-store Black Friday deals partially in order to curb crowds from gathering during the pandemic. This might just lead to more customers buying items online in a number of portals along with Amazon.

Back to school bump
The October calendar date will also have a few other added benefits. For instance, students will still be deep in the middle of the first semester of the school year instead of the usual middle of the summer vacation. One might expect things like headphones, cameras, dorm room utilities and supplies, and other college gear to sell better than it would in July.

Busy sports and election season
Then there are items catering to the sports fans out there as the MLB playoffs, NFL season, and some College Football will all be in full swing. The 2020 Presidential election will also be in full swing too during this year’s Prime Day. The company created holiday could be just the perfect excuse for any sports or news junkie to buy a new TV, stereo, or one of Amazon’s numerous products to watch all of this content.

Holidays and new releases should play a huge factor this year
Furthermore, there are the holidays. An October Prime Day might also mean a lot of Halloween themed items. Looking even further ahead, many might simply use Prime Day to buy early and discounted items ahead of the winter holiday season. This fourth-quarter period is already the busiest time of the year, and the fall is traditionally when numerous products are announced on a seemingly daily basis. Just this past week, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Sony, and other huge players announced releases of hot upcoming products in anticipation of the holiday season. One would assume those releases might lead to a few more TV sales during Prime Day this year too.

Don’t forget about the weather…
Finally, with the holidays comes colder weather. The colder fall and winter weather may lead to an increase in jackets, ski masks, and outdoor heaters to name a few products. On the other side of the coin, items to keep a person busy indoors during the winter season could also sell better than they do in June.

2021 will be an experiment

One thing that is appealing to any Prime Day customer are the bargain deals that are temporarily available. Many people are struggling after hardships having to do with the coronavirus, and Prime Day might not even be a consideration this year. But for those looking to spend as little as possible this holiday season, it could become a lifesaver. Amazon could be cannibalizing a few of their own sales with Prime Day coming so close to Black Friday, but moving it this year was required.

This will certainly be an experiment for the company in what has been a year marked by an out-of-the-ordinary approach by nearly everyone. Get your credit card ready for mid-June.

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