Fire Force Season 3: Release Date, Trailer and Latest Spoilers
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Fire Force Season 3 will be the last season of the show. The manga will also end with volume 30 and it is going to be a great last season. We will talk about the release date, and more things on this blog.

Fire Force Season 3: Release Date, Trailer and Latest Spoilers

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Fire Force Plot:

Based on the manga of the same name by Atsushi Ohkubo.Set in an alternate version of Japan where humans with supernatural abilities are policed by a special task force known as Fire Force. Also called “Jushimatsu” (literally meaning “10,000 Blooming Flowers”) and composed mainly of adolescents and young adults. The story focuses on Shinra Kusakabe who is revealed to be one of the most powerful members of the group but also their youngest member. His ability causes him to go into uncontrollable rages that cause destruction to those around him due mostly by activating his powers while being unaware he has them making people believe he is a pyromaniac. Ordered by his father, Shiba Tatsuo, a high ranking member of Fire Force and Shinra’s superior officer who is also aware that he has powers but not how they work, along with his close friend Buaku Hoshizaki to join the team in order to keep an eye on him. This causes tension among the team as most members do not want such a destructive member on their ranks but are forced to accept him due mostly for fear of punishment by their superiors.

All About: Fire Force Season 3

Are you guys ready for some fire? Yes, the post title was a lame pun, but we’re excited nonetheless.

There is an upcoming release for Fire Force that has only been announced as of now: “Fire Force Season 3”. The anime will be based on the manga by Atsushi Ohkubo.

That’s all we know so far, but at least we know it will be coming out on Netflix sometime in the near future.

For those of you who don’t already know: Fire Force is a popular manga that was started back in 2015 and finally finished its run earlier this year (2018). The manga has been licensed in North America by Viz Media and available to read on their website.

Ohkubo’s other works include Soul Eater, the first series he created back in 2008 where he was also the writer and artist as well. He eventually took a break from working on it and began working on another series: Tokyo Ghoul, which he also co-created and eventually finished in 2014.

Fire Force Season 3 Release Date

The second season of ‘Fire Force’ originally premiered on July 4, 2020 and went on until December 12, 2020. There are 24 episodes in the second season with each episode lasting 24 minutes. As far as the third season is concerned, there is no official confirmation from David Productions yet but there is a high chance because the show has done well so far and people have liked it. The second season has changed some chapters in volume 20 of the manga but there are still more chapters to change and people want to see that happen too.

It would be profitable to make more seasons of ‘Fire Force’. The people who made the show are the ones who decide when it is time for another season. They have been working on a show for about a year and if they want, they can make new episodes in 2021-2022.

Fire Force Season 3 Plot: What could it be About?

Season 2 ends on a bad note as Tokyo is invaded. The city’s defenders lose hope when the brave captain of Special Fire Force Company 4, Sōichirō Hague, is assassinated. When the emperor orders Company 1 to join forces with the invaders, it makes their job easier. But Shinra and Arthur Boyle are invited to Fire Force Company 7’s base, where they train hard under Captain Benimaru Shinmon. The training helps Shinra reach “The Press of Death”.

Season 3 of the Evangelists is going to be about a battle. They are going to fight the Special Fire Force Company 8, and it will be in Tokyo. The company was called traitors, and they will have to find a way to make people not think that anymore.

Additionally, some people think that season 3 will be the last season of this anime. If producers don’t put in filler episodes, we can expect to see a conclusion in season 3. Then we’ll know the answer to most of our questions. Season 3 will bring action sequences and heart-touching scenes and keep us hooked on our TV sets.

Fire Force Season 3 Trailer:

The trailer is not yet released but you can check the Fire Force Season 2 Trailer below:


Fire Force Season 3 Conclusion Fire Force is a good anime series, but it leaves me with certain questions that I am going to ask here in this conclusion article. Fire Force was released as a TV Anime in April 2018 and then later released in DVD/Blu-ray format in August 2018. Fire Force ended in episode 24 which is not so short seeing that it has 12 episodes per volume but even though there are some events left unwritten in the manga, Fire Force didn’t come up with any other storylines from what we have seen so far except for two episodes (episode 19 – 20) which were basically filler material than anything else. I hope the Fire Force returns again since Fire Force season 3 has not been announced.



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