Haikyuu Season 5 CONFIRMED in 2021!- Release Date, Cast, Trailer, & Plot
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Haikyuu is a Japanese anime. It was made by Production I.G. The show was adapted and aired on April 6, 2014. Haikyu is a Japanese book. It’s by Harichi Furudate, and it tells about volleyball games. There are many characters in this show. “Haikyuu!!” started when Shōyō Hinata became interested in volleyball after watching Karasuno High play on TV. He persuaded his friends to join him on the team so they could compete in the tournament at his school. But they didn’t win, and he decided to join Karasuno High School’s volleyball team instead.

Haikyuu Season 5 CONFIRMED in 2021!- Release Date, Cast, Trailer, & Plot

The team’s center, Shuyo Hinata, is small in size and wants to play volleyball. Season 5: Haikyu has been at the top of the most viewed anime series for a long time because it is different from other anime.

This show is about volleyball and how he made it one of the best sports-based anime. But these people are not only interested in the show because of the drama but also for what happens in each episode and how it makes all the fans feel connected to the characters.

Haikyuu !! Season 5: Release Date

There has not been an announcement about the renewal of this show. It is likely that it will be renewed because it is popular. The latest season of the show was aired in 2020. There was an outbreak, so the first 12 episodes were released and then the second part aired at the end of December.

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Kaito IshikawaTobio Kageyama
Yuu HayashiRyunoksuke Tanaka
Ryusei NakaoTanji Washijo
Jun NazukaAran Ojiro
Hideaki KabumotoOsamu Miya
Nobuhiko OkamotoYu Nishinoya
Nobuyori SagaraHisashi Kinoshita
Mamuro MiyanoAtsumu Miya
Yoshimasa HosoyaAsahi Azumane
Hiroshi KamiyaIttetsu Takeda
Yu MiyazakiSachiro Hirugmai
Ayumu MuraseShoyo Hinata

The Trailer Of Haikyuu Season 5

We have to wait a little longer for the trailer. It is coming soon. In the meantime, watch this video that has some good scenes from the series.

Where can we watch Haikyuu Season 5?

It is possible to watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime video, Anime-Planet, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

The Possible Plot of Season 5

There are rumors that Season 5 might start at the National Tournament. In Season 4, Karasuno High won against a school called Inarizaki which was really good. But in season 5, we might watch Kejayama and Hinata play. It’s also possible that Hinata will play for the Nationals.

The fifth season of the show is about Karasuno High’s volleyball match against Nekoma. In the end, Karasuno High defeated Inarizaki and ended up in the quarterfinals. But Hinata couldn’t rest so he played against Nekoma High.

We will keep updating our website. We are going to tell you the shows that will be on Season 5 soon. Did you want to see Haikyuu? The show has been famous for its easy way of showing what happened in the past. We might see more of it and will get to know about the characters in a new way next season.


The Haikyuu series has been very good. The animation, visual effects, and story have gotten better in every season. I hope that the fifth season will be the best of all five seasons. Oh, I am saying this because it is the last season of the series. The manga ended in July 2020 and now it’s time to end the anime too.


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