Archie Heaton: Everything You Need to Know About Charlie Heaton’s Son

Charlie Heaton became famous when he got the part of Jonathan in Stranger Things. Before that, he was a musician and had millions of fans. He is very private about his life, but everyone knows about him because they are all his fans.

Charlie Heaton’s son is Archie Heaton. Here’s all you’ve ever wanted to know about Archie and his father.

Archie Heaton: Everything You Need to Know About Charlie Heaton’s Son

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Archie Heaton – Bio & Age

Archie was born in England on 19 May 2014. He is a Taurus and has British nationality. His parents are the famous actor Charlie Heaton and the Japanese musician Akiko Matsuura.

Archie Heaton, 7, is the son of Charlie Heaton, a well-known actor, and Akiko Matsuura, a Japanese drummer, and musician. Archie was born in the United Kingdom and holds British citizenship.

Archie has been living with her mother Akiko since Akiko and Charlie divorced. When it comes to custody, however, there are no such limitations. Archie has the opportunity to meet his father.

Archie is a toddler who, in addition to his elementary school education, is taking acting classes. His parents have only one child, Archie. Archie is a sporty kid who enjoys having a good time. He is a soccer and basketball player.

Archie Heaton Parents Separated Shortly after His Birth

A person who worked with Charlie and Matsuura said, “Both of them were teenagers when they met for the first time. They came across each other because both of them collaborated together for the band Comanechi.

Soon they became parents but they couldn’t keep their relationship going and so they split up.” The source also said that even though it’s been years since their breakup, the former girlfriend-and-boyfriend haven’t talked about their romance or why they broke up.

Who is Charlie Heaton?


Charlie Heaton, an English actor, and musician is 27 years old. He was raised by his mother in West Yorkshire, where he was born. At the age of 16, Charlie began his career as a drummer in London.

Charlie began his acting career in late 2014 when he was cast in the short film “Life Needs Courage.” DCI Banks, Vera, and Casualty are among his previous efforts. In 2016, he had a major break when he was cast in the film ‘Shut In,’ alongside Naomi Watts and Oliver Patt. Charlie became well-known for his role as Jonathan Byers in the Netflix series “Stranger Things.” In 2017, Charlie appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film “New Mutant.” Charlie has a net worth of $5 million as of today.

Akiko Matsuura was Charlie’s girlfriend. In the music group Comanechi, he met Akiko. During their adolescence, they fell in love. Archie Heaton is Akiko and Charlie’s son. Despite the fact that they split up in 2015, they still have a cordial connection. Natalia Dyer, Charlie’s co-star, is presently dating him.

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