What does /hj Mean on TikTok? This Social Media Trending slang explained!

What does /hj Mean on TikTok
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The symbol /hj was first brought into the mainstream by popular Chinese TikTok artist Strawberry, who would often use it to caption her music videos or as an emoji within them. It is believed that this was a group chat identifier for her and members of the Huajiao (微卡) community, but over time it has widened its scope and been used off-platform. What does /hj mean on TikTok? What is its definition? What are some theories about what /hj means in this context? What do we know about how this symbol came to be used? What kind of reaction did it get from people using social media platforms other than TikTok?

What does /hj Mean on TikTok

A new word has appeared on TikTok. It is important for you to know this word. What does the acronym /hj mean on TikTok? Avoid misunderstandings by saying what you mean.

Even though TikTok has been around for a year, it still brings new things to our attention. For example inside jokes and slang that only users would understand.

Other people say “slang” words. They mean things.

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What does /hj mean on TikTok?

Apart from emoticons, ‘just jokes’ is being used on TikTok.

The letter “j” is often forgotten when writing text messages, or when writing longer words like ‘Hermione’. When you are writing the word “just kidding”, it is also easy to forget.

We are not there anymore. Gen Z is making the rules on TikTok. If you don’t follow the rules, they won’t like you.

The abbreviation “hj” can be used in online text messages to avoid misunderstandings.

A joke can be misunderstood when it’s typed. Facetious means you are not being sincere. If you want to show that, put in a exclamation point or say “sarcasm” at the end of your sentence.

People use this form of communication. It is used on other social media platforms.

How to use /hj or /j on Twitter

The letter H and the letter J are two letters that people like. They are popular on TikTok and Twitter. People on twitter are using slang to share their tweets. It makes it easier and less confusing.

To show that your tweet is meant to be funny, add either /hj/,/j/, or /s at the end of it.

If you want to use slang, then it is important that you understand what the slang means and when they should be used.

More social media slangs explained

Apart from the letter H and J, a slash followed by a letter can change the meaning of whole sentences.

You can notice people’s moods from other things. For example, a good mood is when they:

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