Is Loki Really Dead? Classic Loki Confirmed Fan Theory of Infinity War in Episode 5!

We have been waiting for Loki to return after Loki died in Avengers Infinity War. Loki is not die true or not? This Loki Fan Theory has been out from the scene and it’s news popping up again here.

The Loki, God of Mischief was raised by Frost giants as his father Laufey Jotunheim claimed him. He came to Asgard as a kid and learn all mischief things from Odin’s son Thor and other Asgardian Gods. The relationship between Loki, Thor was so close until they will fight together to defend Asgard against many enemies like Malekith the Accursed or against Hela and Surtur when Loki showed his back to betray Asgard but at last, he saved the earth. But we know Loki is not played fair and always wants to be king in his own way after Odin.

Is Loki Really Dead? Classic Loki Confirmed Fan Theory of Infinity War in Episode 5!

So Loki was dead after he sacrificed himself to help Thor, Loki was thought by fans that Loki was dying but the Loki Fan Theory shows us Loki alive in the Avengers Infinity War post-credit scene. is Loki dead? or Loki come back from Hidden world as Taneleer Tivan a.k.a Collector told him?

Is Loki Really Dead?

Well, in reality, Yes, Loki Died in MCU but in the void when classic old Loki told his story then we realized that Loki made a mirror image of him and escaped his death which creates the variant of him.

When Thor gets lonely, he leaves the planet to search for his friends. He was immediately captured by TVA and sent back to Earth’s past where he had no chance of getting home until now.

In the world of Avengers: Endgame, Loki is a true outcast. He has to be careful with his actions and decisions because without them he might have been killed by Thanos in Infinity War. In this sense, it was difficult for him to attack Thanos even though that always seemed like an obvious idea on paper when comparing their powersets.


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