Is Snopes Reliable? Let’s Check The Facts For 2021

Is Snopes Reliable
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Is Snopes reliable? A lot of people ask themselves this question, especially now that it’s been revealed that they are not actually an impartial fact-checking site. In the past few weeks, many major news outlets have stopped using them as a reference due to their lack of objectivity and reliability. But is there any truth to the rumors? Do you need to start worrying about your website traffic if you use Snopes as a resource for your business or marketing strategy?

Is Snopes Reliable

One thing is for sure: If you’re in charge of marketing at your company, then it’s time to take action! If you want to see the effects of this change, just take a look at how Snopes is doing in Google search results.

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Is Snopes Reliable?

Is Snopes reliable? The answer is complicated. They were once an impartial and reliable fact-checking site but have since lost their reputation as such due to recent evidence revealing that they are not always objective with their findings on various news stories. Their credibility has been shattered by investigations which found them guilty of biases and pressure from media outlets who use them as a reference for different articles – especially now that many major news outlets no longer consult them for quotes or references when reporting new facts about current events because they can’t trust what’s being reported on there. For example, an investigation done by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales he invetsigated the company after it was found that Snopes’ owner, David Mikkelson, is in a relationship with an individual who works as one of their editors.

There are still many good aspects and elements to this site, but they aren’t always reliable for information because there have been various instances where articles posted on there were inaccurate or biased reporting (such as when they defended Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign). It’s worth noting that even though some people see them as unreliable now, not all of what is written on this website should be disregarded – just use caution before you take anything at face value here.

The answer to the first question is that is a site with an online community dedicated to researching and fact-checking urban legends, internet rumors, celebrity gossip as well as other stories of uncertain origin. It was founded by David Mikkelson in 1994 but ownership switched over to Bardav Inc (the company he co-founded) when they acquired it from him in 2015 . The blog’s content has always been free for anyone to read on their website which makes them very accessible for readers who may be looking into various claims .

However there have been some instances where articles posted were inaccurate or biased reporting such as during Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The Answer

The answer is “no”, you can’t rely on each and every piece of information they provide. For more legit news do check our website on regular basis.


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