Harper Hempel: Jamal Murray Girlfriend & Controversial S*X Tape

The video is on his Instagram story. Jamal Murray is a basketball player from Denver. He crashed the internet last night after he was on TV. Jamal Murray has had a lot of questions since he got out. People want to know about his girlfriend, Harper Hempel.

Who is Harper Hempel?

Harper Hempel: Jamal Murray Girlfriend & Controversial S*X Tape

Hempel and Murray have been dating since high school. Harper Hempel is a girl who dated the NBA player Jamal Murray. Harper was born in 1997 and went to college at The University of Kentucky. She graduated with a degree for marketing. She is very popular at her school and she also plays volleyball for the Kentucky women’s Volleyball team.

The pictures on Hempel’s Instagram account are from other countries. She is the Social Media Community Manager for Facts & Fiction. She has been there since March 2020. In August 2019, Harper joined the team at All Social Jessie as our new social media manager. Harper graduated from college and she now works as a consultant. She runs her own company in Kentucky.

Until now, Jamal Murray’s girlfriend Harper Hempel has kept their relationship private on Instagram. After the incident, both of them went silent for a while to cool off. The student and the NBA star decided to keep it private so people wouldn’t ask them questions. However, when a tape of S*X was published on Murray’s Instagram account it made the news. It said that Hempel was his girlfriend. Her Instagram followers show that she is popular on Instagram.

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The controversy

Harper Hempel: Jamal Murray Girlfriend & Controversial S*X Tape

Their private life became the biggest story in basketball. People were talking about them on the internet. After the incident, Jamal confirmed his account had been hacked. Somebody used it to harass the star.

A very public controversy happened. The couple wants less attention after recent events. Neither of their accounts shows anything to do with a romantic relationship. The couple has decided to keep it private because of safety.

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